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are you ready that’s why you want to hear you want to hear that sizzle you want to hear the vegetables hit the hot pan oh my god you smell that yeah that’s gosh Bonnie’s mama [Music] hi everyone my name is chef wanderer follow them today we will be making the greatest street food in the world guess what it is Jamaican beef patty is a classic Jamaican Street food like a Jamaican version of our empanadas are a turnover you have your beef filling you have your pastry crust first thing for your filling you have to get beautiful ingredients anyone that knows Jamaican cuisine is really stirring up that guy right here the scotch bonnet alright so let’s start get into it Jamaican cuisine is all about bold flavors really really bold flavors we like it spice stop not not say heat but it’s really deep depth of flavor so a cool trick to peel your ginger is let’s use a spoon peel it off doesn’t really have to be perfect I just want to get most of the next you know okay your onion ready then your ginger green onions or we call it scallions a little bit of fresh thyme and then my favorite the scotch bonnet if you can’t find scotch bonnet you can do a burn arrows which will give you a similar heat but not so much as a flavor because scotch bonnet has a very unique fruity forward flavor to call it country pepper that’s a bit of Jamaican accent for you honey see that I wish you could smell it I love my Patty and that’s super spicy way to burn in your mouth you want to really taste the beef people like it really hot but for me I like it in a milder region where you know you’re really enjoying it garlic so we’ll get a food processor onion goes in ginger scallion thyme and garlic you want it slightly chunky because you want it just to cook and blend with the beef so while they’re doing that you know like no joke this smells amazing this is us like this is like I’m getting very emotional cooking this is bring back memories of my kitchen so let’s season up with some paprika and of course our spice so this will definitely add that Jamaican authentic flavor to it onion powder and garlic powder it does gives you a unique flavor when you have the fresh and deep and pretty much a dehydrated powdered form I like it that way and that’s how we do it in Jamaica as well in Jamaica a lot of people don’t really make patties at home coz it takes a lot of time but my grandmother was such an amazing cook you know she always wanted me make everything from scratch so even as young as four or five I’ll make like fresh patties going to school to use a purchase a lot of parties for lunch you know says like the quintessential Street food that’s just it’s like everyday can eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner this feeling as you can see it resembled like a jerk kind of a consistency without dark it looks this is just like a flavor bomb right here this can be used for anything at all so you can – the beef you can do tofu you can do callaloo that we do a lot of color in Jamaica you can do whatever seasonal vegetables that’s there you want to get your pan up to like medium high heat not too hot because you don’t want to burn your vegetables hit it with a little bit of oil so you want to saute your vegetables that takes like 2 or 3 minutes just to get those flavors going and then you want to get amazing fresh beef that it’s 85% lean versus 15% of the back you just want to gently bring a stop so it cooks with the seasoning and there’s garlic in it and the worst thing is stubborn garlic in your patty everytime when I make my trip back to Jamaica the first thing I need is a beef patty with cheese that’s my go-to when it comes to patty there’s a competition like everyone has a favorite patty restaurant there’s like maybe three or four major patty restaurant in Jamaica you have tasty patty your mother is juicy beef and those are the three giants when it comes to the Jamaican patty chain and for me Mother’s cheese patty is my favorite because the cross is so light and flaky the filling is always hot and gooey and then the cheese stop stop talking about that I’m getting hungry let’s make some patties while that’s cooking no we’re gonna start seizing up a bit of salt some black pepper so this is called browning and pretty much does caramelized sugar in any West Indian kitchen that you go to and typically using Rina to give it a caramelized color that you see then we’re gonna add some breadcrumbs right because what right when we add the stock so the bread comes with would act as a sponge too like some all that moisture up and just emulsify into the beef so it’s not too wet it’s not too dry just like still icky gooey that’s like it’s just delicious one of my secret ingredient is gelatin a lot of people are Selatan that’s very unheard of but it’s not actually because if you think about where we get gelatin from is from the calves is from the muscles of beef of cows so it’s it ties in back to we’re using beef right so while their feeling is simmering on to step two you gotta get your pastry and don’t be afraid of the pastry all right so you have your floor so add some salt baking powder and of course sugar filling is nice and spicy you want to balance the crust with a little touch of sweetness tumeric powder and a touch of curry powder a lot of people tend to use only tumeric powder but I like the flavor of the curry powder as well and this is what we used to give it the natural color so once you get all your dry ingredients thoroughly mixed in you’re gonna start to make it more exciting by having all your fats to it sharni so it’s nice and cold now you want to use the part two to break the fat into the floor if you use your fingers at this point in time your fingers a lot of heat you’ll melt the fat too quickly so this is the key this is called beef suet beep sweet if you don’t know what it is don’t be afraid of it it has pretty much beat back this gives you incredible texture and especially when it’s really cold you see that all right this where you get to get personal gently use your fingertips to breathe the fat into smaller chunks into the floor the floor smells amazing because I’m the curry powder color is really important to you to Jamaican beef patty it has to have that signature yellow color and a lot of people tend to use the food coloring which is fine it’s same it’s the same color but why is it food coloring when you can use a spices that add extra flavor all right so you have your dry then we’re gonna do with the way so 1 eggs ice-cold water a little bit of white distilled vinegar it fights so away the gluten from getting all tight [Music] immediately you see that quick pop of yellow back with the hands and do not squish on the dough because you don’t want to break the fat too much into the flour and then if you want to do that zooming all that chunks of fat that’s why you that’s what you want and we’re gonna put it in the fridge for like 30 minutes just to relax your dough has been sitting for 30 minutes and as you can see it’s nice and firm and then of course our filling it’s finished simmered and as you can see look at that texture right just listen listen let’s listen to that flavor and then the taste test we’re not allowed to double dip or else I would have gone up to that’s on to the door you want to portion this into smaller balls rough around for our 5 ounces per patty you want to fold your dough unto itself because once you fold a fat in between the layers on the flour it creates a pocket where the fat is trapped and once you bake it it expands and create a multiple layer party was born through a Cornish pasty that’s like a traditional English meat pie when the British came to Jamaica to colonize Jamaica they brought over a lot of traditions patties was one of those things that we took from the English and we made it our own that’s how we got our Jamaican patty and then it has no the most famous beloved street food in Jamaica if not a Caribbean well I say the world I’m kind of biased excellent so we’re almost there so our dough as you can see beautiful color thanks to the tumeric on the core powder and I can see the chunks of fat lining through the dough so that’s where you’re gonna get your perfect flakes from and it’s nice and thinness not so much that it’s gonna break our fall apart crimp the edges and you’re feeling again amazing so it’s nice and chilled so you want to keep it closer to words you so when you fold it over you give you that perfect pocket pinch your edges boom boom boom you’re cutting they’re ready to go so you have to beat them in a preheated oven at 375 for like 20 25 minutes our patties are done just want to break into that so you can see that beautiful filling all right well I know you can see it’s crispy can see that flake that crust all right look at that still hot it’s still so good all right there to crunch Wow the enjoy makeup we use the processed cheese that gives you a really creamy gooey quintessential cheeseburger field that’s my favorite beef patty with cheese amazing as again see the cheese is all melted across a snowflake it’s actually falling apart in my hands oh this wicked one so guys if you want to try to some amazing recipes click the link in the description below and follow step by step procedures and you’ll have an amazing Jamaican beef patty and go let’s go do it