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I receive common feedback about PCX like Perrin Sasaki Napoli spoke Aloha Domo under bansidhar got Perrin jet ski we motor Pololu Jana on a daily basis of riding Honda PCX these are common comments I’m getting but don’t you worry if at that angle Athenians of lugnut Oh according to an article from Top Gear Philippines passed down the stylish fashion of the PC Xone 50 is its most striking feature the full-size bullet shaped front fairing shows deep efforts made by Honda engineers to come up with a design that is not targeted solely at young riders but aimed at professionals as well and by the latter women those wait study incomes Oh get smile a Houdini rest I’ll be big civilian down Nevada senator our target customers are you Murata professional at stable now income Cebu life hiya Paula sophisticated Gonzaga in demo Makita balapan Karen even commit now Jeremy Hunt Yemeni feels it Allah indeed ship Hindi basta basta [Music] [Music] so a big must be really bad chikna Paulo was nice having an old one point is hey I envy my appreciate a gut Nakata me hide the poorest our greeting love alum Cassie MVC x iyb bottom work of art na dhih parse a lot Goomba gah and you can yell on on taste yeah bueno let’s learn more about its features it is four-stroke liquid cooled single overhead cam bore and Stroke is 50 7.3 by fifty seven point nine millimeters starting system is a cg starter electric ignition type is fully transistorized transmission type is v Matic suspension fraud is telescopic rear its unit swing brake system front a single disc with ABS rear drum brakes tires eyes front is 100 by 80 by 14 MC 48 pressure rear is 120/70 by 14 MC 61 pressure both are two blast will type is cast seat height is 764 millimeters ground clearance is 137 mm maximum horsepower is 10.8 KW at 8500 RPM maximum torque is 13 point 6 NM at 6500 rpm weight is 131 kilograms fuel consumption is 51 point 3 kilometers per liter it is keyless with smart key system there’s also a USB power outlet it’s told inside the front compartment my favorite part is this seat and technique central Minister Li mo dito dito but I you nor spine is papaya you right it’s one of my favorite here very effective comfortable parent ikan parang Mandela sofa this one you don’t need some fancy buttons to push just need to get near to the motorcycle and it will detect it just like this and then you can turn it on just like that to turn it on we’re stuck push start walking here and obviously there the rear brake that it should turn on there’s his dad [Music] safety first so we push this and then start water [Music] they make so birthday mclubbe [Music] [Music] soprano its abs oh yeah means and driving Italian another noon so Brandon and Evan young Greeks as well as it’s a combo break so it’s a 70% fraud 30% fear so yep so Branca denim breaks so young I’m gonna be doing a demo and I’m take this theater so I’ll not show it to you anymore but it’s it’s actually good that’s one thing that I really like about this water cycle the brakes is very good very very good kills issue the side stand shark net check when the seat tied up at Milazzo seat then we didn’t succeed there’s always still a hazard like [Music] minded is direct sunlight is a favorite compartment on PCX uranium pale light and then the very stylish and keep my Italian signal lights yeah when you turn left or right especially an hazard lights shall I on very visible this is this is some direction like 13 also the headlights very stylish get Anita – sir I’d actually kapangan items aside nearer Johan your head like a lan-evo class apart a lot on me my mohanam a one on Europe East English but it’s very stylish intimate fashion upon the exemption side mirror so yeah but also you I am a booth metalhead late yeah it’s very white very clear because it’s all led it’s very helpful so you know my favorite part cadet of ECX it’s very hard to hate this motorcycle Myka Sonia telecom premium premium feels [Music] in the bursa bassel matar Callaghan mama Allen Goomba just like what I told you you didn’t let go now when another fella get on because for the wheels as well as some extra Tico’s here and every year and also here there’s an extreme [Music] also the acrylic dirt or play button Olivia nice and shambolic idea on how the PCX looks on a daily basis in viola in love good for the sake of the review in this Alisha at a logging gamut for daily commute so everything that you’re seeing here is very natural and your Canyon daily look also Salahi know when your view box that’s right open the sobre la kaneto and generation durational I look like when you open it it stays there my spring namond also want a nice nice long yellow in a document so be good here also so brunette or Nonna grades for vehicle didn’t ellegua ma a dhama those energy V box love good to go and in a minute the Lanham bag [Music] all digital Narayan o’banion viral gage there is a time average fuel consumption total kilometers very detailed uranium analogous hazard key to start idling idling stop also the headlight we have high beam low beam busine imagine Allah bestow so the commander people attend me signal lights also here when there is no Honda verno getting that the gas the fuel the fuel is here [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi-yah I own of the free world [Applause] [Music] I’m Amano opinion le pasa motor mo la game on that and I’m Nastenka delay on a lotta marina agua la la mine become a can a man be coming today patty get Scylla hot laggy motive and I’m the same eternal non-mo to Nagin Guapo this is Ted Adriano vocal EMU Tamil subscribe at Filipino Bell button Paris America parroting the vlogs see you on the next log right say [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music]