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hello I’m going to show you how to block websites with no software at all we’re going to do is go to start all programs accessories and select notepad but right click on it and select run as administrator select file open type in the location where you want it to me so type in c c / window / system 32 / driver that’s each DCTC / post and press open this will pop up you would type in whatever you want it to be I’m going to put space the tab i’m block website you want i’m gonna block it for just being more safe you’ll have to type in it again i’m put www yeah yeah then you would press file say now when you go to an explorer my home icon it isn’t that it work if you don’t believe it let’s go to Google type in yeah there’s a link right here I’m let’s press it and it does not work to take it back you would have to do the exact same thing and come out to the host unselect the files and press file say restart the MX park in and here it is working exactly how was before thank you for watching and how to block websites with no software