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Sweet Potatoes there is no electricity in our area now
now we can check the head light of pcx and nmax

because most of you are requesting for this ever since
so now we got a chance

but there are differences about pros and cons of each unit
so later on we will tackle about it
when we test drive it and have a quick
road test of both scoots
now let us see first the basic specs
and features of these two scooters
But before that let’s shoutout

So I won’t make it longer let’s begin now with the basic specifications
and features of these 2 scoots

Now let’s move on to their physical built
parts and fairings
your first impressions

and the main differences that is noticeable
that the one has and other one doesn’t have
ok let’s go right here
so first
the front brakes are both equipped with ABS
from that you are already winner
but at the rear

this nmax is equiped with hydraulic disc
with ABS while on the other hand
is only drum brake
but the brake performance of PCX is still ok
because I tried it everyday here around the city of Manila
then when it come to its physical structure
on front part here in headlight
as you noticed the PCX is wider than the NMAX
and the brightness of the headlight at night
if you want to now watch this
this is the clip
sweet potatoes what a perfect moment because right now is blackout in our area
so now
we can check
the headlight projection of PCX and NMAX

Here it go
PCX and NMAX headlight are both on
I will start with the NMAX first
as you can see it is focused and the projection is very bright
but the range is not so wide especially to the left and right
peripheral visions
on the other hand this PCX
the light is not so bright but you can see the
the left and right part of the road
the range of light is wider compared to Yamaha Nmax
Both are equipped with stock LED

so you need to add
aftermarket LED or accessories for
long rides especially at night because
because this is only the visible area using their headlight
not so bright

Let’s try it on
nmax only
here it goes I will turn ON the Nmax
as you can see it is bright but when you try to put in High beam
it will adjust a little bit only
its headlight
so you saw the headlight that’s their projection at night
is you are going to ask me, will add extra
blue water or lazer gun LED
now the popular is the lazer gun that when you turn it on the projection is so nice
the light is focused and it is so bright
let us go to this part
their outer fairings
here the glossy part
and this one the gun metal part
as you noticed
the PCX fairings is wider
especially the front part
it is wider
compared here in nmax that looks thin especially when you look it on front view
and then the type of the fairings
in PCX
more on glossy like the
this one candy red and
the other color the gray
and this nmax here is matte color
this is gun metal
the other color variation is matte gray

so those are their different color varaitions

when it come to tires as you can see
the nmax tires are wider
compared here in pcx
any way this tire installed here
is stock tire size of nmax
but we just ijust replaced it a new one the pirelli brand
but the size is same with the stock which is in front
at the back is 130/70-13
so nmax tires are wider compared to PCX which has
then the rear is 120/70-14

so for me
nmax has the advantage
here is still ok
but the wider the tires the more stable you are in road
when doing cornering
for me this is better
then let’s check the panel gauge of these 2
here on PCX you can see it has bigger
panel board
very detailed and it has lots of
here on NMAX let’s turn it on
you can see it has round panel
it is smaller compared to PCX
you can find here the odometer reading and the ABS logo lights are also on
but later on same with the PCX
if you turned on the engine the ABS light indicator will shut down
then of course the
signal light indicators
select mode and reset
that’s all
for me their both down side when it comes to panel gauge
they both don’t have built in volt meter
unlike the other maxiscoot that I tried this past few weeks
so now you need to add aftermarket volt meter
to monitor
the battery life of this scooter to check if still okay for daily use
because they also don’t have kick starters
that’s it the volt meter for me is important
you need to install it because you cant monitor it on panel display
let’s go to this part their handle bars because they have big difference here
here in nmax you can see it is covered with
plastic fairings on its handlebar
so you cannot see any metal here
from here
you can see the style is like
the other typical maxiscoot

they are all same
then when we compare it to Honda PCX
this is what they called monkey bar
looking like the thai set up it is already like this
others who are nmax owner
will buy handle bar set to look like
this one
which is Thailand set up they are copying
the set up in thailand like this which is very bold to see
you can see the handle bar metal
and doesn’t have plastic fairing cover
so that’s it
and this one I just Installed the cellphone holder
so when I have long rides I can put my phone here for waze
then when it comes to side mirrors of these 2
for me both are normal size so
we don’t have to talck much about it
as I noticed here in switches
Here in Honda PCX it has built in Hazzard switch

unlike with the other maxi scoots the nmax doesn’t have this
you need to buy separately for the switch
most of them chose to install illuminated switch
at the same time they have on off switch here and park light switch of headlight
and then they have here the switch for hazard
Then it has passing switch on the left side
Then one more thing when it come to long ride
They have different fuel tank capacity

Because nmax has 6.6L
Fueal tank capacity
compared to Honda PCX
which has 8L fueal tank capacity
which way take you a long way when it comes to long ride
and it is more fuel efficient
than yamaha nmax

the keyless of the pcx ignition
while on the other hand the nmax hs manual key
just like the old versons
so keyless system has a big advantage for me here

here I give my point for PCX
for safety it has built in alarm
it has built in answer back system
and of course the safety features
anti theft when it moves

when you move it

it alarms
here in nmax because it is maual key
others will install 2 way alarm system
so the 2 way alarm system has the same function as this one
answer back then automatic on and off
using the remote that’s what the good thing about 2 way alarm system
But for me I wont advise it because the warranty will be void since the unit is still new
The warranty will be void since you need to cut electricals
when you installed 2 way alarm here in yamaha nmax
becasue the warranty covers the electricals and engine
so I don’t advise to install the 2 way alarm

But if the motorcycle is 1 year old it is ok if you want to install it
because it does not have warranty when it comes to electricals
because 2 way alam is very helpful
especially when you leave your motorcycle
in unfamiliar places
you can activate the alarm sensor
if there is someone ridden on it or tap it
then when it comes to engine oil capacity
they both have 0.9L
Then again you don’t have to pour all the 1L
only 0.9
You will leave 0.1l
So now let’s check the strorage
Lets go to the middle part
Let’s open their storage

So let’s start here with the nmax
here in nmax you can see
the shape is curve and you can put one
full face helmet
here it can fit, let’s try wait
we have here one half face helmet
because I can’t find full face helmet now
Camera is attached
on my full face helmet
so let’s put inside the helmet
it can fit well

you can still put other riding stuffs here at its side
like rain coat, gloves, jacket
so it is big and compartment is nice

now let’s see the honda PCX
so messy
because I use it everyday

you can see it has shape here
that’s why you put the helmet like this
for me the more storage space is
this one the storage compartment
compared to nmax becasue
the helmet occupies well the front part seat
unlike with the nmax
the battery placement blocks the storage
then it just goes deeper here
then only full
one area its compartment
then here on honda pcx
it has divider here
as you can see
it is like you have another space here
others will install fabricated divider here so you can put rain coat here
even it’s wet
here is the jackets and gears
1 point for Honda PCX
for the storage
when it comeas about
here the middle part
you can see
the PCX built
is very elegant
here it looks like cobra shape
and glossy
elegant type
you can open this one if the ignition is activated
it will just open
if it is activated
so it is very safe and cannot be fool
here in nmax
i will open this, see
it has key lock
you will use the same key on ignition
for this
fuel tank
that’s it
smells gasoline

on this part, pcx is more convenient because
it’s keyless
now let’s go to the rear part

who’s sexier the pcx or nmax?
for me is the
one with LED tail light
so I will turn on both of them so you can see the difference
here in the right side the yamaha nmax
is still using the bulb type
for brake bulb and brake light
and the tail light
they are all bulb type
on the other hand
as you can see it is fully LED
This linings are all LEDs
for me I give another point for pcx
and for the elegant look it is really
worth your fashion

when it comes to this part, in their mud guards
here in nmax the design is fine
but just a typical mud guard

while here in PCX it has this one
which is it has lights underneath for you to see the
plate number at night
when it comes to rear suspension
they both have dual shocks

here it is
so later on we will test both of them on road to see
their suspension
and handling and performance

on its rear brake this nmax is equuipped with hydraulic disc
and ABS
here you see the disc brake
and equipped with disk plate
while on the other hand
just a normal drum brake
for me nmax has the advantage here
i’m on nmax side here
because it has ABS for safety and disc brake
others will make some conversions if they want to install disc brake for the PCX
hopefully this year or next year they will launch the Hybrid
which is already equipped with disc brake
i don’t know yet if it is also equip with ABS or only standard disc brake
anyway about the comparison of this bikes we will just stick with this one first
I give my 1 point for nmax this time
Here in Nmax the texture of the seat cover
it is wide and then while going down here it became narrow
sharp part and this is the edge, gooing down again
the latest model has already stitches
it has better leather quality
and more quality
because every side has stitches
Let’s go here in honda PCX
here in PCX you can see fully stitches
on its side
and then the curve her
is nice at the front part
the rider sitting position will be comfortable
the legs will be here on its curve
for me the advantage is for
pcx for the seat
let us check the seat height if 5’4″ will sit on it
because I am 5’4
so others will have ideas on what adjustment they need to do
let’s sit here on nmax

so this nmax
has seat height of

just the same
the seat height of this Honda PCX is

so the difference is just like this
let us start the PCX
here in this honda pcx
I have the same feeling when I start the Honda Click 150
It feels the same even with the starter
it is so quiet and you will just notice that it is already engine on

I also notice that there is a little noise on its side part
which is normal to scooter type or belt type
so I will throttle
see the vibration of the fairings
it is only the fairings but the engine
for me is so smooth
it is very smooth when you rev it
the sound
The starter of yamaha nmax is the same with standard scoots
not like the honda click or honda pcx
which is quiiet when you start the ignition
but the aerox is like that already
if you start the yamaha aerox it has the same sound with
pcx starter which is quiet
but this nmax is not yet
still standard then let’s throttle

one thing I notice here in nmax
when it is on idle it has a little vibrations compared to pcx
it vibrates here in handle bar and when you rev it
the whole chasis
still tolerable
because it is scooter type
they normally have vibrations
the sounds is normal for 4 valves
this pcx on the other hand has 2 valves
so when it comes to power there is no doubt on who has the more power and torque
and both are equip with side stand sensor for safety
so when it is on side stand you cannot turn it on
you cannot start them both
now when it comes to road test
we call on first
Boy Abundat
Boy Abundat say hi

the first time I test ride this I said that the suspension is smooth

and as time goes by when I have back ride
and we take it for a ride
around metro manila
i notice it became jolted
I dont know what are the other changes I will encounter
now let’s test the torque and acceleration
and I could say
It is so comfortable
and head turner
so many people looking
so ok now let’s check the torque

it ran 60 kph
let’s see here overtake

so acceleration you can feel the power
but upon reaching 60 kph
the road is short and risky
that’s why I dont want to push
to the limit

I suddenly turn on the hazard
anyway the power of Honda PCX is not a joke even it is only 2 valves
and I could say it wont be too far in nmax power
although the nmax has the better specs
when it comes to torque and acceleration
you can see the maneuverability

very nimble you can dance with it
let’s check the cornering
it is ok
no problem

now let’s test drive the nmax

oh my feeling has changed, the handling
the handle bar of the nmax is higher
im my own perception or I’m not just used to it

the suspension is nice for me
the suspension is ok

and the break in period of this is already finish
because the odo is already 1,600km
so if there are any changes with honda PCX I will update you guys
so light to drive
actually I tested a lot of nmax since 2016
it feels new to me but
it only means I am just satisfied with the performance of Honda PCX

so now let us check the speed

actually guys the road is just oh my gosh
I need to break in somewhere else to
check the top speed
sad to say but in response you can already see
it’s almost 100kph
I cannot differentiate their power when in this road only

the road is short
maybe when can really see at the end of the long road
but when it comes to stability
it is nice
but the road is really short
I feel a bit dizzy
let us stop this
I felt dizzy

now let’s test the brake
that’s it the brake system activated

for you which is better?
because for me base on my personal opinion when it comes to speed
acceleraton ofcourse the nmax is better
we just didn’t test the top speed of this two because
the road is short

but just wait for the update if we got a chance to ride
north or south to test the
top speed of the 2 maxi scoot
i will upload the video
when it comes to power and acceleration the nmax has the advantage
but when it comes to
and fuel efficiency
PCX is better
and for those who are after to the elegant look
for me the PCX has the better looks

overall for me
I will stay with PCX because I am practical I want the most fuel efficient
then the nmax which has 4 valves
yes it is powerful but also powerful to consume gas

for me I have this two bikes because they are both mine

so for you which is more better, I hope
it helps the confused people to decide

for those who are asking in comment section, this is my answer

so comment down your own reason on what will you choose
if why it is yamaha nmax or honda pcx

given their specifications and features
so that’s all guys
for those who are planning to buy thank you
to all sweet potato riders out there ride safe!