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look 2020 is not going to be different
votes because you want it to be by the
way 2020 probably will not be different
just because you have an idea or you
learn some new information 2020 will be
different when you surround yourself
with the right people that holds you
accountable to keep you on track I’m an
extremely disciplined person okay like a
highly highly disciplined but I wasn’t
always disciplined
I wasn’t disciplined until I came out of
a treatment center and I had somebody
hold my hand every day I went to three
meetings a day for three years three
meetings in the first year I did 900
meetings I went to a meeting at seven
o’clock in the morning went to a meeting
at noon I went to a meeting at 7 o’clock
you know why because I didn’t trust
myself who’s honest enough to say I
don’t trust myself in 2020 look if you
don’t have that your financial situation
where you want it to be you should not
trust yourself how many of you do not
trust yourself you’ve got to be honest
with yourself folks the whole world will
lie to you the whole world has lied to
you you can’t stand in line and lie to
yourself too you can’t keep lying to
yourself you got to know what I don’t
know what I can’t do what I don’t trust
myself with you think the way you think
and I thought the way I thought because
of the people I was around every day you
need a new group folks you need a new
group ok this is what I want you write
down a piece of paper your mentors the
mentors you have to date
school church uncles moms dads friends
books you read did the people that you
have been around for costing you
millions of dollars your pastors job
bidding to make you financially rich and
your two friends can’t because they
ain’t done it themselves so you guys
that grab that mentor program today okay
you guys have grabbed the mentor program
you got a new guy in your court
it’s me it’s me okay I had nothing I had
I got a billion 1.5 billion dollars for
the real estate that I figured out how
to do it myself most of your dreams and
goals have been inherited by the
limitations of the people before you I
want to run a big good business I want
to make 100 grand a year I want to work
for myself I want to work for myself is
a dream that somebody around
you had and you’re like that’s right I
want to work for myself I can’t work for
anybody else I’ll work for myself do you
you can’t you don’t even work for the
people you work for
how you gonna work for yourself oh I’m
gonna throw down I’m gonna throw down
when I do it for me you ain’t got throw
down dude if you don’t throw down all
the time you can’t throw down some of
the time it’s impossible folks you can’t
be weak eight hours to today and all of
a sudden you’re freaking Hercules it’s
impossible I’m dangerous all the time
right you got to build that skill
between the age of 15 and 25 I was a
liability on this planet I was a
liability I was a problem if I was in
your environment between 25 and 35 I had
to clean my life up and I had to work on
getting me strong at 25 years old I came
out of a treatment center for drug
I had no money I just spent $28,000 to
being a treatment center for 28 days
best investment in my life one of the
best got me off drugs
I’m leaving the treatment center in the
guy says he’ll be back I said bro I
ain’t never coming back here I come back
here I’ll burn this place to the ground
okay never coming back here it’s like
you’re coming back here’s your problem
grant this is the counselor his name’s
Phil nobody knows feel says except feel
sense to me Phil says to me feel like
Larry her resentment how many be in the
room carry resentment I’m gonna show a
feel I’m uh I’m feel gonna see
me on the side of a bus one day cuz feel
said look you want to get rich you want
to write books you want to become famous
those things are gonna get you you’re
gonna use drugs again if you want that
stuff so bro I ain’t never using drugs
I’m gonna get rich I’m gonna get famous
people are gonna know who I am I help a
lot of people I’ll never use drugs again
okay he’s like no no the two don’t go
together you should be happy if you just
make it one day at a time for the rest
of your life without using drugs
it’s a bro the rest of my life ain’t
about me not doing something it’s about
me doing something