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here’s your sausage pizza holy crap
isn’t that ridiculous
it’s like the pizza that ate denver yeah
shit okay i’ll let you take that here
thank you man
oh my god dripping increase
the oil the grease coming out of that
the oil in there of the grease that’s
he said it’s too greasy just exactly
what i i feel
oh shut up i don’t want to hear
honestly the best pizza in denver i mean
does that look like the best pizza
trust me i can tell you it doesn’t taste
good celestia
the dough is so thick why i mean it’s
just like a loaf of bread it’s like a
baguette in there
that’s our thin crust that’s the thin
stop wow seriously
yeah a lot of people get upset with me
for that when they ask for the thin
crust and i bring them
the thin crust wow if you touch that
dough is raw
oh wow it is raw pastry oh my god what a
darling i’m done alrighty that dreadful
okay i’ll let him know
messy that is definitely not the best
pizza in denver let’s get that right
had he he wanted me to show you the
dough let’s roll the pizza
he said the pizza was doughy on the
inside and
greasy it is doughy look really i agree
with him too
are you kidding me i don’t know what the
chef is talking about
and a lot of people love it i do i eat
it don’t you guys throw this away
leave it on me are you kidding me what
that’s disgusting
i’m hungry i think seth ramsey’s problem
that he hasn’t tasted a classic pizza
damn is good he’s tasted all this fancy
stuff you know
okay here we go hero the meatball hero
wow and how do you would you
um i guess you approach that however you
wow thank you my darling no problem just
visually there’s nothing hero looking
about that
that’s not anywhere near i hear a
sandwich that looks more like a sloppy
it’s bad it’s all soggy there
it’s like eating a patch of soaking wet
grass after a cow
shatter over it you’re all done with
that that is definitely
not a hero yeah disgusting there’s a
type of error on the menu
it’s not hero it’s zero i’ll let him
please do you want to hear chef’s
yes yes he said it’s a zero not a hero
i don’t believe this i have
plenty of people that they love my
meatball i am
very proud of my meatballs and for safe
ramsey to
say it was a zero it’s very insulting