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What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from
And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a plank. Planks are fun, the first thing you gonna do
is get your body on the ground.
And usually you wanna do this with some sort of stopwatch
so you can see how long you’re doing the plank for and put it in front of you right here.
What you’re gonna do is put your arms on the ground like this, put your hands together
or out like that and the reason why it’s called a plank is because you’re gonna
have your body as straight as a plank during the whole exercise.
So what you’re gonna do is go here
Put your legs out straight like this, get your body straight.
Make sure your butt’s not in the air, make sure your butt’s not hanging down like that. Keep your body tight.
Flex your core and stay as straight as a plank.
Then what you’re simply gonna do is hold this for as long as you can.
It’ll start to burn after about a minute, a minute and a half and if you can get the four minutes five minutes
that is absolutely amazing.
So what you want to do is, this is another exercise
I like doing at the end of my workouts because it gives me an overall burn and
usually if my muscles are already worked from doing other ab exercises
it makes this one a lot harder to do so that’s how you do a plank.
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Later guys!