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How to Diet Like a Man. Ever noticed how guys can lose weight much
faster than women? We did, too—and here’s how they do it. You will need Strength training Protein snacks
Physical activity and self-forgiveness. Step 1. One reason men can drop weight just by ignoring
the Buffalo wings for a few weeks is because they have more lean body mass. But women can catch up by strength training. The more muscles, the faster your metabolism. To maximize strength training, use the heaviest
weights you can manage. Step 2. When women are stressed, they reach for the
sweets, while men unwind with a nice, juicy steak. The latter is the better choice, because protein
is more filling. Stock your pantry with protein snacks — hard-boiled
eggs, lean cold cuts, low-fat cheese. Step 3. Find a physical outlet for negative emotions–jumping
rope, hitting tennis balls, running a few laps around the track. When guys are upset, they’re more inclined
to shoot hoops than attack an innocent pint of mint chocolate chip. Step 4. Keep your diet simple by cutting out a few
things — the sugar in your coffee, your nightly glass of wine. Men don’t drive themselves crazy keeping
calorie journals–they just stop drinking beer until their belly deflates. Step 5. Stop beating yourself up when you cheat. Ever heard a man whine that he’s ruined
his diet? Of course not. He just accepts the fact that he polished
off an entire pizza and moves on. You should do the same. Did you know Men’s metabolism is 10 to 15
percent higher than women’s.