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Hi I am Iain fron Stocks Farm and today we are going to talk turkey ready for Christmas
this is one our Norfolk Bronze turkeys
this is about five and a half months old, its spent the last five months roaming through
the orchard picking up windfalls, eating the grass and a bit of corn every day
Our birds
start at around five kilos and go up to ten and just over
This is a medium size
turkey for us. This is about seven and a half to eight kilos dressed weight but that is the weight of the bird
once its been eviscerated so thats
been drawn all the bits been taken out from inside
and uh… it’s ready for the oven
some places sell turkey which they call them long legged which means
you are all the work left to do still
so that’s the wight of the bird with
all the innards still in it
We just charge by the weight
Today to speed up the cooking time
we are going to cut it into a crown, bone the legs out and roast them separately to the
breast meat which will speed up the cooking
time no end
and here is how we do it
First thing we are going to do is we are going to cut the
cutting around
the base of the leg
where the tendons are
so we are just going to cut down the
bottom of the drumstick
cut down to the tendons
cut all the way around the leg
so you are on top of the tendons
and we are going to scrape the meat back
just to expose these tendons and pull them out
and then get the carving fork
push it in and pull these tendons up
That is the tendons out. Now we are going to take the leg
We want to leave plenty of skin to cover the
breast to stop it drying out
So we are just going to follow down the inside
of this leg joint here
we just cut it
back against the caucus
right down
I’m just going to roll it over
I’m just going to pull
that joint out the socket until it goes click. That’s it
I’m going to cut around the oyster
get all that meat out of there
stoking the knife up against the bone
so it comes nice and clean
follow that seem all the way along
so it comes off
that’s the thigh
and the drum stick
Pop that turkey over there. So that’s the thigh
and the drum stick
that we’ve popped the tendons out of
and we are going to take the bone out
of this
thigh and drum stick
So we are going to bone the thigh out
take the meat away from the thigh bone
This is relatively easy to do
Like any of these tips

if you do struggle with it and you haven’t got a sharp knife
I’ll always be happy to do it for you at the market
Now we take out
any reminding
comes away nice and clean from the bone
Just let the meat pull itself away from the bone
So there is the bone
We are going to use the bones later
for the gravy
to make a nice stock
and then same with the tendons they will go into the stock pot together
So now we are left
with a nice
piece of meat
Now we are going to stuff the thigh with some of our sausage meat
this is orange , cranberry, sage and thyme it works
really well with the turkey
so he’s gonna we’re just going to pop this into the middle and going to roll it up
just put it into the cavity
just going to make a nice little parcel
to keep it nice and moist
we are just going to roll the thigh and the drumstick up
There is two ways you can do this
you can either string it up
or the most
effective way which is really easy to do is to do it in cling film This is easier than tying it up
I’m going to lay a
couple of pieces of bacon on there
then we will lay the turkey
skin side down on the bacon
bring the cling film over
keeping it nice and tight
push the meat in and make a little knot in the end
twist it around
push the knot up as far as you can
and the same on this side
squeeze all the air out
and then we make another little knot
That is our little turkey
and thigh portion
we are going to roast it in the cling film
but to protect the cling film we are going to put it in foil and then its ready to roast in the oven
We get a piece of tin foil
we need to roll it so its the shiny side in
so its radiating the heat back on in itself
It’s really simple just put the tin foil over it, make a little parcel
that’s ready for the oven
That is both legs done, wrapped in foil
We are going to put them to one side
and we are going to cary on doing the crown
then we will pop the legs in once the crown has had about and hour and a half cooking
Now we get on with
the rest of the bird
finish off turning it into a crown
So we are just going to cut down either side
and take this little bit of
saddle off
that’s a big bit of caucus that we don’t need

Keep all of the bones
and the giblets and make the gravy
So that is the turkey
We’ve just got the nice great meat there
We are just going to put some bacon across this to help keep it moist
season it up
pop it in a tray
and then we are going to pop it in the oven
just going to put the bacon across
the turkey this is going to help keep it moist whilst its cooking
weave these inside each other
to make it look a bit prettier
We are just going to sit it into a tray
like so
Going add a little bit of
water into the roasting try
a cup of water going in the bottom
Going to put a sprig of rosemary
Now we are just going to season it
just with salt and pepper

some cracked black pepper
going over the top of the turkey
a little bit of salt
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