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Hey guys, ChrisFix here!
And today I’m gonna show you how to detail and clean a dirty
Neglected car like this that I just purchased for five hundred dollars
If you missed the last episode I’ll link it in the description,
I showed you guys how I bought this car for five hundred dollars. It wasn’t running or driving
So I showed you how to diagnose the issue and then how to fix it.
All together, we have four hundred dollars in parts and five hundred dollars for the car
So nine hundred dollars total and this car runs and drives beautifully but is very ugly on the outside
Look at this paint work. This paint work is shot. It’s oxidized. It’s faded. It’s all swirled up
So i’m gonna show you how to detail this and paint correct it so we go from this to this deep dark
Luscious dripping wet look and paint and just look at that difference
This paint is really bad, but we’re gonna make it look amazing. And the best part is you could do the exact same thing
i’m doing
After you’re done watching this video and we’re doing all of this at home by hand with simple common products like these
Nothing expensive that’s gonna break the bank
That way you’re able to go out and get the same exact results as this with your vehicle
So not only are we going to fix this faded paint and do a paint correction
But some paint work is beyond fixable like you can’t fix this
There’s no amount of buffing or compounding that’s gonna get this out
This is just down to the metal because of sun fade because it wasn’t taken care of
so i’m going to show you how to spray-paint this with a color correct spray paint so we could go from this..
to this!
Again at home in your driveway, so this is gonna be really awesome
But that’s not just it a lot of cars have this faded plastic on the wing mirrors or the faded plastic
That looks all gray down below on the runners or body trim and I’m gonna show you how to restore this plastic
We’re gonna bring this plastic back. We’re gonna go from this to this and check this out now
This will last at least
two to three years and i’ll show you how we’re gonna do that and that’s not all i’m also going to show you how to
Clean and detail wheels and tires and more importantly how to get those
Stubborn dirt stains the brake dust stains that get into the wheels how to remove that
So the wheels look good again, and then we’re gonna do some headlight restoration
The headlights are a mess on this the light output stinks
But more importantly i’m gonna show you how to get this done really quickly and put a coating
Here that’s gonna last around two years. That’s a really easy to apply. It’s not like spray painting where you can mess it up
I’ve been messing around with it
I think you guys are gonna like the results and then finally we’re gonna go and clean the interior of this car because it is
A mess it’s not comfortable to drive and we want to be comfortable driving our own car
Now a lot of you guys in the last video asked me in the comments
Where did you find a car for five hundred bucks? How can you find a project car?
So let me show you and it’s actually really simple to do this
All you have to do is go over to your computer go on to the internet and search Auto Tempest
This site is super helpful because it searches all the different used-car for sales sites in one search. That way you’re not wasting time
So let’s scroll down here
And now we want to put minimum price
200 or 250 because you want to weed out all the people who put
$1.00 that are looking for a trade or that are looking to part out their car. It’s just a wasted search
So make sure you put 250 for the minimum price
That’s a little trick and then 1,200 bucks for maximum price
A $1200 car is 90% of the time gonna be less than $1000 you always negotiate on these. Otherwise, everything’s good to go
Let’s hit search and check it out. Look at all these cars. Look at this a Volkswagen Beetle 700 bucks asking has
87,000 miles and something’s wrong with the charging system
that’s a good find but there’s a ton of cars here and you just look at the descriptions and you click on whichever ones that
you want I mean the list just keeps going and here’s the car that I ended up finding and it’s that easy to find your
Very own project car. He’s asking a thousand dollars. His description said that only the fuel pump was bed
So I went to go see it and I got it for 500 bucks. So there you go
Now you could find your very own project car that 250 for the minimum price is the trick. So make sure you do that
I’ll leave a link to this website in the description Auto Tempest has been awesome
Thanks so much for making the website and supporting the video
And if you’re looking for a project car, this is the way that I find mine
So let’s get back to detailing this Trailblazer. And the first thing we’re gonna do is fix the broken and missing interior pieces
So right here, we had that plastic trim missing same thing on the driver’s side
And finally, we have a center console which doesn’t want to latch
So let’s go and fix that so you can see the hook on the latch is broken off
so let’s unscrew these two screws that hold this plastic latch in and then out with the old broken latch and
In with the new one now tighten bolts screws down so they’re snug like so okay. Let’s try it out
Boom! Five dollars and thirty seconds later, We have a center console door that closes and that’s really nice
This would be a pain to drive with that open
So with that done and now let’s move on to replacing the door trim now installing plastic trim like this is super easy
There are four tabs that you want to snap in. So just get it aligned and
Give it a good push till it clicks
And that’s all it takes to install a piece of trim like that and same thing for the other side except on this side
We have a seat memory button that clicks in first and then we could push the door trim piece into the handle
So that it clicks in and just look at how nice this is coming along
We have both of our pieces of trim in we have the center console working now
Let’s clean up the interior
cleaning the interior and getting great results is simple first vacuum all the dirt out of the carpet then grab your favorite carpet cleaner and
Spray down the whole carpet next grab a plastic brush like this and agitate the carpet cleaner deep into the carpet
Brushing that carpet is going to give you the extra clean results that you’re wanting
So be sure to use the brush then grab a towel and wipe down
blot and absorb the carpet cleaner and all the dirt that comes with it and
Finally vacuum the carpet up once more to get any towel lint and any dirt that we freed up out of the carpet
and check out these results before and
After next let’s do the seat trim, which is covered in dried mud
So grab your soapy wooder (Water and dish soap) and spray down the plastic
Then clean it up with a paper towel and this is coming off pretty easy, which is good.
So here’s it before and after this is coming out so nice, and we’re doing quick and easy detailing nothing crazy
no super cleaning. So let’s do the other side and here’s it before and after and just
A little bit of vacuuming makes a huge difference
Now I cleaned the rest of the interior in the front,
let’s go head to the back and I’m going to show you the mess we have back here that we need to clean and
With a little editing magic boom. Check it out. Nice and clean
So with the interior all nice and cleaned now, we’re gonna clean up the exterior and this is gonna be really cool
We have this old faded paint. That looks horrible, and we’re going to bring it back
to life using a little bit of compound and polish. Let me show you how
Now before you do any paint correcting the first thing you need to do is clean the car
so spray it down with some water to get the dirt off then get some car soap on the car and if you don’t have
A foam cannon just use a bucket of soapy water. Then wipe down the entire car with a microfiber wash mitt,
make sure you work from the top to the bottom and remove as much dirt as you can then rinse down the car to get
All that soap and loose dirt off and finally dry the car so we could get started on the paint correction
Alright and with the car completely dry and clean let’s go and make this paint look
amazing! And I put a piece of tape right here
so you can see the difference between before and after so we’re gonna clean this side
we’re gonna keep this side the same way to see the difference. So the process is gonna be to use compound first
This is the most aggressive. This is gonna take off the most oxidized clear coat, but we can’t stop there.
Next we’re gonna use a polish. This is finer. It’s less aggressive and it’s gonna make this shine up really nicely
it’s gonna give it that polished finished look and then finally
We’re gonna put a protective layer of wax to coat our newly finished and shiny clear coat
So let’s get started with the compound and we’re using a microfiber applicator
Pad which is going to allow the product to be rubbed into the paint don’t use a microfiber towel because it’ll absorb too much of
The compound and it won’t work as efficiently
So just spread the compound out in a circular motion and then with medium pressure
Buff the compound into the paint and you can really see that oxidized layer coming off onto the applicator pad
So now buff off the compound with a clean microfiber towel and already look at that shine! Next, we’re onto the polish
So flip the applicator pad over for a fresh surface and add some polish and we’re gonna polish the same way
We did the compound. The only difference is the Polish is a more fine abrasive
So just like when you sand you go from a coarse grit to a fine grit same thing here and it’s super simple just buff
It into the paintwork using medium pressure, and that’s all there is to it.
Then we can buff it off with a microfiber towel, and the results you get from polishing are permanent
It won’t wash off with soap or water
And finally our last step is to use a sealant or wax to protect the freshly polished surface.
So wax on let it dry for two minutes, so it’s hazy and then wax off finally
let’s remove the tape and see the comparison. What a difference before and
After I can’t believe that look at this, look at this reflection on this paint and then look at the old paint
What a difference that is and that’s just a little bit of elbow grease
We went compound we went polished and then we waxed it and that is what we got
Okay, man, this looks so good. This car is gonna look drippin wet. Let me finish with the rest of the car
Hmm. Now this compounding polishing and waxing process is super simple, but it’s definitely tiring
You need a medium to heavy pressure when you’re compounding and polishing so doing this by hand is totally doable
But again, you’re gonna get a good workout in for the day. And take a look at this car
Look at how good this paint work looks it looks amazing
And I don’t know if you noticed but this truck is missing center caps
So for five bucks each, I got them from the junkyard and that’s much better
We’re still gonna have to clean those but right now it’s focused on the paint. Look at this paint work
Look at how awesome this came out
that is incredible!
I love it this transformation. I love seeing transformations like this
It’s so rewarding and it just feels so good to be able to do this yourself. Look at that. I
Love it. Okay, and one thing I did notice right here
You can see on this door trim right here is some chipped off paint
It stands out like a sore thumb because it’s white underneath
So let’s fix this and we’ll start by cleaning the chipped paint with alcohol
So our paint could adhere to the surface properly then get your touch-up paint and I like working from the bottom up
So we pull the paint up against gravity
If you start from the top down you end up getting paint runs, and that doesn’t look good
Also don’t set your standards too high when doing this the damaged area won’t disappear
But the idea is this is gonna look a lot better than if we left it
So a little touch-up like that makes all the difference. It’s not perfect. But I mean this bodywork isn’t perfect
Look, there’s little chips here and there and that’s just I mean, it’s a 500 dollar car,
It is what it is. But this is a million times better than what it was before remember. There’s that stain over here
It’s like a multicolor stain. That’s all gone. And this paint work is just shining like crazy. It looks amazing
Look at the reflection. It’s incredible. Now. This side was pretty simple to do the paint work was faded, but it
Horrible, and it came out amazing
But the other side is where we’re gonna have a difficult time because not only is the paintwork really bad like right here
But we have well almost non-existent paintwork you can see it’s all chipped up and we’re down to the primer
So what we’re gonna do here is paint this and we’re not just gonna paint this right here
We’re also gonna paint this door trim that I picked up from the junkyard off of a red trailblazer
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a black one. Our car only came with the rear door trim
Our front door trim was missing and it doesn’t look that great
It’s not a necessity but since we’re painting stuff anyway, might as well knock this out as well
So we’re gonna paint that and we’re gonna paint up there very easy. Let me show you what you need
Here’s everything you’re gonna need we’re gonna use sandpaper
We’re gonna sand stuff down make it smooth and then we’re gonna clean it off and then spray-paint it
I’ll show you the entire process. So let’s get started
So the first thing we need to do is figure out where exactly we’re gonna spray paint
Obviously we know we’re gonna paint up over here because we want to fix this but we don’t want to just have a hard paint
Line here and a hard paint line right there
You’ll see a big difference between the old paint and the new paint
Even after we compound and polish this this paint is still a little more faded than fresh paint
So what we want to do is we want to work with the body lines
We want to find a spot like right down here where it gets tight where we’re able to use this panel gap here and mask
This off we’re able to use this tight spot here and then blend it old paint to new paint
So you can’t really see a transition and if you do see it, it’s in a really small tight spot
So it’s not completely obvious same thing coming up over here obviously painting all this and then coming up right about here
Perfect. We’ll use this panel gap right here
We’ll mask this off and we’ll use this hard body line right here because you won’t be able to see a big difference between this
And this with a hard body line, you can’t see that paint line
So we’re using the contours of the car to figure out exactly where we’re gonna paint
So we’re gonna paint this whole top section right here up to here
So let’s mask this off and I like to use garbage bags, which I cut open to cover the rest of the car
So just tape down the bags and close the door and make sure you could accurately tape off anything. You don’t want painted
Take your time with this make sure the tape lines are straight and even and remember anything exposed is gonna get painted.
So now right here if we were just going to put a piece of tape right across it would create a hard tape line there
Would be an obvious line and it just wouldn’t look good
So what we do is take a piece of paper something that you could fold in half and create a rounded tape line
So we’re gonna keep this right here like that
And what that’s going to do is the spray-paint is going to roll over it and it’s going to create a smoother transition
that will feather in later on so let’s tape down our paper good and the last thing to do is covering the mirror like so
So those are some tips to make it really easy to tape everything up and make sure you don’t get overspray
so the only thing that’s visible is the part that we’re actually going to paint everything else is
Covered because if you don’t it’s gonna get overspray on it speaking of overspray
I moved all the cars down the driveway away
The wind is blowing that way so we won’t have to worry about getting paint on our cars now. Let’s begin sanding this down
so we could paint so let’s start with a hundred eighty grit sandpaper and grab yourself a kitchen sponge and the trick here is the
Sponge has enough play in it so that it won’t create a hot spot when you’re sanding
So wrap the sponge like that and the idea is you can’t press too hard in one spot
The sponge is gonna distribute that load evenly across the entire body panel and this makes it easier to send and get the smoother results
You want so sand down the entire rough surface until it’s completely smoothed out good and I can’t feel any bumps on the body panel
So we’re good to go now
We could wipe this down with some alcohol and move on to the finer 320 grit sandpaper
Which is gonna remove the 180 grit scratches and make it even more smooth then do another
Alcohol wipe down and let’s finish this off with 400 grit, which is as fine as we want to go before painting
This will give the body panel to smooth this we need but also have the 400 grit scratches
To allow the paint to adhere to the body panel now we could do one last wipe down of the body panel with the alcohol
And make sure you wipe down the entire panel that we’re painting and now we’re ready to paint starting with primer
Primers used because it adheres very well to the freshly sanded surface and it’s designed to dry to a smooth surface
So your color layer could look good
just make sure you don’t spray it on too thick but at the same time make sure you have complete coverage and
after letting that dry for a few minutes now we could spray on the color coat again use overlapping layers and don’t
Too thick or it’s gonna run after the first coat
Let it dry for a few minutes and then spray another coat covering the areas you might have missed then give it a few minutes
to dry and hit it with one last coat for a total of three coats after letting it dry for a few more minutes the
Last step is to add clear coat and when picking your clear coat make sure it’s the same type of paint as your color coat
And just like before spray light overlapping coats and let it dry for a couple of minutes and for the last coat
I like to slow down my hand and put down a slightly thicker coat
Finishing with a thicker coat is gonna have less orange peel when it dries
But be careful because you don’t want to make it too thick because then it could run and that wouldn’t look good
And with that last layer of clear check this out this looks so good
So we’re gonna go and let this dry and as we let that dry, let’s go and paint the door trim
now we don’t want to get paint on this so you could either tape it off or
Remove it and to remove it grab some braided fishing line, and I’m using 50 pound test
And what we need to do is push this line underneath the emblem and then move the fishing line back and forth in a sawing
Motion and this is going to saw the glue off from underneath the emblem
This is a cool little trick to get emblems off without damaging anything
And then once you get to the end
The emblem is free and you could remove it and that’s all there is to it now
Let’s send down the door trim with 400 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface
And give the paint something to bite on to then wipe it down with some alcohol to clean the surface and we are ready for
Paint so we’ll start by putting down some primer
so it covers the part completely then we can hit it with three layers of our black color coat and
Finally spray it with some automotive clear coat for that nice glossy shine and I think you guys see how this works
That’s all there is to it now. We just need to let it dry
Alright, so we let this paint dry for 24 hours and the outside shell of the paint is hard dust won’t stick to it
So now’s the time when we want to remove all this stuff and when peeling the tape away
Always peel at a sharp angle away from the part that you painted
So it creates a nice sharp paint line and the nice thing about using whole garbage bags is the cleanup is quick and easy
Now we have one last piece of tape to peel off
Beautiful. Okay. So with everything removed remember, this is 24 hours later
We want to do something that you probably won’t expect and that is sand our freshly painted
Surface with 5,000 grit sandpaper. And the reason why we’re gonna do this is because no matter how good you are at spray-painting
You’re always gonna get a little bit of orange peel
It’s not gonna be perfectly flat and you’re always gonna get a little bit of a haze
So we want to buff that haze out of it. So to start we’re gonna hit it with 5,000 grit
So grab your soapy water and spray down the sandpaper as well as the surface you’re gonna send then keep the sandpaper
Flat against the surface and use a medium pressure to smooth down that orange peel
You can even start with a thousand grit and work your way up to five thousand grit, but this paint came out so good
we’re just gonna start at five thousand and
another important spot that we want to focus on is right here where we have our new paint and our old paint we want to
make sure we blend this in so grab your sandpaper and send the new paint and
Overlap onto the old paint and this will help you blend it
so you can’t really see new versus old then wipe it down and see how it looks and
That’s all there is to it. Now. You can’t even see a transition between the old paint and the new paint
That looks awesome. And you can see this has a nice uniform haze
and now the
next thing to do is we’re gonna start from the front and work our way back and just compound and polish the car and
Just to remind you
We’re doing all of this by hand so you could get the same exact results at home with no special tools
So just like before start with compounding the paint and buff it in there good with a medium pressure on the pad
This paint is pretty bad on this side. So it’s gonna take a little bit longer
So don’t be afraid to compound the paint again good now we can move on to
Polishing same as before use medium pressure and buff the Polish into the paint then buff it off and finally
Let’s get a layer of wax on here to protect the fresh surface wax on and wax
Off and that’s all there is to it. Check this out. Look at this shine it is
Incredible compared to that old oxidized paint so you know how to do it you get the idea
I’m just going to show you a before and after on each panel as I go along so you don’t have to see the entire
Process and then I’ll cover what to do on this piece right here that we painted
So check out the difference on the front passenger door the rear passenger door and the rear quarter-panel
Would you look at this car? This is incredible. Look at the difference in this shine
Holy smokes. Wow, talk about a transformation. This thing looks dripping wet
Okay, so we have compounded polished and waxed everything down below and up top except the part that we
Painted we do not want to do anything to that until now
so let me show you what we’re gonna do first compound the new paint just like we did with all the other parts of the
Car and then polish the paint the same way we did before as well and we’re gonna stop right there
We don’t want to put a wax or a sealant or a ceramic coating on this yet because that paint is still curing it’s still
Breathing and we want to cure completely
You want to wait about thirty days before you put a layer of wax or anything like that on top here.
So just leave it compound then polish and we’re done and check this out. Look at this
Can you even see the difference between the two paints?
You can’t even see where the transition is between the new and the old paint new and old paint
It looks identical
This looks so good. And the same thing right over here can’t even see that paint line because it’s hidden in that body line
So that’s perfect. And this truck is coming out
Amazing now. There’s a few other quick things. We have the faded plastic
We have the wheels and we have the headlights that we need to fix up
So let’s get started with this faded plastic and turn it back to black now the trick to restore this and keep it looking good
For years to come is to use a ceramic coating like this
I’ve been messing around with ceramic coating and normally people put this on their paint
But what I’ve realized is it works really well on plastics and the trick is preparation of the surface
So grab some soapy water and a plastic brush like this
Spray down the entire surface with soapy water and use a brush to clean the plastic
You only want to use a brush like this if the plastic surface is textured if it’s smooth just wipe it down with a microfiber
but on a textured surface like this the brush is going to get into all those little crevices and make a huge difference in how
Clean you get it then hose away all the dirt
You just brushed up and finally let it dry completely
Now any time before your ceramic coat you want to make sure you rub down the entire surface with alcohol and that preps the surface
Now these ceramic coating kits come with everything you need
So let’s grab all that stuff out of here. And all you need to do is grab the foam applicator grab the microfiber towel
They give you and then you take your ceramic coating and you put a couple of drops right on the foam applicator. Just
Like that, just get a bunch on there normally with paint
you wouldn’t put this much but with plastic this is gonna absorb it a lot watch this and its
Crazy how much this plastic soaks up the ceramic coating also check out how good this is coming out
This is so simple
all you need to do is make sure you don’t miss any spots and you guys know I like comparisons before and
After look at that difference, this looks amazing and the best part is with the ceramic coating
This is going to be deep and dark like that for a long time and you can’t tell me that doesn’t look way better
It’s not faded anymore and it looks great, especially with our freshly polished car now
It’s not the only place you could use ceramic coating another good use is on the underside of door handles where it gets all scratched
Just buff a little bit of ceramic coating into here and look at that difference
The scratches are harder to see the plastic is darker and it just looks way better. Here’s it scratched up.
And here’s it ceramic coated
Now you could use your ceramic coating on tons of different plastics on your car like this wing mirror
And again, this will stay shiny. It’ll stay dark and this deep color for a long time
And I think you get the idea ceramic coating, which is normally meant for the paint. It works. Awesome on plastic. Trust me
You’re gonna love it. Alright, so now that we got our plastics all fixed up now
Let me show you how to clean those wheels first grab your favorite wheel cleaner and spray down the wheels
Then use a soft bristle brush to agitate the cleaner and remove all the brake dust and dirt on the wheel and tire
One tip is to make sure you don’t let the wheel cleaner dry onto the wheels. If it dries, it’s gonna stain them badly
So brush the entire wheel and then spray it down with the hose and just look at all that dirt coming off the wheel
Now while this looks pretty good I could see some standing that didn’t come off the wheel
So let me show you how to remove this see all that discoloration and standing in there
Even if we take a microfiber towel, and we try to wipe this away. It’s just in that paint now most wheels are painted
So that standing is embedded in that paint
So using the same exact compound as before
Put a little on a microfiber towel and buff it in there good just keep buffing it until the stain is removed
And check it out
all of that
Staining is now gone the slight abrasive in that compound removed it and your wheels look good as new now
Do let me be clear. This right here is not a stain that is damaged clear coat
You can’t remove that you can’t fix that
Well you can I have a whole nother video on it
But you can’t just use compound on here and it disappears
You actually have to sand this down and respray so for stuff like this, you can’t fix it
But for the standing that you saw over there, you could compound that out
Now the last thing I like to do to set these wheels off is use a low gloss tire shine
So spray it on the tire and this is actually an all-in-one tire cleaner and shine so it could get onto the wheels without
Causing any problems and then I like to wipe it off which gives it that
Perfect amount of shine and no chance of tire sling and not bad, right? I love that low gloss Sheen
It looks great
the tires look brand-new compared to a high gloss Sheen and
It helps with our high gloss paint that we just did because the wheel isn’t out shining the paint
So now we have two things left one
I’m gonna show you how to restore the headlights and then put a protective coating on there and
Two we’re gonna be putting our door trim back on the door, and then we are done
So let’s finish up and let me show you how to restore these headlights now to restore headlights
There’s a ton of different methods. You could go out and buy one of these headlight restoration kits. That’s fine
They work but what I like to try to do is not have you guys spend a ton of money
So we’re gonna use the same compound polish and our 5000 grit sandpaper that we’ve been using all day
So grab your soapy water spray down the headlights and then sand down the lens to remove any
Oxidation and just make sure as you’re sanding you don’t hit the paintwork here with the sandpaper
Otherwise you’ll have to buff this out as well. You could tape this if you want. I’m not too concerned
I’m just gonna be careful
so sand the lens until it’s uniformly hazy and then we can move on to the compounding step just like
compounding the paint buffed the headlight lens but use a little bit more pressure than usual really work it into the lens and then finally
Buff in some polish again
Buffing with some decent pressure to get those scratches out of the plastic and look at that. That looks so good
at this point if you want you could leave it but this haziness is going to come back in a couple of months because the
Sun is beating down on it and there’s nothing to protect it
But if you want the last at least a year and you don’t want to buff it every couple months
I’ve been messing around with some ceramic coating on the headlights, and I’ve been having awesome results
so wipe the lens down with alcohol and then get a few drops of ceramic coating on your towel and apply the coating to the
Lens making sure to overlap and wipe in different directions. So you don’t miss any spots now check out this awesome
Transformation and it’s amazing how clear headlights make any car look so much better
All right
So we have one more thing we need to do
And that is to install that painted door trim to the side of the car. So how we’re going to attach
This is on the backside. We’re going to be using some plastic emblem and trim adhesive
This will go right around the outside of this plastic trim
And then all we have to do is tape it in place and let it sit for 30 minutes
So let’s place this down on a soft surface
So we don’t damage the fresh paint and we want to clean the back here with alcohol where the adhesives gonna go now
Let’s add the adhesive and put a thin bead
We don’t want to add a lot just a little bit around the whole perimeter
the adhesive should get spread out when we press it flat against the door and it should look just like that now we want to
Clean the surface we’re gluing it to with you guessed it alcohol and to make sure the trim goes on level
I’m using some tape to help guide me. Also we need a couple of pieces of tape ready
That way we can hold the trim in place after we press it on now
You want to very carefully align this trim because we have one shot at this and once it’s aligned press it on there
So all the glue makes contact with the door finally, let’s tape the trim in place
so it doesn’t fall off and this needs to sit for 30 minutes to cure and while we wait we might as well glue the
emblem on which is way easier because it’s small and you can’t put this on crooked just make sure you press it in all the
Way so the glue makes contact. Alright, 30 minutes later, and this is dry
We could remove the tape now speaking of tape you can see the ends here
I taped off even more
Because the ends were starting to peel back a little bit and I wanted to make sure they were flush but now we can remove
The tape and carefully do this don’t just start ripping it off
Remember you have freshly painted services and also freshly glued surfaces and with that we are done
Look at this car shine. What a
Difference and let me remind you. This was a neglected non-running 500 dollar car and now not only does she run
But she looks amazing and the best part is you guys could do this at home yourself
I didn’t use any fancy tools or expensive products and I did the entire job by hand
That way you guys know that you could get the same exact results and speaking of results. Check this out
Check out this paint correction. This is
Incredible so from restoring the faded plastic
To touching up the paintwork here on top of the door to this entire paint correction the wheels the headlights
I hope you guys learned a lot from this video and if
you did remember to give it a thumbs up
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just like this and as always the tools and products I used in this video are linked in the description so you can easily find
It and get the same results along with that Auto tempest website. I used to find this five hundred dollar car
So you guys could find your very own five hundred dollar car