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ah mama Mia Italy is probably the most admired and select country at the same time people love Italians and Italian culture and they are secretly jealous of us but they also make fun of us a lot rabitor papi maybe the ball bit of a bit of a bidet Italians are world famous for being loud been very kissy and passionate and moving their hands a lot for driving like crazy and for not respecting rules including the laws of Dimes however there is a specific set of rules Italians will always obey to this are the 20 rules Italians will never drink let’s start with greetings because these are very very important in Italian culture we’re very affectionate very passionate and we tend to kiss even people who we’ve never met before now there’s a very specific rule for the cheek kissing which is always start on the right – kisses in some region of easily cha-cha-cha Bella wah-wah and three kisses in other regions visit la la la in it – there is nothing like filter coffee or Americana of Italians have espresso literally drunk within 30 seconds done and a mouth it can be a quarter or ristretto which is basically like even shorter than espresso so after here or a lungo which is basically like a little bit longer if you’re asking for a latte in an Italian cafe you will get this because Latta in Italian means milk cappuccino is socially acceptable only and breakfast it is however acceptable to ask for a macchiato and makiato is actually an espresso with a little bit of milk foam and you can ask for a macchiato Caldor which is hot milk foam or macchiato friendo which is a cold milk foam complicating when toasting always always look at people in the eye eye contact it’s really important and good Italian wine is very important to let’s talk fashion for a second the number one rule that you should probably never forget if you visit Italy is do not under any circumstance wear white sauce Italians believe in the concept of food separation we don’t place it all in one plate which is why buffet don’t really work in Italy so you always start with antipasto which is basically the appetizer then you move on to a primo which is your entree if you want then you move on to a secondo which literally means second and that’s like your main dish really then you move on to Dolce which literally means dessert and that’s how you proceed not the other way around you can skip one if you want but you need to follow the sequence different meats should not be mixing in the stomach if you start with chicken you cannot go to B if you start with B if you cannot go to lamb breaking news bread is not an appetizer it will be there for the entire duration of the meal and you will not get butter or olive oil or about stomach with it plain amazing lovely Italian bread on your table so please enjoy as it is so once I went to a restaurant with an American friend of mine and she was vegan and we asked for vegan options the waiter was really confused very few places actually have vegan options in Italy it is coming like you know gluten free and you know these kind of things are coming to Italy as well now let’s look spaghetti for a second Italians do not and I repeat do not eat spaghetti with meatballs that’s an American / Disney invention from Lady and the Tramp but initially we have them with a range of different sources including ragu which is quite close to meatballs but it’s actually not we do eat meatballs but not with spaghetti another American invention is alfredo sauce and it’s not not something we do now absolutely carbonara sauce by the way does not contain any cream at all making pasta you have to add salt to boiling water like this thing salt and don’t forget me do not mess with Italian pizza do not expect chicken and pizza or crazy sausages or crazy pineapples of fruit you’re not going to be finding it there there are only two types of pizza crusts Napolitan means that it’s kind of raised and it’s more fluffy while Roman is quite crusty Italian salad is extremely simple it will be only served with extra virgin olive oil vinegar balsamic salad is supposed to be healthy and simple Italians are a bit I gene freak they believe that if they don’t wash everything of their body and hands and everything at any given time that will be contaminated by some strange extraterrestrial bacteria this is one thing we’re actually quite anal about the v-day it’s actually a bit of a play on word there after we always always always use the B day for some strange genetic reasons Italians are very very sensitive to temperature change anyway you would definitely be able to spot an Italian abroad because they normally wear a big bomber jacket also Italian women are not allowed to walk in public with wet hair why because they might catch a cold Italians are also obsessed with the draft having a draft at a restaurant is like the worst possible nightmare the wind is howling I will carefully select the table based on the lack of draft digestion is probably the most important process of your human body which is why it’s aliens normally after a meal they never ever ever expose themselves to cold temperature because that would block their digestive system we even have a whole range of alcoholic beverages Amy at helping you digest which is basically an excuse to drink more after a big meal and these are called digits TV so when you’re a kid and you go to the beach with the parents you’re actually taught that you are not supposed to swim for two or three hours after a meal because you could get congestion and die in the sea traumatising and these are the 20 rules Italians will never break I really hope you liked this video if you did give it a like and share with your friends especially those visiting easily very soon because it’s gonna be useful for them and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I also made another video which is here on Italian hand gestures so go check it out if you want to know more about Italian culture thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you next time with another one on mark up in a box videos this is Mark one stopper such as snow blah-blah-blah-blah-blah very expensive a DVD of chimp