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welcome to Ryan’s world Ryan I don’t
know what happened I just left my bread
out for a few weeks and now it looks
like that Kabul this is definitely not
safe to eat I think you should throw
this away
good idea Ryan yeah I wonder how bread
gets moldy I’ve an idea I’m gonna put
bread in different places and then you
can see which one’s the most motifs and
the Beasties good idea Ryan I’m gonna do
the same thing okay
first Oscar grown-up for help
my brother Brown is my mommy
yeah next put your bread into a ziploc
bag and then seal it super super tight
the first place I’m gonna put it in is
then you do the same thing add some
water and the second place I’m gonna put
it is outside this brightest and side in
the Sun by my bread I’m gonna check on
you later surface is going to be in the
dog haha
Bradley Brennan I hope you’re not scared
of the dark mr. Brady nothing ever
happens my next friend is control we’re
gonna keep it on the counter
now tell the people around your house do
not eat your experiment because moles oh
well you see if different locations
create mold on bread I’m gonna see if
different fluids create molds on bread
that’s right so we searched all over the
house and we were able to find some
bread some oil some salt and some sugar
all right this experiments gonna rock Oh
but always make sure you got an adult
combo crew so first we’re gonna take the
salt and put it on the bread here comes
this salt combo look wait a second we
gotta put our goggles on face great idea
safety first now let’s start with the
salt ready that’s a lot of salt combo
yeah that’s not going to work
oh I know let’s add water oh right now
we have salt water we’re just like the
salty bread is done next we’re gonna
take the oil and put that on the bread
right so let’s see who this is really
heavy whoa and oil is done and finally
we’re gonna put sugar on the bread so we
already have waters now let’s add sugar
woah that looks super sweet sugar water
this one’s my favorite sugar water bread
is done and a seafood you get the soggy
bread and look at that and next we’re
gonna put water on bread alright breathe
fresh water straight from the sink
oh that’s a great idea and I mean we
just got this out of the kitchen Steve
so how easy is that
yeah soggy bread doesn’t look very good
super soggy alright let’s see if we can
get this really soggy piece of bread in
this bag in one piece oh it was so soggy
we did it that looks perfect you know
what else we need combo what’s that Bri
a piece of bread we don’t do anything –
oh yeah the control of the bread and now
we only have to wait oh wait
see you later Bri bye
a couple weeks later okay Carla I think
it’s time to compare brand results how
did yours
Carlo what happened to Oliver bread no
we’re gonna have to check the security
Oh what happened a raccoon was just
hungry and ate all of our bread
it’s okay anyway that was old bread
breathe you’ve got safety goggles and
gloves on now I do that’s great we don’t
know what this mold is dangerous or not
so it’s better to be safe now this is
just the regular bread it didn’t have
anything on it and it doesn’t seem to
have any mold at all wait a second
there’s a print on this bread so the
raccoon didn’t eat it he just stepped on
it next one let’s check out the sugar
bread well what’s left of the sugar
bread there’s not very much apparently
this raccoon really had a sweet tooth
but it does look like there’s some mold
in the bag so I think that the sugar
water definitely molded the bread but
what about the salt bread Bree it looks
like the raccoon really likes this one
too but from the looks of the bread that
we have left it doesn’t look very mouldy
okay so how about the only one not that
one do well combo let’s see
whew okay this one looks really gross
it’s got all different colors and mold
it looks like some black and some green
and some white mold I don’t know what
that is but I’m really glad that I have
gloves on for this piece of bread oh
this one this is our bread with water on
it is really gross actually it is so
the raccoon didn’t even want to eat it
oh man I can’t even tell which one did
the worst buy the raccoons didn’t even
eat the one with the water so it must
have been there that means it’s
inconclusive combo and don’t forget to
do this project with the help of an
adult that’s right make sure you ask an
adult because we don’t know if this
stuff is dangerous or not so it is best
to be plenty safe use lots of safety and
when you’re finished make sure you clean
up really really well you wanna look at
my little tombow hold on three Ryan sent
us here’s moldy bread Oh Bri check out
that bread it’s a good thing we’re here
in the lab it is a really good thing
that Ryan asked us to look at the
results because this bread is really
really gross and it might be dangerous
okay well let’s see which one of these
did the worst huh I already see one that
looks super bad okay so let’s start with
the one that Ryan put in the fridge this
bread looks perfect
oh right now the one that was outside oh
that’s so good it definitely has some
stuff growing right here in the center
lots of stuff the one that was in the
dark scary I don’t even know what all is
growing on this thing oh okay well just
put that down now the control bread this
one doesn’t look so good either it has
all sorts of mold growing on it you got
bread Super Bowl
I think that this experiment definitely
shows the fridge is the way to go yeah
and out of what was left over for my
experiment the salty one did the best
well everyone that’s it for our moldy
bread experiment and remember you can
try this at all – thank you combo I
learned a lot about how to keep bread
not moldy bye thank you for watching
remember I would say happy a rise up by
hopefully you’ll learn to