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we were excited about making a
traditional dragon feast and then it hit
not everyone was on board yeah
Zephir what are you doing testing my
dragon defense system so you and all the
grown-ups an uber car leaving them
snacks what if one shows up that would
be great
we love dragons why they’re monsters I
found this in the Attic
it was grandpa’s how come you never told
us the truth about dragons but we did
dragons are wonderful they’re our
tell me this are they giant well yeah
razor-sharp teeth breathe fire I suppose
oh maybe we don’t leave fish snacks
around to attract them cuz you know who
doesn’t want to be dragon desert me
nothing do you want to be dessert for a
dragon hmm methinks I don’t
how did this happen our ancestors were
terrified of dragons because they didn’t
know them Astrid we cannot let our kids
go down that road remember when we were
kids back in old Berk how we used to put
on a pageant ATS novel dog oh yeah
those were fun what if we brought the
pageant back we showed the children of
newburgh how humans and Dragons became
friendly sure that’s a great idea
but we’ve only got four days until
snuggle talking in three if you don’t
count black played Friday yeah nothing
gets done everybody’s just shopping and
coughing I think we could do this let’s
talk to Gobber
kid can take a hit hey are you okay yeah
yeah it’s just all this talk of dragons
kind of makes me miss him it’s hard at
the holidays you know wonder if
toothless ever misses me