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Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] nice place uncle Maxima sometimes you do good what you wish for are you kidding stem chorus mucho da simply look at the solidus I woke up I am on these horse testosterone pills that make me a little bit agitated do not shoot anybody I will soothe you in the lorax that’s not a thing officer Children’s Day don’t make me use this oh my contact eye contact what are you doing Oh God you’re not trying to whoa no stop no I’m attracted to like really good-looking guys guys with like great faces and great bodies who are muscular and handsome and younger much younger than you and tall a lot taller I can teach you how to use your skills of seduction to get what you want feel your sexiness because you know what all the ladies are thinking probably it is thinking you must be great in bed I’m great in bed what I don’t pee or anything anymore [Music] you