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but let’s say we’ve been dating for
about three minutes and I’m ready for
the next step so I’m up here I just got
out of the basketball court go down
wipe it off your face rubber duckie
rubber duckie upper brother my name is
Jack and you guys are about to watch the
cringes video you have ever seen by far
this is Gabrielle’s idea I don’t want
anyone watching this video to even
consider the thought that this is my
idea cuz it’s definitely not this is
Gabrielle’s idea so I’m just putting it
out there I was and I was like do all
people kiss the same do people like know
how to kiss I don’t know they’re like
wait I remember the first time I tried
to kiss him I don’t even know wait what
do you mean by that
I was nervous cuz I didn’t know if I
knew how to kiss so this is the thing
though I don’t even know how you’d film
this video that’s always been second
nature to me I obviously been making out
with women in my whole life it didn’t
matter if I was 12 and they were 45 I
was still doing it they come over with
their Louie Vuitton bags I hate my
husband I’m telling you I’m telling you
the truth no I’m not but you better
believe my fantasies would have said I’m
gonna stop talking
but guys guess what once again I’m just
saying this is Gabrielle’s idea this was
not that’s best content some people will
be commenting on our videos you guys are
running out of video ideas something for
one no we’re definitely not but also um
trust me I have some I have some fake
mmm I have some fantasies in my head
that you guys would love to hear about
yeah but you got telling me to quit
talking whenever you please just don’t
you’re my you’re my guy yeah anyways the
reason why I was suggested in this video
is because one of our I first started
talking to Jack
I was nervous cuz I thought I didn’t
know how to make out or kiss cuz Jack
was really the first guy that I ever
like really made out with we’re like you
know cuz we’ve been together five like
not dating five years but we’ve been
together five years dating like four
and so we were I was 15 you know 14 no
15 babe this is not like rocket science
I’m sorry sometimes I forget it’s been a
long time that we’ve been together but I
was just really really nervous about
messing everything up because you know
kissing is like your first impression on
someone and what’s not but it’s like
maybe someone I ever over here wandering
out of a kiss never I know but it’s not
a bad kisser that’s kind of like it’s a
way to it yeah I definitely can ruin the
experience trust me everyone I like I
was saying it’s like 45 year old women
with we’re just not gonna let him talk
anymore during this video except for
what I’m just saying I’m just saying
yeah okay this is what I’m asking
Gabrielle how do you film this video do
we start making out what do you want to
do should we give some tips like before
hey you’re the one I wanted to do this
video I don’t know I’m not I was just
like Doc let’s film this video we’re
gonna do this and we didn’t really think
about it we just kind of really no I had
no idea she didn’t think about it
I have no idea what we’re going to do
I’m clueless but just judging by what
the video is called I’m I mean I’m
assuming I’m gonna have a good time
yeah yeah I mean so like Bert I did I
was gonna she had fish for dinner all
right yeah I got Ralph yeah Oh first tip
make sure you mouthwash before you kid
not when I’m gonna give tips on how to
kiss someone that’s why okay but that is
a very important thing if you’re gonna
get up close and personal with someone
all on someone you want to make sure
your breath smells pretty decent duh if
it does it have a little more obvious
information okay is that what we’re
doing is that what we’re doing how do
kids yes we’re doing how the kids first
mouthwash are you serious
okay I agreed to do this video out the
kindness of my heart I did not expect to
be roasted and exposed as Isaac you
burped in that I was like all right I’m
gonna go mouthwash Gabrielle you okay
say whatever you come back we’re making
out I’m good with that
anyways so first thing make sure your
mouthwash to make sure that the other
person is like on the same wavelength
says you don’t want to just let go
for the kiss and they they’re going for
the hug is that it’s awkward like a hug
kiss woohoo she wants to be friends here
wanted to be more than friends and then
also another tip for kissing make sure
it’s at the right spot like if it’s your
first kiss with her you don’t want to
her parents too you know Oh mm-hmm
it’s also a really good way to check
girls up yeah we got real talks too much
you guys know it you’ve seen the way I
edit my videos more than 15 seconds of
Gabrielle speaking not happening no way
there’s I’m letting that fly
Gabrielle be literally talking about
whatever random objects behind her that
sparkles this is like this is Gabrielle
vlogging within 15 seconds ivy Emmys are
grabbing the camera or I’m Lily just
telling Gabrielle stop like or I’m doing
that to that face I like to do in
Gabrielle assessing that no one can
comprehend like I’m just saying this is
about how to kiss first things first I
feel like the guy should explain it
shouldn’t you be the one extra okay I
can’t not yet yeah I thought this was
types I didn’t know what I don’t know
what we’re filming so this is how to
kiss a girl okay how’d it kiss a girl or
how to kiss a guy yeah I mean I know
both yeah that’s the perfect example of
Gabrielle doing that thing where it yeah
yeah yeah I disagree at my grandma died
yep yeah I was there I watched yeah Oh
like what what are you talking about all
just kiss me so it’s a lot of pressure
I’m brilliant because she’s so short
birthday so when you’re kissing a girl
fingers in the nostrils Oh why’d you do
that why did you do that babe don’t do
that again never do that again
why not it was fine all right it’s clean
I’m never washing this hand again okay
so I don’t know how to explain this know
that this being so stupid and cringy
yeah I know some of my friends from high
school are watching this mime appearance
maybe I’d like to take this moment to
yeah okay well alright so when you’re
kissing a girl you have to take the lead
okay because you don’t want that weird
thing that almost just happened to us
where you when you’re kissing someone
they go the wrong way or they go the
same way ruins the whole thing so you
have to be in control I like to use my
hands I big I have big hands but they’re
very feminine looking you know I’m
saying I don’t know what they had to do
with anything but basically I like to
grab Gabrielle like this okay not like
that might give up the wrong the idea
that’s that sometimes that sends the
wrong signal so you want to hold him
like this
three fingers in the back but I don’t
want you when you’re about to kiss a
girl I don’t want you to be over here
like checking your notes before about to
make out like okay it’s like three
fingers three fingers okay go behind
that okay so three fingers go behind the
oh this one goes behind the ears right
three fingers behind the neck one behind
the ears does that make sense you guys
can kind of see that and then one right
here this is so that you can guide them
okay so like like you can like hold
their face and go now just came that was
really inappropriate I’m sorry okay so
you hold the girl like this right so now
you’re in control you know where she’s
gonna go so if I’m going like this you
don’t want her to have to like wait for
you to do it have to react quick enough
you wanna just do it for her so like all
what I’ll do is I’ll just grab Gabrielle
and five minutes before like a mid
conversation so like how’s your day been
going sooner I’m saying I have a little
slight little tilted left wait like that
don’t curtsy grab it like this okay I
know but sorry so yeah you want to be
loose like gentle like this sooner I’m
saying obviously close your eyes because
if someone takes a picture of you
kissing a girl in your eyes or straight
up open like that that’s gonna be
strange so good so that’s a nice little
peck right and you don’t always have to
be touching them yeah but okay but do
you want to make the girl go crazy just
grab their face I think that is the most
just what I did yeah I know and you did
really good I was like oh yes please
that’s what I think that’s what was
going on in my head but if you want if
you’re a girl and you want to make
Pullman by his no you do not do that
that guy’s not every girl has the balls
that you’ve got okay no girls going over
here like I have a crush on you not like
that I’m not meeting like not having
like you know if the timings okay but
that’s that’s almost never going to
happen if they’re watching this video
but learn how to kiss it’s likely that
that opportunity is never going to
happen if you’re the type of person has
to watch a video like this you’re either
very young or like you’re just trying to
learn about it you know what I’m saying
the type of person that can just grab
someone by the shirt yang come in and
start tongue throating them that’s not
the type of person that’s watching this
video yeah yes I don’t want to stick
your but sometimes you don’t always want
to be doing the thing where you grab
their face you know maybe they’re like
you know they just did their makeup
their closet maybe you haven’t washed
your hands in a couple days
you just went to the bathroom you’re
picking your nose you did all of them
you know you don’t want to be like all
open their face you know what I’m saying
like you don’t wanna be that don’t be
that guys like this fixes their hair and
then tries to go for that you don’t
wanna be doing that but like you can
grab them about here you have to sit on
your tippy toes
grab them by the waist rev them by the
waist like that you know what I’m saying
and but the problem is you’re kind of
exposed because now you’re leaving it up
to her to have the reaction time like to
like tilt cuz you don’t to be doing this
I keep your head straight that’s weird
nose your nose break someone else like
good thing is a lot of girls didn’t play
call of duty back in the day so they
haven’t developed that like reaction
time required to tilt we’re the correct
direction like if I go like this right
now like pretend you didn’t know this
was happening I spent like this sooner
I’m Sam I didn’t even tilt Gabrielle
tilt it for some reason it’s just
natural but but like you don’t want to
go the wrong way
I always just go left so the hand is the
best way
that’s my only that’s my only advice
though so what else you’re gonna grab me
okay grabbing SH and then the girl don’t
feel awkward about you and so you can
put it like this or you can like grab
their neck and just or you can just be
more mmm yeah just gonna be dominated
sometimes I just wanna be smacked just
beat me down I want to be unconscious
when you kiss me
maybe you cannot let an awkward silence
be after it I say yeah you gotta say
something sometimes I just don’t know I
need to say something like okay Jack
give me tips this is your video right
you need to be confident you can’t be
worried like oh my gosh did I just mess
up and then act kind of like scared like
pull away no just go with it
pretend like you are absolutely perfect
because the thing about it is if you’re
like kind of timid with it it almost
gives you a pass to be bad because you
can pick up on the figure there’s you
know timid if they’re a good person they
recognize that you know everyone has
like their awkward moments but if you’re
all confident and you just stick your
tongue down them and they don’t want it
that’s not good if you learn anything
from that like this video I’m just
saying like no one wants that and if
they do they’ll let you know but yeah
you just be yourself you definitely
don’t to go too fast you don’t wanna be
out of breath you don’t want to be like
you don’t look like you just gotta have
a marathon when you’re trying you don’t
to be like panting also one thing for me
in particular a lot of guys have this I
have I only sweat two places my armpits
and my upper lip and some other places
but you don’t want to hear about that
but you want to make sure you don’t have
that sweaty lip going on so when you’re
about to kiss a girl whoo you know what
I’m saying so the guys you better be
we’re putting these down your notes on
your phone okay I want to see three
fingers so one two three six behind the
neck two behind the ear one right here
you know what I’m saying
sometimes you go for a little bit of a
snipe you know you’re way back here
uh-oh sniper you know what I’m saying
okay maybe maybe you want to go fly can
it like an aerial attack
it’s like she’s down here you’re like
I’m a basketball player you know what
I’m saying see she hit tilt that’s what
I’m saying that was my bad I’ll do that
again so I’m holding her neck like this
ready aerial attack I just kissed teeth
maybe we’re not the right people to
teach you how to do that stop laughing
ever this isn’t funny I’m sorry this is
kissing this is very serious so I’m
going for the aerial attack still in
motion i tilt her soon I’m saying
perfect but let’s say we’ve been dating
for about three minutes and I’m ready
for the next step so I’m up here I just
got out of the basketball court
go down mmm
wipe it off your face you want everyone
to know yeah that’s right I’m
contaminated I’m dirty contaminated you
don’t want to be like breathing too
heavily from your mouth Gabriel shut
your mouth yeah guys don’t be like an
inhaler don’t be like you don’t know how
to breathe whenever you’re kissing wall
shot another really good tip in case you
didn’t know is like before you bet to
make out don’t like here go for a kiss
don’t pause her without your inhaler
don’t do that you know I’m saying don’t
okay what else
um what’s in there that tip was a good
tip like I guess so but like obviously
people are gonna like no not to don’t
don’t just go that be discussed know
just while you’re kissing if you’re
enduring light out sesh it’s okay to
like babe if you’re in a makeout sesh it
doesn’t matter at that point you don’t
need to be learning anything from us
yeah you have you guys got this was
gonna be like there’s no way I would
ever let myself do this but if you guys
thought that this is gonna be like a
step-by-step guide on how to kiss
someone with like like exam no that’s
not gonna know did you think you think
you had like what does it even mean what
do you mean what could you possibly mean
by that because we don’t really know
what’s like going on in your head jack
sometimes I’m thinking you’re about to
say this but it’s a you say this and I’m
like whoa whoa whoa all right we just
lost subscribers
okay well the point of this video was
like and entertained people like me
people throw up and cringe but we’re not
done yet
there’s some way different types of kids
sorry I’m just gonna go off my outfit on
my head so eating over the lip that
shoot kiss that’s the safest bet you
never want if you haven’t if you want to
know if she’s comfortable kissing
kissing kissing on the cheek but only in
a cute moment that she’ll appreciate
okay don’t just go for it I ran a moment
but like if you like like if you do
something for her like you bring her
food and she sits in her passenger seat
or like sits on your lap
something you do something nice for her
and she’s
clearly in a good mood feeling happy
bubbly if you just kiss on the cheek
like that
nothing crazy she’ll either like it and
if she does it she’s uncomfortable
you’ll know and then you will know not
to kiss her but no girl will ever let
you kiss you her on the cheek and then
not let you kiss her on it unless it’s
like like a grandparent or you know I’m
saying like like if I like if I like I
don’t have to expend any better like if
I kiss you on the cheek and you send me
a signal like don’t do that again I’m
not going to go for the yeah it’s a good
test right yeah it’s a test trials like
a pre-order sale the duck and merge link
down below now just because I feel bad
we’re gonna actually get really
educational so one thing you don’t want
to do is don’t pucker your lips too much
the point of feeling good about the kiss
is that the lips are loose and they’re
like moving around that’s like the
sensation is what makes the kissing feel
good that’s why people kiss so you don’t
wanna be over here like an idiot
puckering your cheek so it looks like a
cat’s butthole you don’t look like you
know what I’m saying you just don’t
wanna do you don’t bite their lips do
not do that don’t do it it’s stupid
Gabrielle did that to me one time it
hurt it scared me I didn’t like but if
you’re gonna do it like be be very
gentle if you’re at that point but if
you’re at that point you don’t need to
learn how to kiss the type of person
that’s watching this video trying to
learn how to kiss does not need to be
biting anyone’s live don’t do it I’m
serious don’t do it it’s startling
gabrielle was Lily on top of me freaking
bit my lip and I was like I just had to
be straight out like don’t do that again
it hurt she like forgot to like let go
so when she pulled him away it just tore
my lip of that ruined my day I wasn’t
enjoying that I don’t enjoy that also
don’t forget it you don’t have to
constantly be you can like take a break
pause take a breath inhaler and then go
back into it you know switch sides to
you don’t want to be like you don’t
don’t don’t make her realize that you’ve
been doing this like same side thing for
like like she’s going that way you’re
going that way flake more than 30 so you
want to switch it up while you are
kissing like don’t just be doing the
exact same thing the entire time one
thing that people don’t recognize also
is with your hands okay that’s important
don’t be a wiener with your hands don’t
be over here like girl when I grab the
you know thingies you know the back
muscles that pop in the back like you
blow air back you know I’m saying just
those are handles
you don’t ever saying like you just grab
that and then just kiss and like feel
don’t be a weird about it
don’t you mean it like became it’s not
right you know
just hold them don’t be look like doom
nah I swear to god this is like a middle
school thing even in middle school it’s
not cool when you’re kissing someone you
might as well have your hands behind
your back when they’re just down like
this okay let’s do something with your
hands not this this is weird
don’t do that that’s strange down below
here the waist the waist area the neck
area you know and if you’re like really
weird just grab them by the hair no
don’t do that
don’t girls will get mad they do that’s
more of like a mean thing but yeah you
definitely be using your hands hands are
so important it’s like part of the
experience okay also pay attention to
what the other person is doing don’t be
out here sitting there like like if
she’s clearly like you know about like
if it seems like she’s like if she’s
maybe stop you know I’m saying maybe you
shouldn’t want to kiss you if she’s
gagging maybe she doesn’t want to kiss
you you know what I’m saying don’t be
you know breathe into it if she’s like
it looks terrified she’s like you know
she’s reaching for her pepper spray stop
kissing her you know I’m saying don’t do
that Gabrielle you’ve had this problem
where every time I try to hit on her
she’d be reaching for a pepper spray I’m
like stop you know what I mean though oh
it only happens when people talk about
the time Gabrielle Springer spray paint
or pepper 73 that was not a good video
that would not be funny to talk about
I’ll talk about if you want us to yeah
but here’s another tip you don’t want to
be overthinking everything to the point
that’s the most important yes lastly if
you don’t want to just be like okay it’s
like a robot like you don’t want to look
like over smooth just do it if you have
the intentions of kissing a girl the
first opportunity to do it I know you
probably won’t because you’re scared but
you got to do it you don’t want to be
that because the Milagro you wait the
more anxious you’re gonna get the more
you’ll choke the more you’ll sweat the
more you’ll overthink every situation
and then when you miss the opportunity
you’re gonna be really upset so guess
what be like me and just find an old
woman that knows what she wants
there was never an
woman yes there was a Breeland there was
a bunch of them there was a bunch of
them there was so many long take him
seriously Lisa she tells jokes but you
can’t tell you think my parents bought
me all those Xbox games now those girls
would be coming through the world those
those old women would be the Cougars
would be coming through my back window
giving me the new Call of Duty every
year my dad and my mom wouldn’t want me
to buy it because I was addicted to Call
of Duty add my plugs you’re saying one
more kiss just for the people that I’ve
actually made all the way that’s a
that’s a kiss no tongue
don’t do tongue yet yeah you have to
honestly let the other person decide you
have tongues okay let them do it first
most people don’t even like tongue
tongues so overrated it’s creepy it’s
like you know how much coordination is
required to do that to you what I’m
saying though like you can’t do it try
it pretend you’re eating a cupcake can’t
do it it’s like the letters of the
alphabet remember no that’s they used to
say in like middle school draw the
letters of outfits whatever don’t do
that I read you for makeup that’s like
sticking your tongue anyways guys we
hope you enjoyed we’re gonna stop there
yes maybe this video helped hopefully it
was also entertaining never in my life
did I ever think I’d make a video like
this but hopefully we were able to make
it entertaining because I was there’s no
way I’m gonna be over here step for
proper feet placement no way
no you just want to be read up on them
be weird with it you know be yourself if
you’re like a charismatic outgoing
person get way that way if you’re quiet
and kind of you know you know okay well
we’re kind of secluded surprise the crap
I’m gonna start making out with them
hope you guys enjoyed this video we’ll
see you in the next one