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through the great law of attraction
everything in life that I need for my
work and fulfillment will come to me it
is not necessary that I strain about
this only believe for in the strength of
my belief my faith will make it so
hi guys what’s up it’s Luca welcome back
to my channel I am so excited to be
filming one of my law of attraction
videos I think this is the fourth video
in the series so you haven’t seen at my
past three videos then I would strongly
recommend you watch them especially the
first one so won’t be confused about the
law of attraction if you have no clue
what it is
feel like most of you guys should know
because I’m always getting comments
about you thanking me for introducing
the law of attraction to you and it
really means a lot because knowing that
I can make a difference on one of your
guys’s lives means it’s so much in short
the law of attraction states that you’re
a vibration which is a combination of I
think feel and act will create your
reality there’s a lot of resources out
there explaining the law of attraction
and depth and I totally suggest that you
look into them I recently read a well
called super attractor by Gabrielle
Bernstein and I really really liked how
she explained things I wanted to
announce that I will be going live on my
Instagram on Sunday May 21st we’ll be
doing a lot of Attraction exercises and
a live meditation so I hope to see you
all there I’m going to talk about the
vibrational state scale of consciousness
so at the bottom there are feelings like
anger guilt fear shame apathy all of
those really negative emotions and then
we climbed even higher to the top then
it I think it goes courage and you start
getting into more of those like actions
emotion action based emotions like when
you’re angry that is actually moving up
the scale consciousness because at least
you wanna you feel a little bit of
action to do something right so it’s
just really cool kind of looking in
depth into that scale of consciousness
there’s a book called power versus force
which explains it even further but
basically after moving up the scale of
consciousness it is said that you will
attract everything that is vibrating at
the same level
of that of your consciousness I
personally don’t think you should be
afraid of being in those lower
vibrational states like if you’re going
through grief or if at times you feel
fear I think it’s so important that you
just accept that you’re human and you
are bound to feel those emotions the law
of attraction isn’t supposed to be like
the certain pressure that you need to be
happy all the time
as I was talking about the rational
scale of consciousness there are certain
activities that will bring you to these
levels whenever I am filming a video
that I’m really passionate about like
this one I don’t have a whole lot that I
plan to say because I want it to be
really natural and laid-back
and flowy and I’m actually getting into
a float state where I just feel like
information is flowing to me and through
me to you guys and there’s not this
pressure that I’m holding on to like I
have to be this or I have to do this I
have felt a lot of pressure like to be a
certain way you know not being in that
flow state which is one of the highest
vibration now is flow translated so
that’s one of the highest state so I
really would recommend that if you want
to attract a good life that it is so
important that you do and find your
passion and if you’re not quite sure
what that is just keep going in the
direction of whatever it makes you feel
the best and I wanted to also tell you
guys that every single thing that you do
on a daily basis it contributes to your
vibration we also adapt certain thought
patterns that can sometimes run
unconsciously you might have a belief
that you aren’t the type of person to
attract job that is really high-paying
or you may not think you’re worthy of
love which is you know not feeling
worthy is a really common thought but it
is not yours you have to understand that
your thoughts they aren’t yours you are
the observer of the thought and if
millions and millions of people are
having the same thought that they’re not
worthy even that obviously means that
it’s not just your belief you know like
there’s tons of people believe the same
time you don’t oh
I’m not enough because that’s just
something that your subconscious has
programmed to believe but you could
actually unprogrammed that by becoming
aware of the thought so I was talking
about how everything contributes to your
vibration that you may not even be aware
of yes we have the more conscious
activities that we can use to attract
like writing down things that you’re
grateful for or making a list of
characteristics that you want to attract
in your future partner I am in search of
an apartment right now or when I move
away a little scary but I have written
down characteristics that I want my
apartment to have I wrote everything
down on paper to make sure that I know
what I want I’m sending it up into the
universe but I also don’t feel this
desperate energy that I need to get it
or I’m not like constantly going on
Zillow and like checking you know so you
have to be like hardened and fun about I
have been meditating a lot more recently
because I have a lot more free time and
I’ve been really just becoming more
aware of my thoughts meditation is the
act of observing your thoughts and
therefore you are not becoming attached
to all of those beliefs of whatever your
mind is constantly running throughout
the day so that’s how you can be more
aware of your thoughts and move up the
vibrational scales
I’m sure you have a certain type of
music that you really like but did you
know that that music has a vibration as
I said in my first law of attraction
video everything is vibrating we are
vibrating so hard right now this candle
you know it’s vibrating it’s all energy
it’s all atoms we learned this in
biology I think yeah biology there’s a
long time ago music has a frequency to
it and certain types of music vibrate at
certain levels as well so rap music is
actually at a really low vibrational
level which is why I don’t really listen
to it as much and I found that as I have
been raising my vibration that I
actually resonate less with it I just
don’t really enjoy listening to it as
much it just doesn’t feel right it’s
because I’m not aligning with that
vibration anymore
for example classical music is the
highest vibrational music that you can
listen to I don’t personally love to
blast classical music in the car and
really just like bang to some Mozart I
do incorporate it more in my daily life
like if I’m reading I’ll play some and
I’ll notice I feel a lot more calm and
tranquil as opposed to if I were
listening to like Travis Scott and if
you like rap music it’s totally fine
it’s just something to bring it to your
awareness because the more you pan the
where the more you’re able to kind of
switch up your habits and your lifestyle
a little bit to accommodate you
attracting the life that you want
another thing you need to be aware of is
the food that you’re putting into your
body vegetables and fruits are really
high vibrational foods for example an
animal that was killed it has a lower
vibration to it and I’m not saying like
everything the one has really like vegan
or vegetarian it’s just something to
keep in mind you might notice that you
feel a certain way after you eat a nice
acai bowl and then maybe kind of feel
more light and energized and I a lot of
people tell me that I have a lot of
energy and I truly think it has so much
to do with my diet if you eat other more
heavier heavy foods then you might
notice you feel a little bit more
sluggish after you eat and your body
should be more energy to digest your
food and all about the next thing I want
to bring into light is what you say and
how you talk and how you react to your
life circumstances if you have always
felt a victim to life and maybe that’s
just a belief that your family members
have carried with
and it’s gone down to you now why are
you telling yourself and you were
agreeing to that thought every time it
comes into your mind that bad things are
always happening to you because that’s
creating the reality and bad things
always happening to you that’s why the
saying is you know the rich just keeps
getting richer in the poor get poorer
that’s true because it has everything to
do with what you believe is true about
you and the nice thing is once you
become aware of those beliefs you can
drop them gossiping is not good for your
vibration all right your higher self
hates that the self that is your most
empowered version of you who is closest
to that who you truly are your infinite
being we are all mortal spiritual beings
living into every year an experience as
I’ve said and the being or the essence
that is watching the thoughts pass your
mind you know you can hear your thoughts
and if you were your thoughts you
wouldn’t be able to hear anything you
would just be encapsulated by it so that
higher self it doesn’t like gossiping or
talking bad about other people I always
think of it in a way as life should be
you trying to meet your higher self and
just come as closer and closer as you
can to your most authentic natural being
filled with love and light and
positivity and all of that by doing
things that don’t feel as authentic to
that light inside of you like gossiping
talking bad about people complaining I
know I am such a victim of complaining
at times but complaining is literally
saying hey universe I don’t like what’s
happening to me right now so you know
what that’s gonna get you a lot more of
things that you don’t like so switch
your focus every time you want to talk
bad about something or complain that
make sure you just take a step back you
come aware of it and then let it
the people you surround yourself with
you really want to be careful with who
you’re hanging out with and if you have
a bad feeling about someone always trust
it I have ignored this gut feeling and
guess what it was right the whole time
it was my higher self saying Luca this
person is probably not so good for you
you start to adapt their same
unconscious behaviors you start adapting
to their thoughts the way they think how
they act if they’re gossiping you’re
probably gonna be gossiping too and that
is lowering your vibration and you are
not going to be taking a step forward
towards that highest version of yourself
if you are holding yourself back by
keeping yourself with those people who
you may feel comfortable with but you
also may be outgrowing that so if you
feel like that not maybe a sign that you
need to start focusing more of your
energy finding new friends and
attracting that using the skills that
you have acquired from these tips in my
last video last videos I should say it’s
the concept of letting go just a little
bit more I get a lot of comments that
saying Luca I don’t know why but the law
of attraction it’s not working for me
and I think it’s either one of the two
things one you are affirming that the
law of attraction of the work for you so
move away from that thought and just
direct your attention towards something
else secondly you may be putting a
little bit too much importance on that
which you want to attract you are saying
I really really want something and this
if I have this it’s gonna make me happy
why not just feel those emotions that
you want to feel from that thing right
now and it creates so much less of this
neediness to have the thing just so you
can feel a certain way just feel those
emotions now so you don’t feel this
neediness to have this thing in your
life to make you feel that way because
let me tell you it’s already inside of
right now it’s it’s already there I like
to do this thing where I listen to a
song that gets me my feels I just feel
all of those emotions that I want
thinking about that thing that I just
have in my life
and after that I let it go I don’t think
about it for the rest of the day I don’t
even think about it until I want to do
the exercise again because you just got
to have that trust and that kind of
free-flowing I don’t care if it comes
about because I’m already happy and I’m
already experiencing the motion it’s a
little bit more fun with it for me using
fluff traction has become a lot more
I’ve just been putting my desires out
there and if they come they come and if
they don’t I’m trusting that something
better is coming because sometimes we
don’t know everything right you can
still have that faith and a religion
while using the law of attraction and I
think it’s very important that you do
have some sort of faith in something
higher because it can be discouraging
when you don’t get exactly what you want
but you know the universe isn’t here to
give us exactly what we want all of the
time sometimes it has other plans that
make will make us grow more or give us
something even better so just keep that
in mind if you find yourself frustrated
with a law of attraction maybe it’s
because you can only see it within this
earthly consciousness that you have and
you don’t understand all of the
miraculous opportunities out there that
you may not even be aware of and you’re
just focusing on this one thing it’s
okay just let go let it go be more flowy
with it I hope this video was so helpful
for you guys if it was make sure you
give this video a thumbs up if you wanna
start using the law of attraction to
manifest your dreams your friends and
just have fun with it then send them
this video and you guys can talk about
it have a little fun with it share your
guys’s hopes and dreams I’m wishing you
the best of luck and all the happiness
in the world I’ll see you in my next
video I got so much back I think I’m
never running how you bust me don’t know
what it’s I don’t do this one loco hey I
got so much