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what’s going on everybody at the Obey
channel my name is best-in-class one of
the owners of obey I am a content
creator myself and I’m gonna be hosting
this RC so yes this is the Obey 2020
recruitment challenge this is your
chance to join tobei alliance as a
youtuber Instagrammer tic-tock ur clip
hitter editor or even a designer before
you skip ahead to the time code of your
section let me go over some of the main
rules for this RC also don’t forget to
drop a like if you guys are going for
this RC let me know any predictions in
the comments section of who you think is
gonna win
for more tips or updates about the Obey
RC follow our management team the links
would be in the very bottom in the
description and yeah let’s get into the
rules deadline is June 21st 2020 11:59
p.m. PDT you must join the Obey Alliance
discord server which is linked in the
description subscribe to the Obey
Alliance team channel link in the
description follow the Obey alliance
twitter all submissions and responses
must be filed through the Google Docs
form below all submissions and responses
should be publicly available you’re
allowed to enter the RC in multiple
categories which is actually recommended
because it’ll just make you more likely
to even get in the team’s you must have
a positive presence in all social media
platforms each section of RC has its own
Google Form where you need to submit
your response you also must watch this
full video to get you know properly
informed so yeah that’s basically the
main rules um as for content creators
for one you have to follow all the main
rules that I just listed each upload
during the duration of the RC must have
hash tag you shall obey in the
description tag obey alliance in your
Twitter live post as well as put hash
tag you shall obey in that post as well
you must develop one or more content
series that obey can utilize as a team
or an individual for personality based
content commentary is required your
submissions must be filed through the
content creator Google Form provided
below and yeah that’s pretty much it so
good luck to all of you guys once again
my name is best in class I wish you guys
all the best of luck with this RC and
yeah I’m excited to see who joins my
team next
yeah what’s more guys crabby here at
lies nose of HIV I am a part of the OB
management team today I have some news
to share with you guys we garden will be
a recruitment challenge if you guys are
on TEDTalk instagram here’s your chance
to do an obey we ask yard spamming to
both platforms with the creation of our
new tip-top page and posted more comic
on Instagram guys you know what they say
more content means you need more people
to create that content right so here’s
your chance to join guys I’m here to
give you guys the tips tricks and the
lowdown on
further ado let’s just start with
alright guys so I prepared eight tips I
believe will help you during the obey
recruitment challenge as a tick-tock
reader the very personal I believe will
help is don’t always be a trend follower
guys I do know trends definitely do both
built and SystemC on your account and
just help you get out there more and I’m
not telling you not to do trends but it
has to help it to try to be original do
some ideas try to be that trend setter
Dawn’s you’d be surprised and take that
you try that when there’s no idea and
they took potentially problem the second
thing is you see what I’m doing right
that was awkward right don’t stare at
the camera okay so the reason is because
you want your content to feel as natural
as possible you want it to feel like
it’s going so yeah some ideas
the third thing which I feel like should
have probably been the very person I
talked about with my tips is post more
than Clips guys it does not take much
effort to repost a push book for a
nightclub the stream clubs whatever you
have a Napoleon I wanna see more effort
put into it you’d be surprised
whatever sketch you guys are pleased and
that’s crazy to my next point keep your
content game ease and then the day guys
obey is a huge organizations I don’t
want to post like and stuff like that
we’re all gamers you know today
highlight that let reflect that in your
content like that we’re 15 I have to
share guys is try to post more than two
times with you guys I know it’s not easy
to post content but what tik-tok I
definitely think the ideas are endless
you know don’t be afraid to post more
than twice a week but I definitely want
to see some sort of consistency as far
as posting them often well remember this
guy’s quality over quantity okay the
sixth thing I have to share is collab
clap clap as I said we are starting to
obey to the top page and you know I
won’t be having the Freitas collab with
each other so we haven’t fought before
get used to it don’t be afraid collab
guys you’d be surprised what ideas you
come up with other people and support
your friends I just said a recruitment
challenge is a great time to want to
have fun with your friends and just
grind together
so definitely ticked off is a great way
to do that trust me the second point I
have is energy energy is key guys let me
just tell your energies withdrawals your
viewer in withdrawals your audience int
and the final point I have to make with
tick tock is don’t focus on the numbers
with any platform I can definitely tell
you his numbers will drive you crazy
trust me guys enjoy the process enjoy
the ride the numbers will come so that
is my 8 tips I have to share with you
you guys have any questions you guys can
always reach out to me I’m always down
flat but as we said squats are important
slap slap slap have fun with it
this routine challenge go all out guys
finally we have Instagram guys so for
you guys on Instagram what I will say is
this we’re not interested in seen clips
we post it on Instagram what I would
have to say is this pretty photographers
videographers models and flown to
cinematographers this is a really great
opportunity to work with an organization
who is taking steps into becoming more
than just a gaming org
but more of a gaming and lifestyle
organization you want to be a part of
your guys’s story as well so with that
being said be sure to tag us on
Instagram I filled a Alliance ties and
use the hashtag new job a we look
forward to seeing you guys as content
and I’m highly excited to see what you
guys come up with on Instagram and the
steam your eyes is posted your neck well
guys that’s gonna be all for me
regarding the bee recruitment challenge
I hope you found this information to be
very helpful and I wish you all the best
luck have fun and keep in mind see guys
you have nothing a little bit more to
gain there’s been debate driving I’m out
hashtag you show it you know what is
going on guys this is obey Cody here as
you can tell I’m not at my house right
now I’m actually traveled like 14 hours
to go visit agony twins so I’m not at my
own setup or anything like that but I
definitely wanted to to help out with
this RC video so this is a good way for
me to introduce myself to I’m the last
PC player to get recruited to obey at if
you guys don’t know who I am that’s
that’s the introduction of of Who I am
that being said a lot of the the PC guys
are this everybody who’s playing snd
like I’ll definitely be checking out
anything that you guys are doing in
search-and-destroy I’ll go over a couple
of the rules for the streamers that are
gonna be participating in the are see if
you guys are tweeting out your stream or
anything like that just make sure using
a hashtag you shall obey in the tweet so
then it’s super easy for anybody who’s
going to look at it in your title of
your stream if you guys are streaming on
just make sure you keep the the hash tag
in there as well so then like whoever
like say for me for example if I want to
go see who’s
going for the RC I can just easily type
that in twitch and I can see anybody
who’s going for the RC it makes it very
easy it’s open to every platform every
every platform any console any all
that’s crap obviously anybody can go for
it anything possible I don’t even you’re
playing on a Sega Genesis to that it
doesn’t matter to me have a consistent
streaming schedule is also really
important for anybody who’s going for
like if we see like on certain days
that’s the same person is like being
super consistent then it makes it really
easy to to find who who really wants it
the most although all the basic stuff
that you guys probably already know like
just like if you if you’re focusing on
building like a nice community like just
like your own personal brand and your
own personal community is definitely
something that the leadership Idol Bay
is gonna be looking for I’m definitely
excited for anybody going for I know
it’s exciting for probably you guys do
it gives you something to go for and it
gives you a little bit of motivation so
yeah that’s gonna be it for me good luck
to anybody going for it and have a good
please good luck to everyone face agony
here I’m getting back on my setup I just
was like Cody recorded while he visit um
good luck to everyone there you know but
he’ll probably be letting me know who’s
doing good and who I’ll be watching I’ll
be watching a little bit here and there
guys so yeah good luck what’s going on
guys my name is consequence and I am a
fortnight content creator for obey now
unsurprisingly enough there’s a ton of
people that want to join no BAE so I’m
here to tell you guys the main rules and
how to join as a fortnight player
firstly you got to follow all the main
rules if we tell you you got to do
something you better do it but I think
that’s pretty self-explanatory firstly
you need to include the hash tag you
shall obey and either the title or the
description of your final response you
are allowed to add music to your final
response but do not add effects or edit
the clips in your final response video
also we want to see what you’ve done
recently so far your response with your
best three clips from the past three
months also if you’re going to be a part
of a BAE we want to see you repping it
in your final response to put the Obey
intro which is linked below in the start
of your final response also this isn’t
required but you might as well just do
it cuz we want to know more about you
and why you want to join obey so let us
know more by yourself and why you want
to join the team if you want to do this
and add a commentary after the clubs
don’t do it before the clips you want to
see the clips first because that’s
what’s really gonna get you in the team
now for this your submission and your
response must be filed through the
players forum that’s below so after you
have done all the other stuff just make
sure you do that and boom you’re good
now if you’re looking to join as a
fortnight player this is for you
now we just spoke about the main player
rules and requirements above so you’re
gonna want to follow that to begin with
but we want to see a cop
elation of your best creative and public
moments so just a bunch of your best
moments put together in a video however
all the clips need to be hit during the
time of the Obey RC so if you have
something from like Season 5 just that’s
not that’s not making it I’m sorry you
also have to have obey in the title of
your response well so they can’t be set
up no AI lobbies no BOTS lobbies nothing
like that you want to see authentic
clips and they have to include one of
the following options either yso in the
front of your epic name meaning you
shall obey default skin and season two
or three battle paths back wing or just
season two or three battle past back
plane and a default pickaxe so yeah I
hope you guys enjoyed that good luck I’m
excited to see all the clips and all the
four and I caught that that comes out of
this I’m also excited to have some new
teammates before oh no setup clips
please what’s up guys obey Mitch here
I’m gonna be talking about all the obey
recruitment challenge rules for Call of
Duty players so first of all all the
previous rules also apply to you guys
any Call of Duty’s allowed old gen new
gen any platform PC Xbox Playstation
every clip needs to have the clan tag Oh
a and if you’re going for any other
challenges or sniping showdown or
anything you can also just put o at the
end of your clan tag if for whatever
reason you can’t do a clan tag or it’s
gonna split your feet or something like
that you can also put a a clan tag in
the creative class ok snipers especially
you modern warfare snipers listen up no
reverse boosting I repeat no reverse
boosting also no modding is allowed
whatsoever but just to be clear clients
like I w4x plutonium mw3 all those
old-school call duty clients for PC are
allowed the only acceptable modding for
this recruitment challenge is if you’re
kicking a hacker trying to kick other
modders or if you’re a PC player playing
one of the old Cod’s that aren’t
populated so basically if you’re doing
anything that gives you an unfair
advantage over other people in this
recruitment challenge you will be
blacklisted and disqualified and guys
you should know I am a professional
hacker so if anyone is hacking I will no
I will find you and I will kill you and
for any tricks routers out there trying
to join obey Alliance make sure you’re
not doing any setup trick shots make
sure you save the entire gameplay so we
can see it’s not set up Shawn’s shake
package is allowed I repeat shake
package is allowed so for your final
obey recruitment challenge response I
want you guys to upload a youtube video
including all the best clips you hit
during the challenge it can be sniping
pub stomping nuke streaks trickshotting
whatever anything that’s cool anything
that’s entertaining I set it for the
last recruitment challenge I’m gonna say
it again
I want these final response videos to be
very entertaining I want to watch it all
the way through
so use this recruitment challenge is an
opportunity to try and improve your
content attract new viewers to your
channel and also if you’re actively
uploading throughout this recruitment
challenge that’s definitely gonna
increase your chances of getting
recruited and the same applies to
streamers guys you know there’s no point
in really being a pubstomp or a Call of
Duty best player ever if you’re not
making YouTube videos or twitch stream
you know what I’m saying it’s 2020 like
obviously the clips are gonna go into
team colleges and everything but you
will greatly increase your odds of
joining if you’re streaming uploading
just actively creating entertaining
content that audiences want to watch and
for the final Youtube upload I want you
guys to upload it with the title you see
on your screen now including your name
obey RC response and hashtag you shall
obey but yeah I think that’s everything
that’s gonna wrap up the video hope you
guys enjoyed and good luck to everyone
participating we’re very excited to pick
up some fresh faces to obey Alliance
just use this as an opportunity to grow
your brand have fun if you’re enjoying
yourself the audience will probably be
enjoying your content feel free to tweet
myself at wasd Mitch everyone else in
this video and the Obey leaders don’t
spam us they’ll only tag us if it’s
actually hitting something good but yeah
thanks for watching guys good luck have
fun and hash tag you shall obey hey
what’s going on everyone my name is
aiwei Nexus and now we’ll be watching
your obey RC veteran and csgo content I
will be going over the rules for the
csgo and veterans clip haters yeah this
one is both for csgo empire and follow
all the main player rules and all the
requirements above ya the title of your
final response should be your name final
obey or see response hash tag you shall
obey yeah create a compilation video of
all your best years go or veteran clips
yeah this rule is for felons as you guys
know veteran is a new game so all the
clips you have hit before DRC are
allowed to be used in your obey RC
response yeah this one is for all the
series go gamers out there all Chris
must be a during the duration of the
obey RC challenge and all clips must be
includes y as o as a cleanse AK
I wish you all the best of luck guys and
don’t forget aim for yet I will be
watching hey what’s going on everybody
my name is obey avium and today I’ll be
going over the editing portion of the
Obey recruitment challenge we are
looking to pick up quite a few editors
from this recruitment challenge and that
includes montage editors sniping editors
and content editors so if you fall in
any of those three categories make sure
you go for this and also I just want to
make this very clear
obey does indeed pay our editors if
that’s the only reason why you’re going
for this recruitment challenge then
don’t go for it all I want people who
are wanting to beat in obey or obey and
not just the paycheck alright since
that’s all the way let’s just get
straight into the rules content editors
for content editors I want you guys to
go down below and click on the link that
link will bring you to a forum and I
want you to fill out the form I want you
to link your portfolio and then after
that I want you to provide a brief
description about yourself on why you
should be a part of obey after that all
you have to do is click the submit
button and you’re good to go for
montages typing editors I want you to
ask either use the obey intro or the
obey logo provided down in the
description I want there to be one
response and max per person so that
means to go all out on that one response
the Edit must be at least 45 seconds
long and I do not want team intros
counting towards that length so that
means I don’t want 20 seconds of it
being the Obey intro and then another 20
seconds of it being like editing team
intros and then five seconds of clip
edited you know I want 45 seconds of
solid editing please use the clips
provided and you might use other clips
if you’d like but if you are going to do
that please use at least two cliffs
provided in the drive after you have
finished response make sure you upload
your response to your YouTube channel
and put a hashtag you shall obey in the
title after you have a response uploaded
to your YouTube channel
I want you all like to go down the link
below and click on the forum for montage
editors once you’re in that forum I want
you to copy and paste link and click the
submit button and you’ll be good to go
the three things I’m looking for in a
monocot riveter include the execution of
your edit the flow and the quality of
your intro sequence one other tip I can
provide is manage your time wisely I
don’t want to pick up editors to obey
you spend months on a project
should be done in weeks okay we need
reliable editors who can meet deadlines
if you guys have any questions regarding
the editing portion of the RC make sure
you reach out to me on Twitter my ad is
a ppm FX where you can reach out to
stolen my co-lead editor and his at is
at obey stolen on Twitter make sure just
reach out to as DMS add us on Twitter or
whatever or you can leave comments in
the comment section and I’m sure I’ll
see it anyways that’s gonna wrap it up
to the editing portion before the Obey
recruitment challenge it has then your
boy obey a vm and i’ll catch you guys in
the next video later hey I’m George I’m
a graphic and motion designer for obey
this is what you need to do for the
design section of the recruitment
challenge post your work to Twitter
using the you shall obey hashtag and are
as many times as you want with any type
of style medium or creative outlet you
feel represents you and your strengths
as a designer feel free to make any work
for the members in obey just know that
making something for a specific member
or designer won’t increase your chances
of winning the challenge lastly you need
to submit a response through the Google
Form provided below that’s it five