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this leader I proposed for you to make
nice and beautiful bow for wrapping
gifts we need scissors ribbon and a tape
so let’s start we take our ribbon and
make a circle as wider will be a circle
as bigger will be ball we should to fix
with the tape
okay excess and now we should to roll it
you can make six seven eight roles as
morals as why they will be a ball
here we made eight rolls we have a
circle we should put it and it looks
like this
make rights nicely and now you should to
cut it Thursday
no and this one
we are live an approximate half inch
we should to pick this piece a strip we
are put in the needle and tie touch
after that when we fixed our ribbon we
can start make a bow we started from the
first hoop just pull and turn pull and
turn will come through three times and
do it from different sides when you have
four loops click them together take your
string and just fix it tied it to the
time and fix it down here
all right and we still continue pull and
tone oh you should just pull and strong
you should return two or three times bow
from different sides so we do like this
with every single loop pull and turn two
three times after that when all of our
loops are single a little fix their
women pull all loops we have nice and
beautiful ball for wrapping gifts