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hey guys as well welcome back to my
channel today I’m Casper I am so excited
you’re here me too
yeah it is the holidays and we are gonna
celebrate by making some yummy sweets
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okay now to counter the fitness so today
we’re gonna be making a really cute
recipe for my new cook quick baking all
year round we’re gonna wait isn’t this
adorable that hair I love this style of
cake it’s one of my favorite we’ve made
so many of these like the Pikachu cake
the narwhal cake the unicorn cake the
symbol like Lion King themed cake but
they all have the decorations of the
face like on the front of the cake and
then the other details on the top and
this recipe is a gingerbread cake recipe
so oh very much holiday flavor let’s get
started okay now before we start a few
things one I have all the ingredients in
front of me and I’ll be putting them and
their measurements in the description
down below so if you want to follow
along with us you can and second Cassie
what’s your level of baking experience
because you do recipes I do do nessa P
yeah I would say baking I am the worst
stop but I’m really good at sauteing
things don’t worry this is not a
beginner recipes intermediate but I got
you will walk you through there’s a lot
of different ingredients but worth it
first thing that we’re gonna do is
combine all of our dry ingredients in a
large bowl right over here alright
Cassie I’m gonna have you do
okay okay am i doing all right so you’re
gonna add the flour okay cake flour
baking powder baking soda both of them I
always get them confused in this recipes
3/8 just put them both in salt and this
one’s really brand when you pour it in
you have to say something salty salty
salty other way that doesn’t work okay
does it work now oh yeah and then we’re
gonna do these together these are all
the holiday flavors like these just
together these are ginger oh my gosh
this is gingerbread look at all these
aren’t these cool okay we’ve got
cinnamon cloves ginger nutmeg oh my gosh
all of the rapp cinnamon cloves ginger
nutmeg cinnamon cloves ginger nutmeg
cinnamon cloves ginger nutmeg it’s a
remix let’s take this basic cake it is
some gingerbread magic happen okay then
whisk together you might work all of
those in working it all the spices to be
evenly combined but I’m gonna be well
mixed smell that oh it’s Christmas in a
clear bowl okay now you guys set this
off to the side and now we’re gonna
cream together our butter xand sugars
but this times a little different
because I also have brown sugar which
just adds it’s like sweet soul than any
any any recipe oh my favorite chocolate
chip cookies are made with brown sugar
should I go yeah ash I do it don’t pick
all in there they might need this
spatula okay cause maybe you know brown
sugar likes to start it it’s like Sam oh
yeah you gotta get aggressive with it
because your brown sugars real sticky we
got our granulated sugar and butter I’ve
got it chopped up it’s all got room
temperature to make it a little bit
easier to cream now this is something a
little different no usually just cream
together those butters and sugar but
this I worked me on our honey
ooh XS me another flavor look at look at
ah real honey
my voice just cracked my body cannot
contain itself okay now we mix together
it tells light and fluffy it’s usually a
couple minutes oh yeah oh I’ve just
mistake my nose you know I wish the Kiwi
got a smell-o-vision you kids know how
good this smells lather it on her spine
oh I feel like this could just be a face
cream spa day there’s like sugar scrubs
and you can eat them the sugar scrub is
good maybe even at the stores because
just sugar I’m like a beauty guru now is
basically as it moisturizes from that
Bush Amy I know how’s our lips probably
really pretty now look at it is it done
yeah that’s dead okay shut your knob
yeah you turn it off now and my recipe
says add these separate which are
supposed to but I figured let’s just
cheat let’s add them together risky yeah
so floor eggs the full egg the yolk and
the white and a little vanilla extract
talk about all the flavors you love at
One Bowl yeah just mix together till
well combined also have you here the
dogs we’ve got little third George over
here we’ve got cookie taking a nap and
then I don’t know where blueberry is
that way yeah let’s go oh my gosh we
have to have the dogs come say hi oh my
gosh come on where do we get all four
how do you get all of them yeah
oh stop all the dogs I could not to cuz
cookies you know these ones are heavy
weights oh yeah you might have you won
so I turn the counter I would not
suggest putting a dog on the counter but
sometimes it happens now we’ve got our
dry ingredients we’ve got our butter
mixture and our butter melt so we’re
gonna be adding them all together and
then pouring them into these pink okay
so add a third of the dry than half of
the buttermilk second third of the dry
the rest of the buttermilk and the third
of the dry can you see over there I
can’t really see it’s in okay we’re
perfect and stirring everywhere well mix
that’s done okay so we’re gonna divide
the batter between these three cake pans
I’m using six inch round pans to get the
desired look of this cake and that’s my
favorite size for like this style of
cake whatever character you’re doing and
they’re all greased and lined with a
piece of parchment paper at the bottom
this is the pro tip count for baking
okay so that you can see you know will
never stick you don’t even have to worry
about your cake sticking and the pans
I’m using also these are the ones
they’re jokey with these are the ones
from my real baking so okay and they’re
pink and match the babies are my or my
favorite I’ll put a link down below if
you guys are interested in checking
these out or ordering these I designed
them with a lip around the outside just
a bigger lip so they’re easy to put in
and out oh that’s so smart
I took something that was already good
and made it better yeah no opinion but
let’s pour it in
alright okay just eyeball it eyeballing
and I move to the next now probably
couldn’t be so strong she doesn’t even
need my help holding this thing because
she’s doing all the Pilates oh the
strength training and you got so
flexible me yeah like over the last
couple years you’re getting so flexible
what the heck I remember my first met
you years ago in ha-ah
Alexa Baha and then you said it was a
goal of yours you really want to start
working on it yeah now you’re doing like
splits and do it the cheer ladies dance
anymore when you like how about we
stretch together how’s that sound
should we do that I don’t know when you
go like this the cheerleading stance was
like oh you know if I wasn’t wearing a
skirt I would do that but I’m wearing a
skirt so we’re not gonna do that is
measure stretched Burton okay Roja today
too I tried to get every sounds morsel
beautiful it’s okay while you’re working
I’m literally just being nuisance okay
so let’s just use that spatula or shake
it out like this get that dough nice and
flat all right our cakes are ready to
bake you’re gonna heat your oven to 350
degrees and bake these for about 40
minutes so our takes a bake then plane
and I’m gonna cool what do we do now we
ate them
just kidding yeah
cream enzymes need it like a sandwich
gosh okay so in front of us yeah we’ve
got the cake okay and I’ve leveled him
off so they’re ready to stack and ice
over here we’ve got a little cake plate
and this is the time tank where you want
to pick whatever you want to serve your
cake on now like if it’s a plate a cake
plate a cake stands and pick it now okay
and then a turntable just to make icing
a little bit easier but you’re gonna pop
that down okay and then okay so caster
we’re gonna I’m gonna do a little bit
this is just buttercream icing
okay that we’ve colored it be a light
tan like a light brown okay Cassie wait
the first kid and plop it right in the
middle doesn’t have to be perfect
boom boom just like that right and now
we’re gonna ice and stack the cakes so
you’re gonna take your icing on top and
you’re gonna pipe an outline all the way
around and you might get a little air
bubbles and that’s okay it’s like a
fence and then you do sig zags you’re
gonna fill it in fill it in oh they’ll
fill them Felidae no fun I do that first
layer and you’re doing the SEC okay yeah
and then this is offset spatula we’re
just gonna spin put light pressure to
make it flat now for this cake I like to
do a little thicker cuz I want it to be
very tall but if you want
to art that’s okay but I like to do tall
because I want a really tall face here
take a nice yeah I’m so excited slap it
on top flop try to line it up it’s lined
I think yeah looking good okay should
over little can I do it yeah you got it
all right now – all the way around –
okay very generous you want to put a lot
of icing for this design zigzag call the
taller the better should I go for
another layer yeah yeah there Bo lots of
ice look how generous I am that’s very
it’s the season of keeping race with
your icing okay kid I want to try this
right looks so fun yeah so the whole day
out of things like that I’m right-handed
yes okay perfect so yeah you just hold
it up ain’t like that I’m gonna gently
spin just apply light pressure very
light yeah yeah yeah oh okay that’s okay
don’t worry about extra icing coming off
the sides don’t worry because we’re
gonna ice the whole cake okay well mine
wasn’t as perfect as yours but that is
can I try again yeah okay I’m gonna hand
it to you but ready what you flip it
upside down like that another protein
why do we do that less crumbs
oh this side that you level is more
crumbly so how do I get rid of this this
blood right here and I want to get rid
of the blob offset spatula so again you
just hold it on behind we apply gentle
pressure and look at that oh are you
kidding I feel so much better I was
feeling really uncomfortable
were you weird thinking like oh no – a
Jay Z I was ruined I just felt like it
wasn’t perfect like your layer but I
feel like it much better you keep
spinning around till as smooth as a
baby’s butt boom and it’s ready to go
and then we do the same kind of idea
okay here
all right Cassie so again on the top huh
generous generous you want to be
generous with these outside layers
because it’s so much easier to take
icing off Oh
if there’s too much hops hermanos happen
don’t worry about it do you want one
more layer one is good one more look I
might be out of I might have to use my
other one k you can use your other back
here I’ll help you out oh yes cute
holidays well the hard thing you know
thank you a snit that’s two layers
that’s great that’s what I Bo do I do
the same thing
mm-hmm okay I got it gently just just
keep that height yeah I think I’m lovin
again that’s okay it’s okay to get a
bloom on a side but now what do we do
the the sides yeah that bag again okay
and then I’m gonna have you ice the
bottom so you just apply pressure and
we’re gonna pipe in layers all the way
up should I do the second layer then
yeah oh I didn’t have enough I had to
get some more yeah Cassie yes okay I’m
just gonna cover all the spots
yes cover all the spots just work your
way up the cake and same thing you just
take your offset spatula apply some
pressure and work your way around and
you can really fill in where there’s any
holes or anything like that like this
and you just give me spinning and it
kinda reminds me have you ever taken a
pottery class
yes I have it looks like pay this is
gonna like you know when you’re spinning
a pot yeah and you just keep going
around until it’s super smooth what I
really like about icing is you can
really play with it and the more and
more you do it you just get better and
better and better look at this this is
we’re just gonna keep doing this till
it’s nice and smooth okay so you finish
icing and smoothing the cake what do we
do next
next is my favorite part it’s time to
decorate I made all of these fondant
pieces in advance moves over these
little white pearl balls these are like
for a little decoration and the nose you
can use any like chocolate or brown
candy I’m using a milk dud
the babies love them but you can use
whatever you’d like
now I made these in advance because they
have to sit out and harden otherwise
they’re too soft and they’ll just flop
right over I’ll show you how I made
these wanna pieces right here insert
all right so we’ve got our fondant
pieces our little candies and some icing
we’ve got buttercream icing in a bunch
of different piping bags with different
tips at the end and we’re gonna pipe
different swirls on the top kind of like
a mane and that’s where we’re gonna
start off with bunch of the tips are
like big open star tips they’re really
jagged they come back sharp teeth or
something and that’s just what we want
we’re gonna pipe a bunch of different
swirls and I’m just gonna pipe one right
at the top right here and I’m just gonna
Cassie I need your help okay grab those
bags and start doing different designs
all right I’m just gonna do it I don’t
want to MIT I don’t want to mess it up
just like yeah yeah you’re just a circle
oh my gosh sounds great perfect that’s
really fun no do I do more yeah okay
over here okay oh I love it
I think I’ve got a little white icing in
an open circle tip a little bit larger
it’s a 2a and I’m just gonna make little
they kind of look like purl they almost
look like a ball that’s so cute and you
can just sprinkle those in wherever
you’d like should I do some like star
ones yeah go for it
that’s so cute now let’s put in some
antlers we got this hey we’re we’re
gonna stick the ears in front so like
out here here is it good mmm closer to
me closer to me right there like right
we’ll go right here okay I’ll go ready
go and then you have to be a little
gentle so it won’t break so you push
down slowly and those toothpicks really
help with stability there oh it feels
really good okay then we can use a
little icing and just pipe like we do a
little like this to like hide it a
little oh so no one will know an ear for
you you’re really and these go right in
front okay
so just perfect nice you guys we’ve got
a reindeer with no face
but we love it and then let’s sprinkle a
few of these I’ve got like a little haul
we leave okay
and a little fall in the hair yeah in
the hair like how I’m ready
however I feel yeah to look like really
cute baby ranking good ear to the most
adorable little holly leaves ever thanks
just however you want then these little
guys I’ve got little pearl balls I
missed a keys on your K beautiful look
at that oh my god I’ll be just so cute
okay most important part so I need your
help okay I’ve got two little eyeballs
hanging in our candy nose’ if your icing
has crusted and it isn’t like tacky
anymore which is totally normal that
happens with buttercream put a little
bit on the back of your fondant to get
it to stick alright well this is gonna
act like glue and then we’ll just look
at let’s get down here I’m gonna get do
got do our squat okay and then we have
to learn a month okay my carousel fruit
you put it down personnel measurement oh
okay the little candy net but enough to
make it a little reindeer and if you
wanted to make it like a Rudolph
character you can use a red can yeah I
like a little like a little hot what to
cumin one I know you mean I don’t know
they call tamale you put a cherry oh my
gosh do it but the nose I hate carrots
II do the honor she’s gonna put on any
honors okay yes we just take it on there
what do you think great oh yeah oh my
gosh it’s so cute think this is adorable
I love it more than anything I love use
out of the way we’re getting ready for
the presentation here’s a reindeer kick
that we made today a big thank you to
you guys for suggesting we make a
holiday themed
dessert and a big thank you to my friend
Kathy thank you today this cake was a
lot of work this is an intermediate cake
and you did an amazing job she’s the
best go check her out show her some love
subscribe like comment her Channel it’s
amazing you’re amazing
oh my gosh together smells so good it’s
just not even fair that it’s in front of
me okay I’m gonna get a slices but we do
yes I’m gonna be posting the recipe on
all the different social medias and if
you guys make this cake please take a
picture and send it to me I love seeing
your baking creations it just makes me
happy it makes my day especially over
the holidays I love holiday recipes
they’re so good I want to eat all of
them yeah and this recipe is a
gingerbread cake recipe it’s amazing if
you like gingerbread you may love this
also don’t forget to give this video a
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I post a new video okay I’m gonna go cut
this up I’ll be right back alright go
Cheers is this our creation yeah are you
kidding I need it I want to buy it right
in the middle because I want this some
of this now he was going away Cheers hmm
the spices though so moist who needs a
gingerbread cookie when you have this
yeah the whole cake mm-hmm
cinnamon cloves ginger nutmeg cinnamon
cloves ginger nutmeg cinnamon cloves
ginger nutmeg cinnamon cloves ginger
nutmeg cinnamon cloves ginger nutmeg my