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[Music] what’s up everyone Adam freighter here I’m gonna be giving you is just a quick little muscle up tutorial I get a lot of questions on how to build the strength proper form proper technique and I’m here to run through it all explain how I learned it I’ve taught other people had to do a muscle up and we’re just gonna dive right in let’s go so the most important thing and my belief is if you can do 10 pull-ups you should be able to do a muscle up it really just comes down to form now there’s many different types of muscle ups there’s a strict form muscle up which I’ll show you what that looks like and the strict form has no Kip in the muscle up so really your leg stays straight must look then you have a little bit of a kit muscle up where you use your legs to kind of lessen your gravity your legs come up and you keep your body up then you have what gymnast car tip up where you get a little bit of swing going and you pop yourself up over the bar and you can also do a false grip muscle up where you grab the bar like a gymnast and that gives you the ability to do a slow muscle up but that requires a lot of strength now to explain how to do this properly requires a little bit of training on different techniques so what I really like to show people is the line and circle technique so I start off by saying I’m gonna start at the bar and take one foot backwards one foot backwards I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna draw a line you don’t have a beach you can improvise the line you don’t need to draw it do it in the cement whatever put something down so my line is one foot behind the bar now I’m gonna stand at the bar and another step in front of the bar I’m gonna go ahead and make a circle all right so again I’m gonna call this the line circle technique now the idea is that I’m gonna stand at the line and I’m gonna jump and grab the bar and by jumping to the bar from the line I’m naturally gonna have a little bit of swig so see how I’m rocking now if I grab the bar from directly below the bar I’m not gonna sweat doing a muscle up from a dead hang is very difficult because the bar is in your way so you need to have a little bit of momentum to be able to come around and over the bar so really a muscle up is not up and over you’re kind of doing a hook shape so I’m gonna stand behind I’m gonna grab the bar I’m gonna swing a little bit and when I get to that circle I’m actually gonna touch and bring up so the point of the circle is to let me know that when I’ve swung to the extent of my swing at that moment is when I pull up now this is what causes people the most frustration is that you try to keep your legs at an incorrect time so I’m going to show you incorrect one so incorrect form is alright this guy told me to swing now I’m here alright I didn’t get it bad timing again I’m gonna kick my legs this is bad – you don’t want to really whip yourself and what ends up happening is you pull yourself up and you get stuck because you get the bar to here but you can’t get your body over now again a couple of things to realize with a muscle up you’re not just throwing your arms over the bar you actually want to pull up and get your chest over the bar so really what you’re doing is to pull up throwing your chest on top of the bar and then just doing a dip so the dip parts easiest really all you have to do is pull your chest over so again it’s all about timing start at the line jump swing the moment you’re about to rock backwards literally at that exact moment or you’re about to swing backwards that’s when you want to pull up so I grab the bar swing forward touch the circle please and then body it’s got to be the perfect timing swing again touch the circle knees and then body so again I suggest if you’re just learning this use your knees because it really lightens your gravity and gives you the oomph that you need to really get over the bar now another explanation ignoring the line encircle one of the most important things that people don’t realize that the muscle-up is a wrist position and strength in your grip if you hang from the bar with just your fingertips you basically have to pull up and your whole hand has to rotate 180 degrees to get you on top of the book rotating around the bar is very difficult unless you’ve created a bit of a weightlessness so really strong wrists can benefit this movement try to grab the bar as high up on your wrist as possible you want to grab it here the stronger the wrist then your wrist just has to unfold so again if my wrist is already up on the bar like this when I muscle up my hand can just open up but if my wrist is down here then I have to rotate all the way around so strong wrists really important now again as I mentioned you’re not just pulling up and throwing your elbows over you want to pull up and get your chest on top of the bar I’m gonna show you what that looks like it’s a muscle up without the dip part basically a muscle up without the up basically gonna do what I said touch the circle pull up get my chest over now once I’m here I’ve done the muscle up all I have to do is press up so again that movement is just a pull up and get your chest over really lean if you can get your pecs over the bar you’ve done a muscle up so maybe that simplifies it enough for you to get the idea pull up chest over the bar and at that moment I’m good and I just threw the dip so the line circle techniques something that I like to teach people I’ve taught many different people to muscle up using this technique also explaining getting the chest over the bar this doesn’t work for you you can also do an in/out technique basically what you’re doing is loading up for the muscle up you pull yourself in you load up fire into the muscle this technique would look like this here fire up down be careful with this technique because loading like this really tight on the shoulders and on the pecs so just be careful make sure you’re warmed up so that you can’t injure yourself now a lot of people think that they have the strength they know that they can get the muscle up but they just try to do it too slowly muscle ups like Olympic lifting like you ever seen the Olympics they do the overhead snatch they do cleans they don’t do these movements slowly they fire these movements it’s explosive muscle up the quicker you do it the easier it’ll become so again I mean I’ll tell you I’ll take a quick story so I was so close to doing a muscle if I could do 20 pull-ups I was really athletic I was really strong for my bodyweight but for some reason I just couldn’t get the muscle up it was weeks and weeks and I couldn’t get it finally I just had a song on that just had a really good base it really got me excited I was like oh this is my song I’m gonna try this one more time and I came out the bar my god and I did a muscle up and I was really excited the reason that it worked for me is because this song got me excited what I did differently was I didn’t just stand under the bar and pull up I came at the bar I said wow this song is hype here’s the bar and I stepped at the bar this is a big difference maker and a great tip if you step at the bar basically using the line technique then when you grab the bar you’re already loaded up and you’re firing in the perfect position to get the muscle up so try this if you want to learn to try coming at the bar – boom doing the muscle up another don’t that I see a lot of people doing don’t whip when I mention rocking or swinging that’s exactly what you’re doing rocking or swinging you’re not keeping a lot of the times your body your mind tells you to do this do not do this this is very bad form you see often in CrossFit you see it often in different types of workouts I did not back this and that’s doing this so a lot of people want to get themselves swinging so they kit do not want a kit this is actually gonna one put a lot of strain on your body bad for your joints and two it throws off your momentum it actually works against you in the technique that you need for the muscle up so don’t Kip don’t kick your legs back or forward you want your legs to be straight so when I grab this bar and I swing my body straight my legs are loose I’m not here my legs aren’t back here I’m not kipping or anything I’m just staying loose so that when the time comes when up now now when I’m about to swing backwards right at that movement I’m bout to swing backwards my legs come up my body comes up and with that movement the more strength you build the more ability you’ll have to do a strict muscle up I’ll give you one quick workout that’s a great way to build strength other than doing a lot of pull-ups because obviously pull-ups will get you the the strength and the power necessary try to do pull-ups to your waist they look a little bit like this that’ll just build up the necessary strength you know for you to realize that when you’re doing a muscle up here that transition point and that’ll be extremely helpful another thing is to do everything that I’m showing you with the line circle technique except don’t do the muscle up just do a pull-up so again here’s your line there’s your circle just do a pull-up so here I’m gonna go I’m gonna tag this and that’s the movement that’s the first part of the movement necessary so once I’m here the second part would be just leaning my chest over and again that’s a muscle up and I really like to show people the idea break down the movement to show you how simple it can be because it really is that simple I’m just here I just did a pull-up and I said no I’m putting my chest on the bar and I’m pushing up and that’s a muscle up practice practice do pull-ups practice the technique that I’m showing you do it at home do it at a park put on music get excited do explosive workouts again this is an explosive movement try to do it fast try to do it powerful and you will get that muscle up like comment let me know how it’s going I’ll give you all the tips and advice I can good luck