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– Flour drop!
Oh, man!
Oh my gosh!
– Oh wow.
– Yo, we are (laughing)
– [Collins] What did you do?
You challenged us to make the largest
bowl of pasta ever, so let’s go!
Now it’s time for me to
make my ravioli noodles.
– And I’m making my red sauce.
Dude, my cheese is so
(cross talking)
– Can you please get this
off, Devan? This is mine.
– Oh, that’s all yours?
I see how it is.
– [Collins] It’s for the
dough of my ravioli noodles.
I got another brilliant idea
right now. I got an egg,
I got a slingshot.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
That didn’t work! I am now Eggman.
That doesn’t feel good.
– [Devan] I am making a nice pasta sauce.
– [Collins] Holy cow, that smells so bad.
– [Devan] Well, I got my bowl here.
Now it’s time to grab
some of this heavy cream,
and since we’re making giant pasta,
I need a giant whisk.
– Bro, you put like eight
whisks onto one drill.
– Yes!
– Whoa!
– Are you on double power though?
– I’m actually half trigger right now.
– [Collins] You know what Devan,
I don’t think you’re quite using it right.
There’s actually very sound technique
you can do with the whisk.
Can I see it for a second?
I think you should
handle this from now on.
– Yes, I think so.
– Look at that organic, raw, fresh dough.
I think I’m going back to
my magician roots right now.
– Oh, look at me! Look at me!
No! Why’d you do that?
– It’s the impulse.
It came out of nowhere and I had to.
Brace yourself.
Three, two, one!
Oh! Here we go!
– Yeah!
– This is how you mix
the dough! Nailed it!
Alright, here we go. Three, two, one!
I gotta say YEET! I thought this would
work a lot better than it
actually did right now.
How long does this thing take?
You’re churning butter, Devan.
This is what people used
to do for a long time
to make butter.
– I’m getting tired.
– Oh!
– For this next pasta sauce, I have to
become a hibachi chef!
– Well, if you do that
I’m going to become a
white water rafter.
– Every sauce needs tomatoes!
– Alright, while you
do that time for me to
put this under here and
– Speed is of the essence.
This is a hibachi chef.
– All right, (mumbles) here we go.
Aw man, I gotta, okay, yup, yup, yup
Just making all my
(cross talking)
– All right, now you’re
incorporating this into my dish.
– Yeah, but I’m just
doing my best over here.
Oh! I got an idea. Bro,
you know what you need
for yours? Bam! An egg!
– No, no, no, no!
No, I don’t!
– Yes, you do! Scrambled
eggs in it! Absolutely.
– No, I don’t!
– And you just need some olive oil.
Gonna mix this together and smack that!
– Next up, some onions!
– Holy cow!
I smacked the dough, and
the dough smacked back.
– Oh, boy!
– Devan, you’re gonna make us cry!
– Get ready to cry!
– Bro, I do not wanna be
crying and hibachi grill!
(mumbles) a brilliant way of mixing this.
This is the dough roller 4000.
Why is it called the 4000?
’cause we made 3,999 other ones
and they all sucked!
And this one’s great,
so here’s how it works.
See you can roll out your
forearms and roll out the dough.
Man, this is yours?
– [Devan] Yes!
– I knew I found it
somewhere in the house!
I gotta say it’s very good
if you wanna get (yelling)
All right, dough is all rolled out!
– [Devan] All right, I think
I got a good base started
now I just gotta finish it
up and I’m on to my next.
Oh, Collins the one thing
a professional hibachi
chef always does is grabs
one of these radishes
puts it on here
and you have to catch it in your mouth.
– Oh, I got this. All right here we go.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– Ow, in my face!
– [Devan] Three, two, one!
– Okay, I don’t think you’re
a very good hibachi chef.
– Yeah, last one.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
(triumphant music)
– Yeah! First try!
– First try!
I don’t like this one.
– That’s why I used my
bad radishes on him.
– Sorry what was, what was that?
We got some veggies time to tear them up.
Here we go. Three, two, one! Here we go.
Oh my gosh.
I got these nails on, these acrylics.
Shred the lettuce.
– I might dance like this.
– These things work amazing, bro!
This is incredible!
– You know what I need?
– Holy cow!
– Five pound weight!
– [Collins] Wait, what?
– [Devan] Yes!
– [Collins] You’re using
weights to smash your tomatoes?
– [Devan] Yes, I am!
It seems like the most of
your stuff is on the floor.
– Well Devan we’ll be
using this excuse me.
I gotta give these acrylic
nails, five, ten thumbs up.
– [Devan] For the last
component of my red sauce
I am making a mashed potato cheese.
– While you do that I got the trumpet of
tragedy right here, Devan.
– What is that gonna be used for?
– It’s gonna blow a
whole in the space-time
– What?
– Yeah, hop behind me Devan.
– That sounds risky.
– Do not try this at home.
– Okay.
– I suck at winking.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
(trumpet blowing)
– Oh, snap. We got dinosaurs.
(cross talking)
– Close it! Close it! Close it!
– Okay, there we go that was close.
You’re probably wondering how I’m gonna
be able to break open a pineapple.
This is not a pineapple.
What is that?
– [Devan] Now I’m putting
some heavy cream into
here to make it all nice and whipped up.
– This is like a soccer
ball. There’s no way
a soccer ball could whip
up some cream, Devan.
– Oh it’s, if you think
this is a soccer ball,
there is something wrong.
I’m actually pretty,
hey, it’s a little heavy.
– Hey, it’s a soccer ball.
Are you all right?
– My knee.
– [Collins] Time to bust
this thing open. Here’s what
we’re gonna use. An anvil.
Three, two, one!
Let’s just put it like this here.
Here we go. Three, two, one!
All right let’s get an extra piece
– Oh! All right, hold on
one second I gotta open
this thing up real quick.
– All right, I’ll totally
wait for you. Psych!
– I’m just gonna pop this
thing open real quick.
– [Collins] All right.
– Just like this.
– Oh!
– Oh my god!
– [Collins] I don’t
understand how that’s gonna
help you make a better pasta sauce, Devan.
– [Devan] Well it will once
I add this Gruyere cheese.
Look dude it’s coming together man!
– Got a whole bunch of
beets, you’re gonna line
these just like this. And
then give me the perfect
flavoring for my ravioli.
All right, well here we go.
Got another cement block
over here. Here we go.
Do not try this at home!
This is how you drop the beet.
Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– Boom!
– Oh my gosh.
– There we go. Yeah, that’s how you do it.
Bam, that’s how you mash the beets.
– Okay. You broke the block.
– [Collins] All right there we go,
so we got the beet all mashed up
and I think I got all the elements
I need to create my ravioli noodles.
So now it’s time to put it all together.
Time to finish up the
pieces of our pasta dish.
– Yes!
– And for me, I got my
ravioli dough right here.
Next up, I gotta roll
it out. So here we go.
Just continue like this.
Oh, look at that guys.
I got a crater right
here in the center of it.
It looks like it’s not
doing so hot right now.
So here we go.
– [Devan] Look at that.
– [Collins] Oh my god.
– [Devan] Yes, some nice melted cheese.
– All right as you’re
doing that I’ve got a whole
bunch of minced up lettuce here.
This… looks nasty.
Three, two, one! Let’s see.
– Oh!
– Oh!
I gotta say from an initial
visual standpoint it
doesn’t look the nicest,
but I promise you it’s
gonna make my ravioli amazing.
– [Devan] You know what
dude? I think this is going
way too slow. You know what I need?
The octowhisk.
– Oh, no. Hold on I
gotta put my glasses on.
Oh, snap. Okay. Here we
go. All right, glasses on.
(cross talking)
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– You broke the octowhisk!
– It has too much torque.
– I think you should use the paddle whisk.
– No.
– I think it would make a lot of fun.
– I think it would make a lot of mess.
– [Collins] Time to put
the finishing touches
on our dishes.
And these things are
gonna look incredible.
We got the finished pasta pieces
and now it’s time for the big reveal.
– And dude, your ravioli
looks like little pillows.
– Little pillows? These are huge pillows.
Here’s the big reveal? You ready?
Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– [Collins] Look at these man!
– [Devan] Wow!
– [Devan] I know your
ravioli looks like pillows!
– [Collins] And that’s a ton of sauce
because we’re gonna make
a ton of noodles, bro.
So we’re gonna mix these
together and eat them
at the end of the video.
Apple freeze!
– You are the worst
firefighter of all time.
– That’s why I’m not a
firefighter. I am a YouTuber.
You challenged us to make
giant pasta so let’s go!
– I’m making a giant meatball,
and first I gotta grind
up this frozen meat.
– [Collins] Holy cow!
Do not try this at home!
Now I’m gonna crush an apple. Oh my god!
Three, two, one!
Holy cow, man.
That doesn’t look too good.
This is gonna be perfect for
the filling of my ravioli.
– I’m obviously making
massive, giant meatballs.
What are you doing?
– I’m summoning some thunder
with my thunder sticks!
– Really?
(thunder clap)
– Whoa, whoa, whoa!
– Boom, and it’s raining.
– It’s too much!
– It’s like the rain dance.
– Too much rain.
– It’s sticks.
That’s gonna be a huge meatball.
– [Devan] Exactly.
– [Collins] Time to use
these on my crab legs.
Yo! These crab legs popped them!
I didn’t wanna have to do it,
but we’re gonna have to do it.
Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– Boom, boom!
– Whoa, whoa!
And it went up my nose too.
Yup, there it is.
– [Collins] I gotta say for so much money
that’s not a lot of meat right there.
That’s all the meat you get for $80?
– Time to shred it!
– Let’s go!
– Wait, what. Dude you copied me.
– No I didn’t. Devan, all
right. I did not copy you.
– Yeah, but dude this was my thing.
– [Collins] Mine is a little bit bent.
– [Devan] We’ll be bros! Cheers.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Collins] Here we go, yes.
See I’m the expert here I
know how to do this, man.
– I don’t think you’re doing this right.
– I’m doing this absolutely right.
– That’s a lotta show, but not a lotta do.
– Excuse me?
Here’s the thing man it’s
all about the chef skills.
You put them together and (mumbles)
Yeah, boy. Look at all that.
– Yeah, boy!
– That looks actually
way better than my meat.
Time to retire the Wolverine claws.
The only thing I could think
of that’s more effective
than Wolverine claws
is a giant toothbrush.
The thing is we’re coming
up on the New Year Devan,
so New Year, new me.
Devan, do you brush your
teeth 15 times a day?
– I don’t think that’s healthy.
– Think that’s why my gums are receding.
– No I think you’re missing teeth, man.
– Oh, man. All right.
Next part of my filling,
time to make a wok.
– Oh!
– Oh!
– I gotta say wok’s are pretty crazy, man.
– Wow, yes.
– Holy cow!
– I gotta take a “wok” on that one.
– Oh, yeah. Good, yeah.
Take a whole bunch of shrimp here,
so here we go.
– Oh!
– Oh!
– Man! All right, well there you go.
I’m gonna drop the shrimp
in three, two, one!
– Oh!
– Stand back!
– One, two, three, flip!
– Wow, you lost it man!
– [Collins] What is that dude?
– [Devan] I am making a scotch egg.
And for those of you who
don’t know what it is.
It’s basically sausage and bread crumbs
wrapped around a hard-boiled egg.
– All right, well I’m
gonna add some mushrooms
into my wok over here.
I’m also gonna add a
whole bunch of onions.
– What? What, what, what?
– The onions!
– It hasn’t reached me yet!
– Trying to get the onion
smell out. Is it gone?
– No!
– [Devan] Yes! I think I did it!
– [Collins] Holy cow!
– [Devan] Look at that!
– Time to add some spices
with a water balloon.
There we go! Bam.
– What?
– This is how you add spices, Devan.
You take the water balloon,
and then bam, like that.
– Wow!
– Bam! Spices!
– [Devan] Look at this!
– [Collins] Holy cow!
And to celebrate, another balloon!
Bam, there we go.
I gotta get a little piece out of there.
– What was that one?
– That was, um, I don’t know.
– [Devan] You can see
some of the yolk in there.
Look at that!
– [Collins] Ready, here we go.
– Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one.
– I am on my tiptoes
right now for no reason.
How about this I added some bok choy.
Bok choy?
– I don’t know.
– Bok choy? I don’t know.
Oh, here we go. A little bit of sauce.
– No, no!
– Here we go.
It’s not gonna pop.
– Oh!
– Oh!
– What was that one?
– Ew! It’s vinegar!
– [Devan] Got my bread crumbs
in here, I got some eggs.
All right, now it’s
time to add the sausage.
– All right, as you add the
sausage I got a bigger one.
This got a whole bunch of seasoning in it.
So here we go.
So, three, two, one.
My heart was palpitating so quickly.
– You should see me over here I was like
– All right here we go.
– Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one.
– Holy cow! I think I’m starting to get
psyched out by it.
I think that it somehow,
it’s gotten to me.
Like psychologically.
– Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one.
– You know what? Now
I’m gonna have to cheat.
– Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one.
– What, what, what?
– That stuff was stinky.
I think this is like all
spice, but you know what?
That’s the important thing in life.
It’s season, season, season.
– [Devan] Now it’s time to
get my hard-boiled egg outta here.
– [Collins] Oh, it’s that easy!
– Now I’m gonna wrap this stuff around.
– All right, I’m gonna
open up a lemon right here
and I’m gonna squeeze it out.
Here we go, into my wok.
Oh, look at that.
– [Devan] This is really tough, man.
My egg is super slippery.
But I think I did it.
I got it. I got it. Now
I just need to cook it.
– Oh! Wait, that’s gonna
be one of your meatballs?
– No, that’s gonna be like
the inside of my meatball.
I gotta a brick of salt.
I gotta hammer.
Now it’s time to get some seasoning.
– Wait, you’re just
gonna smash that thing?
– Oh, yes. You ready for this?
– Oh, man. All right, here we go.
– Three, two…
– Three, two…
– Wait a minute. Three
second like challenge.
We wanna see if you can like this video
in three seconds. You ready? Here we go.
– Three, two, one! Done!
– Three, two, one! Done!
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Collins] This is salt?
– [Devan] Yes it is!
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– I broke the board!
– [Collins] Oh my god!
That is a powerful smash!
– [Devan] I broke the board!
– Salt!
– Remember this is a giant meatball,
so I gotta coat this thing
in double layer of meat.
– [Collins] Well you’ve
probably been wondering
this whole time what it
is I’m actually doing.
The thing is I’ve been making the filling
for my ravioli. And now it’s
time to bring it all together.
Gonna dump this in here like this.
Here we go.
Gonna pick up this seasoned
ball of butter right here.
Gotta melt it in like this.
Oh my gosh! There we go.
I gotta say you forming the meat.
That doesn’t seem like it’s
coming together too well, man.
– [Devan] No, it is not.
– Gonna kinda pinch it. Oh! No!
I dropped the whole
thing of butter in there.
Next up it is now time
to mix this all around.
I’m a genius. I’ve done
it in a salad spinner.
So it’s gonna be easy.
We’re gonna unleash it first. Whoa!
– Whoa!
– Whoa, my god.
Here we go. It’s gonna
spin around like this.
All right, now it’s time to put
the finishing touches on these
and reveal the end product.
We’ve got the finished pasta pieces
and now it’s time for the big reveal.
And yours!
Words can’t even describe
what that looks like.
– And yours, looks great.
– Thank you.
So here is the big reveal.
– Three, two…
– Three, two…
– Oh we just launched our brand new merch.
We know you’re gonna love it.
There’s a whole bunch
of amazing, new designs.
So click the top link in
the description right now
to get yours before it all sells out.
And let’s see how these look.
– Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– [Collins] That is so massive!
– [Devan] I know!
Don’t let look deceive you.
I think mine’s gonna be great.
– [Collins] We’ll be putting them together
and eating them at the end of the video.
You challenged us to make
giant pasta so let’s go!
Now it’s time to make the
noodles and the white sauce.
For the first part of my white sauce
time to freeze some
coconuts in liquid nitrogen.
– [Devan] Three, two, one! It’s cracking.
– [Collins] A perfect hole in it!
Coconut number one, here we go.
Gonna place it in my trough of vegetables.
All right,
so now I’m gonna move the
liquid nitrogen off to the side.
What are you doing?
Are you all right?
– Yes. I gotta separate the yolk
from the other stuff.
– The egg whites?
– Yes, that stuff.
– Here is the big smash, ready?
Do not try this at home.
Here we go.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– Yeah boy!
– Wait where did it go?
Don’t you need that?
– Oh.
You know what? We got another right here.
We’ll just add to it all.
– Before you do that
can you grab me an egg?
Can you grab me that bowl?
– A bowling ball.
– Are you kidding me?
– So here we go.
– Three…
– Excuse me.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Devan] That worked way better!
– [Collins] That worked
so good! Look at this!
It like literally brought
out the meat perfectly.
– That was the best.
– [Collins] Devan, what are you doing?
– [Devan] I’m sorry this
egg is uncontrollable.
– Control it.
This is gonna be the perfect
base for my white sauce.
– All right, I got all
the pieces to my egg.
Now it’s time to make the
next part of my noodles.
I just gotta add some flour.
– No! Wait a minute is
that for your noodles?
– Yes this is for my noodles.
– You are definitely making
some giant noodles, Devan.
I gotta say that is very impressive.
Well I’ve got this massage
blaster right here.
It’s time to tenderize some coconut meat.
Oh, yup. Here we go. Oh, man.
Devan, so how are the
noodles going for you man?
– [Devan] Oh, not great.
– All right. The meat is tenderized
into a nice, fine powder.
This is gonna be the
base of my white sauce.
– I got my pillow case here.
– And I got a whole bunch of dirt.
It’s time to harvest some vegetables.
– Oh, wow, okay.
– The thing is I’ve been planting
a whole bunch of dirt recently.
– I’m not sure that’s how this works.
– You’re questioning my dirt.
What are you doing with a
pillow case and some, oh snap!
– Well normally what you
do is put it in a small bag
but I got a pillow case.
– Here we go. Well as you’re doing this,
here we go. We’ll get a
couple of my (mumbles)
That’s how all chefs do it.
– [Devan] I got a good pile of dough now
so now it’s time to make the noodles.
– [Collins] I’m gonna mince
up all my veggies, here.
That is how you mince, man.
I’m using the pizza technique.
– [Devan] Well that looks pretty intense.
– I got some bananas,
some liquid nitrogen,
a whole bunch of flavoring,
and about to go in
my ravioli.
– I just gotta put this thing on.
– Oh, snap.
Yo! Look at that dude
it’s making the noodles!
– [Devan] I know!
– [Collins] Holy cow!
– I gotta poke it through.
– All right, here we go.
I gotta take my banana
and drop it in here.
Three, two, one.
It’s in!
The banana is freezing
in the liquid nitrogen.
That is getting very long, Devan!
Oh, no! Oh my god!
– [Devan] Dude this thing is so difficult.
Oh man. It fell off.
Oh, they both broke!
– [Collins] My liquid nitrogen
still is in full course
right now.
And this is gonna be perfect
to add into the dough
of my ravioli noodles.
We’ve got all the frozen
fruits and vegetables.
Now it’s time to smash them.
We’re gonna kick it off with
a dragon fruit right now.
This is gonna be perfect for the flavoring
of my ravioli.
I gotta say and for giant noodles,
those are looking a little short.
You know?
– Oh yeah. I think you’re right.
I have an idea.
A pool noodle!
– Hey, whoa!
– Yes! And now for the dragon fruit!
– No! The dragon fruit is mine.
Holy cow!
– Oh geez!
– [Collins] Next up we’ve got the orange.
So here we go man.
– Oh, yeah. Drop it on top.
Whoa, I got some noodles on here!
– I’m sorry. Here we go. Let’s see.
– I spent a long time on those.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Devan] Save the noodles!
– Save the noodles!
Wait, so let me make this clear.
You’re putting noodles in a pool noodle.
– Exactly.
– Okay. Now it’s time for the tomato next.
So here we go. Tomato.
Versus bowling ball.
Who do you think is gonna win?
– [Devan] Tomato.
– [Collins] Yeah. The tomato I agree.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Collins] That was crazy!
Wait so what are you gonna
do stuff it in there?
– [Devan] Yes but it
dropped out of the bottom.
– [Collins] Oh that’s not good.
– All right my noodle is all filled up.
Now it’s time to cut it open.
All right it is all cut open.
And there’s my noodle, man.
– Dude, that noodle is huge.
– I know right.
– [Collins] I’m gonna
dump out all the remaining
frozen pieces out over here.
So now it’s time to smash.
Ready? Here we go.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– [Devan] It’s the eighth
wonder of the world.
– [Collins] It is!
It’s a giant noodle!
It’s coming out of this
noodle right over here.
– Yes!
– There you go. That’s how
you get rid of the noodle.
– [Devan] I think it just
needs to be cleaned up
and it’s all good.
I’m just gonna have to
collect all this flavor here,
but that’s awesome.
Now it’s time to for me to
finish up my white sauce
right here.
– [Devan] I got my
noodles here to finish up.
– Exactly. Got a huge spoon over here.
It’s got a whole bunch of minced up
coconut right here.
So here we go.
On the white sauce,
just gonna add it in right
now like there we go.
Now time to add in the veggies like that.
There we go.
That’s gonna add a whole
bunch of nice flavor to mine.
– Yes.
– And last but not least,
I have to be very sparing
with how much I add of this.
We’ve got over here all
the different pieces
that we hit with the liquid nitrogen.
So here we go.
– You did a good job collecting all that.
– Thank you.
– Now for me to put the
finishing touches on my sauce.
It’s very cold right now.
– Yes.
And then I have to make
a bunch more noodles.
– Exactly. I think those
are gonna look great
when you finally finish them up.
We’ve got the finished pasta
and these things are crazy.
– These are massive. I
can barely reach across.
– Here’s the big reveal.
– Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– Three, two, one! Ta-da!
– [Collins] Oh my gosh!
– [Devan] Wow! Look at them!
– I cannot believe we
actually pulled it off.
No, no, no! Don’t try that bro!
– It is so heavy!
– [Collins] This meatball
is like 60 pounds!
– [Devan] I know right!
And those are like full
– Time to dig in.
So Devan, which delicious dish
are we going to eat first?
– Oh man, I mean. Mine looks pretty crazy.
Yours has all these mystery
ingredients on the inside.
– And it’s like ravioli in a soup,
which is new.
Let’s do this a rock,
paper, scissors for who will
eat first?
– All right. I’m down.
– Winner, that’s the dish we try first.
So here we go.
– Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
– Yes!
– Oh, okay. Best two out of three.
– Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
– No!
– Oh, okay! This is where
it all comes down to.
– Here we go!
– Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
– Oh, man!
– Yes!
– [Collins] All right. I
guess we eat yours first.
So how do we even tackle this dish man?
– I think we to start we grab
our giant fork and knife.
I think I’m just gonna cut
off a big piece of this
side here like this.
– Oh my god! That’s more than
a burger right there, Devan.
– We didn’t really
sharpen these very well.
– Yeah, these are very dull.
Very safe, large knives.
– So I got a piece of
the meatball right here.
– [Collins] Oh, man. You’re
cutting the noodle next right?
(cross talking)
– [Devan] Gonna grab some of
these doughy noodles right here
– [Collins] That sinks right in.
Yeah those are. Did you even cook them?
– I tried.
They look thoroughly undercooked.
– As you can see guys I really focused
on this meatball.
– I can tell.
It’s time for me to do something,
I wish I did a long time ago.
– Okay.
– It got in my eye!
Your meatball is like a rock!
Here’s what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna take this fork. Again, manners.
I learned this from Kevin.
Just stick it like that and
then just kinda like bam,
slicey, slicey, slicey.
Gonna scoop off a little
bit of noodle over here.
That’s about all I want.
I know it’s a giant noodle,
but I gotta say I’m not
the most excited to try it.
Time to see how these taste,
and although these are extremely dull,
still do not try this at home!
– No!
– Do not eat off of a knife!
So let’s see how this tastes.
– Here we go.
– Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one!
– Hold on are you going for it? Oh, man.
– Oh, god.
– Those noodles! I can’t even swallow it,
it’s so bad.
– Wow! That was real bad!
– Oh no! That was like,
I don’t think you seasoned it right.
– With this terrible review on this one,
I don’t know how good yours is gonna be.
– Yeah, I gotta say man.
‘Cause if you put some spices in yours,
I put some spices in mine.
Paper towel attack!
(cross talking)
– Would you mind cleaning? Here we go.
– Sure, yes.
– Did you cook yours?
– If it’s any consolation,
– Did you not cook yours too?
– Again, try cooking a
three foot ravioli, bro.
– [Devan] It’s not cooked just like mine.
– [Collins] I’m trying my best, okay?
– You roasted me so hard for this.
– I’m sorry.
Three, two, one. Oh! Look at that shrimp.
– Oh, man. I forgot all
the stuff you put in there.
You know I was really excited to eat mine,
but I’m not excited to eat yours.
– [Collins] Well the thing is,
I made different ones over here.
Slice open the top of this one, bam.
Here we go, bam!
Look at that! Look at those!
Close that one back up.
– That’s even worse.
– Not my best work.
I’m just gonna kinda stab
it over here like this.
Scoopity doop.
– Could you imagine if we all
used this big of utensils?
– I think we would get
a lot more eating done.
I’m gonna try to, and this is so tough.
See, I helped you Devan,
but you haven’t helped me once.
– You want me to use my hands?
– You know what. Forget
about the utensils.
We’re going in with the hands,
so here we go.
Let’s just take out this.
Scoop up some of the inside.
Bam, check it out.
I know it kinda defeats the purpose,
but mini ravioli!
Important to point this out,
Devan and I will not be
eating this all by ourselves.
We’ll share this with our friends, family,
literally anyone.
We’re gonna feed us for
like a week right here.
Again, do not eat food
off a giant utensil.
– Yes!
– Do not recommend!
– Three, two…
– Three, two…
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