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okay for a twist braid you just want to
separate the hair into two halves and
then you want to twist them in the same
direction. So I’m going to twist them
both to the left and then I’m going to
wrap the opposite direction. So you’ll
wrap to the right. So I continue twisting
to the left, wrap to the right, twist and
left, wrap to the right.
For a three strand braid, you want
to separate it in three equal sections.
First I’ll show you how to do a regular
braid, crossing it over at the top. So you
cross one strand over the middle, take
your outside piece, cross that one over
the middle. You see how the middle
I keep crossing from the right and
from the left, always switching the
middle. Now if you want to do a
Dutch version of this braid you just
simply put the strands underneath. So I
take my three sections and instead of
going over, you go under the middle and
then under, under, and under.
For a 4-strand 3d round braid, you’re going to take four strands of hair and I put it
in between my fingers like this. This is
section one two three and four so what I
do is I just transfer this to my other
hand. So I pick up section three I put it
in the first spot. I pick up section four
put in second spot. I twist the remaining
two, and put those in section three and
four of my other hand. Watch again: I pick up this
section here put in my first spot; last
section put it in a second; twist ; three
and four. One more time: pick up section 2 , goes in the first spot; last section:
twist like so, and all the way down.
For a five strand braid: we have
five sections of hair ;
Three here; and two.
I’m gonna start with the section has
three. So you see the middle piece?
You are always going to be crossing over
that in the end . So to start: you cross
your outside piece over the one next to
it , and under the middle. So now we have
three here. We do the same thing (again) outside piece over and then under the middle.
Outside piece over and then under the
middle. Outside piece over and then under
For a fishtail braid you just split
your hair evenly in half and then what
you do is you pick up a small section
from the outside edge of one side and
then you just cross it over to the other
side like so. Do the same thing on the
other side: Pick up outside section and
cross it over
Hope you enjoyed our top 5 braids! See
you next Tuesday! bye!
See you when!? TUESDAY!