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hey guys feelin tamiya here and in today’s recipe video I’m gonna show you how to make ghee also known as clarified butter it really is simple to make and there are several ways that people make it and this is the way that I’ve been making it for I would say close to eight years now and I like the texture and the taste of the key that I get from it so let’s get started and I will show you how to make you first let’s talk about the very important ingredient in this and that is butter there are two types of butter they’re salted and unsalted and honestly as much as people tell you that you have to use unsalted butter I’m gonna tell you that you can use both the difference is going to be texture and taste obviously salted butter is gonna make it taste salty although some people do actually add salt to their ghee so that’s defeating the unsalted butter purpose but not only that the texture we made with salted butter will be a little more grainy I would highly suggest you do both at some point just so you know the difference I would also encourage you to make ghee out of the highest possible quality of butter that you can find like I said I’m using Carey fold which is a grass-fed butter and you can see just how delicious and yellow this is he made with regular store-bought butter isn’t going to be as golden and delicious colored as this one will be and because I’m impatient I’m going to cut mine up into pieces and I’m just adding it into a stainless steel pan here now that my butter is all cut up let’s head over to the stove alright so go ahead and turn your heat on to medium so after only about 90 seconds you’re gonna notice that most of you butter is actually already melted go ahead and stir it that’ll help it melt quickly I don’t know if you can see it on camera but it’s just starting to have little bubbles that are coming up through the surface and now we’re gonna want to do is they’re going to want to turn our heat down to low when you get to the point where all of your butter has completely melted and you have nice bubbles coming up like that you don’t want them to be too violent if they are go ahead and turn them down just a little bit you might have to turn your stove down as will possibly go you’re gonna want to start your timer now I would say go for 20 minutes to start with you really don’t have to keep an eye on it unless you want to I know that the first couple of times I minke it was kind of paranoid you just want to ensure that it’s not gonna boil over so that’s why we use a large pot and you want to make sure it doesn’t burn by keeping the heat really low and wanted to show you what it looks like halfway through it’s been ten minutes so far and you’re gonna notice on the top here that there are like floaty things basically this is some milk solids a lot of recipes that you see are going to tell you to skim this off and if you want to or you’re paranoid you can totally do that you just take a spoon and you scoop it off and you throw it in the trash basically although honestly you can take that and then mix it into like bread recipes and it’s delicious but you do whatever you want with it and then underneath you really can’t tell on the screen but you’re gonna see milk solids on the bottom I choose not to skim the foam off because that’s just an extra step that you don’t honestly have to do so I’m gonna go for another 10 minutes and I will be back it has been 20 minutes and I don’t know if you can hear it very well but it is sizzling very nicely here’s our key it’s slightly darkened in color but it is by no means brown like you see some recipes and the milk solids on the bottom are I would say golden yellow but they’re not burned now this step is totally optional and if you like a grainy texture and again I would say compare this final product to regular butter in terms of smoothness go ahead and add some water be careful when you do this make sure that your heat is on very low and stand back a little bit this is very important if you do this make sure you have a large pan do not do this in a tiny pan let’s add a little bit of water and it’s going to bubble up a lot and then I stir it doesn’t bubble up immediately and start to boil off you need to go a little longer now if you have had before and you know that you like you with a very nutty almost a roasty flavor you’re gonna want to go anywhere between 5 to 15 more minutes after this and that’s totally just gonna depend on what you like I’m gonna let mine go for about 2 to 5 more minutes just long out that I know all the water that I put in there is completely boiled off then about 2 minutes you can see that it actually has darkened again in color and you know what I’m done I think this is perfectly fine so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna stir it turn off the heat I’m going to move my camera and show you how I filter it and store it so here is your final product this is only cooled for about 5 minutes while I set out my camera you’re gonna want to have something to filter this with I’m using a very fine mesh strainer however if you don’t have this you can use a coffee filter or some cheesecloth or honestly just a piece of paper towel and a funnel will work guys and here is why I don’t think you need to scoop off the milk solids because they just get caught anyways they’re not going into your final product pour it slowly and carefully because this is still hot one last thing is tempting as it might be to take your spoon and squidge it around to make sure that you get every last little bit of ghee out of this mixture don’t do it because that’s just gonna push your milk solids through the strainer there you go guys I’m gonna very carefully tip this so that you can see there is your clear and beautiful ghee now this does not need to be refrigerated like regular butter believe it or not and it has a delicious smell mmm it smells like slightly nutty and toasty butter if you’ve never had it I highly suggest you guys give it a try one of the amazing things about ghee is ghee has a very high smoke point I believe it’s like 500 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that don’t quote me on that but it really does help when you’re cooking because you don’t get that burnt gross flavor so if you guys want detailed step-by-step instructions visit the link in the description to go to my website feeling any weird calm and give it a like if you like it and if you make this please let me know what you think and leave me a comment have a great day guys bye unfortunately I noticed after I was done that I let some milk solids get in so I had to double strain it so if you mess up like I did don’t worry you can always fix it