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what’s up everybody welcome back to my laboratory well safety is number one priority and today I’m gonna show you how to make fire with a lemon you will need a lemon six copper Clips 6 sink nails a piece of wire and some steel wool you can also use copper and sink coins so the first thing we’re going to do is to take the lemon in our palms and soften it up I got some copper Clips and we are going to push this down into the lemon on the same side with about a centimeter apart and now we are going to do the same thing with the sink nails on the other side and make sure they don’t touch each other now we’re going to take some wire and connect the first copper clip to the second sink nail just like that and then we’re going to connect the second copper clip to the third nail and so on this will create a reaction between the copper and the sink that will create electricity now we’re going to connect a wire to each side the sink nail will be – and the copper clip will be plus now we are finished and the lemon should now produce around 5 volts of electricity the next step is to take the steel wool and play some dry tinder on it I use the toilet paper now we will take the wires from the lemon and place them on a steel wool this will create a short circuit that makes the steel wool glow red-hot thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video please share it and subscribe and if you wanna support me to help make these videos I have a patreon account where you can donate your given amount and it will be a link in the description below and also leave this video a thumbs up and also you know the next one take care bye bye [Music] you