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in this video we’re going to be showing
you how to post the sourcing request we
must first log in before we can do
anything there are three types of
sourcing requests depending on where the
products are from the source a product
from a Shopify store begin by clicking
sourcing request then post or sourcing
we can choose from any of our Shopify
stores that we have connected to our
account sinks to view the most
up-to-date products we can search the
product we want or choose one in the
list when ready submit the request
to source products from other websites
again begin by clicking sourcing
requests now choose post individual
sourcing fill out the necessary
information in the sourcing form
and submit the form when finished
sourcing products from our website is
simple begin on the home page in search
for the product you’re looking for
choose a product from the results we can
click the source button below the
product image
or open the listing and choose this
source button to post the request to
give the status of sourcing request
click sourcing request
detailed information about all of our
requests will appear right here look for
the column labeled status and will be
able to browse through all the requests
to view their current status there are
four types of status that may appear
processing means that we’re handling
your request right now and we’ll get
back to you ASAP sourcing success means
the our team was able to source the
specific product you requested sourcing
failed means that her team was unable to
find a manufacturer for the specific
product pending means that we have
received your request and it will be
handled according to the time in which
it was received we hope this video spent
helpful and shown you how to post
sourcing requests to us thanks for