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all right so I’m pretty sure I invented this not positive but I’ve never seen anyone do it before this is the most perfect way to get people to stop talking to you that you don’t want to talk to if you do this I guarantee whoever’s talking to you will stop talking to you so I started doing this and I’ll be out with my friends we’re all dancing having a good time got our hot girl disguises on not in the mood at all to get hit on motherfucker can’t you see what have enough girls night we do not want to talk to you now don’t get me wrong 99.9% of time I will talk to anyone that comes up to me and I am super nuts you can ask anyone it’s a fact but as soon as your penis touches my butthole without me knowing then I’m not happy it’s like dance rape I do not want your junk grinding all up against my ass we do not know each other this is all happening so fast can I get pregnant from this so what do you do you walk away that doesn’t work though you can turn around tell the guy oh go away they don’t care and they hear stuff like that all the time so what I started doing is this guy comes up to you start dancing on you you turn around and you give him one of these now the trick is you don’t say anything the whole time you stand there Bruce it don’t change your face don’t look around don’t talk to your friends just stand there now most people’s first reaction is he’s gonna start laughing at you he’s gonna be like dude cut it out just stay in there then then I get a little angry they’ll be like dude your problem just trying to dance with you just stand there done they’re gonna say something like whatever you’re fucking weird and walk away I swear it’s like the greatest thing I’ve ever come up with you can use it for virtually any occasion for someone that you don’t want to talk to almost guy asks you excuse me miss can you spare a dollar no I can’t I’m broke as fuck and you smell like piss just thrown this one he does not want your dollar anymore knock knock knock on your door who’s that excusing this yeah to learn about Jesus Christ no no I do not like to pee on – Saturday how long’s this gonna take I got stuff to do sealing a nice personal I feel bad saying no just throw them the face for a while they’ll leave your house right away it’s awesome as long as you don’t care that that person will forever think that you are the strangest human being they’ve ever met in their life everything works out great you are welcome you