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hello and welcome you lovely lovely
people I’m Michael from Bennett’s bike
social and you join me here with the
Honda PCX one two five
now I still hold my hand up and I still
had MIT I’m normally very very excited
by the motorbikes that make hundred
fifty odd horsepower and are all Larry
and go fast on the circuits but in my
role I’ve got to be flexible enough to
make sure that I’m reviewing every
single motorbike there is and that
includes well the most popular powered
two wheeler in the country and all the
way across Europe as well Paris Rome
Milan and so on because it’s a bargain
it’s an absolute steal to buy it’s an
absolute gem to run as well in terms of
finances so this will set you back if
you wanted to go and buy it from your
local Honda dealership right now two
thousand nine hundred and twenty nine
pounds less than three thousand pounds
of this outright come on a PCP deal it’s
one hundred and fifty five pounds down
and you paying around about fifty pounds
a month for three years and you got a
grand pair at the end of that once you
bought it it’s still very very cheap to
run as well so it’s super economical
it’s super versatile it’s like the ideal
commuter bike if you’re doing less than
let’s say twenty miles to work and back
it’s fantastically wide more people
don’t embrace it in this country 134
miles to the gallon is the claim eight
litre tank on an average UK fuel pump
price today that’s gonna be less than
ten pounds to fill up you’re riding like
me you’re gonna get around one hundred
and two hundred and three MPGs what I’ve
got over the last 68 miles worth that
I’ve covered on this yesterday and today
and that’s gonna be good enough for
about a hundred and sixty and seventy
miles out of one tank what more do you
that’s less than a tenner 407 hundred
ninety miles let’s say and if you’re a
bit more careful with it you can easily
get over 200 miles and what’s more if
you’ve got all the funky stuff that
comes with it it’s got digital display
it’s got LED headlights it’s got an acre
of space underneath the seat space on
the back for our pillion these little
pillion pegs know everything about this
bike is really well designed it’s neat
it’s stylish it’s funky and it’s it’s an
absolute gem so how about we can take a
hi here we go it’s gonna enjoy surf the
sights of Peterborough so the P 625 as
we’ve already said very versatile very
the ideal town bike now Honda claims
that you can you can get a full face
helmet under there and I’m sure you can
accept my colleague John xx shoei neotec
underneath there nope I don’t want any
good I put my ATV sport modular under
there yes you can get the seat closed
but it very much rubs on the top of it
and I suppose you would ever compare a
125 scooter with a moto 3 bike for any
low capacity race bike that’s all about
you got a carry corner speed especially
again onto a big long straight you know
carry that speed same goes for a one to
five scooter you’re gonna carry plenty
of speed if you want to get from A to B
pretty quickly oh yeah look at that
nimble don’t know whether you saw that
big pothole in the road managed to avoid
it so light this thing 14-inch wheels
back and front darts around like a
little Hobbit fly
yes you don’t necessarily buy a scooter
like this pris
outright performance it’s all about
economy it’s all about how far you can
get on one tank full of juice anyway so
if you got some dual character to ride
on this particular the style of the bike
the shape of the front of the bike it
might look a bit stylist but it does it
doesn’t mean there’s quite a bit of wind
flow and air flow coming through onto
your legs now on a colder day you’ve got
a few options one wear more clothes to
get one of those little granny blankets
I don’t believe that’s a technical term
well three buy something else
that said this loads it’s quite a bit of
space right here you’re not feeling
restricted you can thank in your legs
out and in terms of weather protection
wind protection this screen is teeny
tiny and does very little it might look
the part but if you’re going to be an
all-weather rider ie regardless of
whether it’s raining or not and if you
want a bit of wind protection – then I
definitely recommend the extra screen
this was about a walk I think it’s a 195
pad option this mega I really enjoy
riding it because even though I’ve had a
full licence for what 15 odd years now
and I’m familiar with riding much larger
capacity larger powered motorbikes I
don’t get complacent when riding like
this but equally I do see it is quite a
challenge to make the most of its
practicality you know it’s tiny it’s
nimble it’s lightweight you’ve got this
space under the seat you’ve even got
this little cubby hole here with a 12
volt socket you can’t buy a top box with
this as well so it’s got all the things
you’d expect from you know a versatile
commuter bike cheapest tips to run as
well it’s fantastic value well the
downsides are but one I don’t think I’d
end up buying one foot full mainly for
the reason that I quite like to have
that extra little bit of power when I
need it like if I’m going for an
overtake or if I’m trying to dart out
from a junction just it gives you that
peace of mind that you’ve got that extra
power if you want to go rather than
having to work at it then I got you know
you got to take the rough with the
smooth really only you know if you don’t
want to be paying too much money for it
then you’ve you take your compromise
under seat storage there might be a lot
of space under there but there’s no way
you can get a fault well I can’t get my
full face helmet under there without it
without the seat touching on this on the
yeah thirdly if for whatever reason it
doesn’t start on the electric ignition
perhaps the battery’s out of juice or
whatever you haven’t got a kickstart you
know modern day technology you don’t
tend to worry about that kind of stuff
so much
and the batteries not that difficult to
access either here we are testing this
bike in the middle of while early in
February and it’s impressing I think if
we were sitting here in the middle of
June of July in it beautiful day I’d be
just as impressed there is little
surprise about the fact that this
powered 2 wheeler is the most popular in
the UK and even more popular across
Europe they sell by the bucketload tell
me what it might not be the ideal of day
for a bit of speed testing let’s see
what the PCX has got to offer shall we
it’s gonna find a bit of dual
carriageway see what we can get out of
it great little layout on the digital
display looks modern looks neat great
speedo clock fuel gauge mpg average and
your odometer as well 68 miles an hour
come on alright let’s tuck in 69 70 70
can you see it
back to 69 maybe it’s because we’re
slipstreaming the Renault 468 this is
not going too well it’s like the
commuter Grand Prix isn’t it the
challenge of getting from A to B as fast
as you can it’s just as fun on a one to
five scooter as it is on a fire blade
this thing is brilliant here is the
Honda PCX one to five the one to five cc
single-cylinder liquid-cooled
four-stroke to vel twist and go scooter
from Honda not many people talk about
power and performance when talking about
our twist and go scooter it’s more about
economy and how versatile it is and how
much you can get under the seat
nevertheless 12 brake horsepower is what
you equipped with us peak power at about
8,000 rpm so long as it does above 60
comfortably which it does then you’re
not gonna get yourself into too much
mischief you do need to carry a bit of
momentum around with you so if you’re
gonna go for an overtake you’ve got a
planet quite nicely 2929 pounds which
rivals with the Omaha n max which is a
little bit more expensive at 3 174 and P
Ash’s medley that’s a new for 2020 is
three to nine nine now they reckon they
can get two full faced lids under their
seat but I reckon you can only get one
to the PC X comes in four colors red
black grey and white
whether you are strapping it to the back
of the motor home whether you’re using
it to get to work it just makes perfect
sense over probably transport this a1
license friendly scooter is so practical
it’s economical it’s stylish it’s
comfortable it’s great value for money
yes I would probably have heated grips
if I was going to use it as an
all-weather all year round bike and they
would cost an extra two hundred and
ninety five pounds as an official extra
I would also have a bigger screen
because I don’t think that’s gonna
protect you from any kind of rain 190
pound option and it’s got such a great
lock to lock steering angles it’s so
maneuverable so versatile if you’re
looking at buying one of these you know
just test that facts in and around the
car park at the dealership just to make
sure that you’re comfortable with
holding that weight make sure you do
your test run and the rows that you’re
familiar with would also make sure that
you’re comfortable getting on and off
the bike it’s not a step through it to
step over it’s an all-in-one seat with
two levels to the Rye
sits against a lip which for me is in
between him and the pillion it’s got a
steering lock so once you’ve got the
steering lock on and take the key out
that covers where you put your key but
it’s a nice little extra security device
it’s got that clever little idling stop
systems like an auto stop start so when
you pull it to the lights and you’ve got
it activated then it’ll cut out after a
couple of seconds and then it was fired
straight back up again as soon as you
twist the throttle it adds that extra
bit of economy to the ride as well
you’ve got tied a little bit of storage
space as well on the left-hand side
underneath the left-hand handlebar and
that’s got a 12-volt power outlet in it
as well it’s stylish it’s very
comfortable it’s versatile it’s got
there’s LED lights I wrote it at night
recently and the spread of the light is
really good it’s very very wide abs on
the front it’s got a 220 mil single disc
very competent at the rear it’s just got
a 130 ml drum brake and there’s no ABS
on that so you can know a lot the rear
tidy ass content
Michell ins come on this bike is
standard not quite sure how much can get
under the seat and when they claim a
full face helmet which we’ve seen that’s
Golf Course golf course
down to Alton first golf club we’re not
gonna worry about how many beans we can
get in there there’s so many golf balls
it get in there that’s on fuel or seat
clicks seat you take this out how many
balls can we fit under there before we
can’t go oh you look at that we need
all right many more in there without I’m
still be able to shut it that’s it the
answer is one
59 66 the answer is 363 golf balls will
fit under there and you can still get it
closed so overall I loved the
cost-effective motoring I love the
lightweight handling I love the honda
build quality on the downside is that
lower leg weather protection and it’s a
shame about the under seats or a full
face helmet thing because if I went to
buy this bike and I already had that
helmet then I’d be a bit reluctant to
start squashing it in and also heated
grips and taller screen are pretty
necessary for you are going to be
traveling all the way around the year
thanks for joining me you can read the
full review at bike social Cody UK yes
I snoop it here we go PC Xone t5 we’re
gonna do some on board now hopefully
it’ll work and like the last time when I
spent an hour riding around Peterborough
talking to it and nothing recorded