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to all my sin hair girls out there this was for you I got you hey guys welcome back to you at my channel so for today’s video I’m finally sharing with you guys all of my hair secrets believe it or not you guys I have really really thin hair which I will show you in a second I have receipts for you guys and nope I am not wearing extensions this is all real hair right here so in this video I’m gonna show you how I go from this to this I get questions from you guys on an everyday basis on how I achieve such full and thick hair when in reality I have super thin hair so in this video I’m finally gonna talk about it and finally spilling in the tea and you guys are gonna find out why my hair is so big because it’s also everything I do in this video everything I do to achieve such a big hair is so easy y’all are about to be sure I hope you guys enjoyed this video without further ado let’s do this also disclaimer just a little warning you’re about to see zero makeup on nothing in my hair it’s completely flat completely wet just got out of the shower and it’s not cute alright is what my hair looks like after just getting out of the shower there’s no products in it whatsoever and as you guys can see it’s really thin there’s no volume on top my entire life as a little girl I’ve always just had thin hair which is crazy to me because my brother and my mom and my sister they all have looks voluptuous they care and I’m just like why me so what I like to do after getting out of the shower I like to use two products and these are both from Garnier you guys have seen me use this before in previous videos I’ve been using these products for I want to say about two years now and they work really well for me so the first thing I like to do is spray the mega full thickening lotion all over my hair I concentrate on my roots first and then make my way down to the ends of my hair and again I’m really generous when applying this I’m not shy with it whatsoever not gonna lie sometimes I go too crazy with it but this product does a really good job of adding fullness and thickness to my hair next up I move on to the ends plumper and I do about two to three to four pumps of this the directions for this one it says to only concentrate this to the ends of my hair but honestly I apply it all over and this product goes hand in hand with the first product they both do an excellent job of adding so much volume and so much thickness to my hair so here’s what my hair looks like after applying two of those products again there’s a massive difference already you guys can see it I can see it everybody can see it at this point I can go two ways first way is to just let it air dry do my makeup and let it do its thing let it dry by itself but if I’m in a rush I like to blow-dry it so it dries a lot faster but today I’m gonna go ahead and let it air dry so I’m gonna do my makeup first and after I do my makeup but my hair will be all ready to curl and style we can make it all cute baked and volumize so I’m gonna go ahead and do my makeup and then I’ll be right back in three two one – spongebob a few inches late he’ll alright so I just got done doing my makeup and as you guys can see my hair is fully dry again I just basically let it air dry and as you guys can see there’s so much more volume to it and no longer look like a hard-boiled egg but we’re gonna go ahead and kick it up a notch and give my hair some curls so we can give my hair a ton more volume and give my hair some really nice voluptuous curls I’m gonna show you guys my secret weapon if you will so this is the Remington Pro pearl a curling wand if you guys follow me on Instagram my IG stories I’ve been talking about this I’ve been using a remington for as long as I can remember and I’m so happy they’ve partnered with me to do this video for you guys so thank you Remington for sponsoring this video and this right here is the tapered one and a half inch and oh my gosh look at the color it’s silky this one is so aesthetically pleasing you have the black handle and then this right here is baby pink the buttons are also baby pink so this wand right here is what I like to use everytime I curl my hair this photo of this photo of this photo this photo boom boom more more I pretty much used this curling wand every single day and is my baby it’s my secret so here I’m prodding the top part of my hair first so I can really concentrate on the bottom section of my hair without getting anything in the way and what I like to do is once the wand is heated to the temperature I like I like to face the wand upside down and curl away from my face as you guys can see I only left it on there for about three seconds and it created such a beautiful nice curl already so I’m gonna go ahead and just leave it there and then move on to the next and by curling away from my face this will instantly add additional volume to the top part of my hair which is where I typically like the most volume in and this trick always does wonders for me especially when I use the Remington pearl wand which is what I love it it also does an amazing job of keeping my curls and a volume lasting all day and all night like my curls legit lasts for days whenever I use the pearl wand and also I’ve used to curl in different directions like some away from my face and some towards my face which is fine but I find that it doesn’t give me the volume that I need in my life so when I started it curling in one direction that’s when I noticed the volume intensity so just keep that tip in mind the next time you curl your hair and see if it’ll work for you which I’m pretty low-key Heike sure it will but you know we all have different hair textures and types so that’s also something to consider also if you decide to purchase the remington pearl wand please be sure to use my discount code to save you money it’s only under $25 if you use my code which is such a great steal for such a good quality product so definitely check out the link in my description box and at this point i just kind of tousled my hair around it fluff it a little bit at this point I don’t even need a hair spray anymore as you guys can see it’s massive already it’s doing its thing and from here I just play around with it mess around with the parts for my parting it really depends on my mood sometimes I like it in the middle like this or I do kind of like a little Bing I don’t know it really depends on my mood and as you guys can see from the before there’s a massive difference and the best part everything I used in this video was very affordable very inexpensive and you have easy access to all of these products you can find them at the drugstore Amazon RI fam so that is officially it for this video thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this video again all of the links to all of the products I use in this video will be down in the description box below so be sure to check it out and I think that’s it be sure to come back in a few days for a brand new video and I love you have an amazing day and I’ll see you soon [Music] you