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hi I’m tilman i’m one of the founders
and the CEO of yoga impact investing and
i would like to show you how you can
become an impact investor in just a few
minutes so on the Euro website you can
choose the impact topics that you want
to promote with your investment say
gender equality vegetarian living or
renewable energy you can also tell us
what you specifically do not want to
promote say weapons or meat animal
cruelty or fossil fuels you then tell us
how much money you want to invest
starting with as little as two thousand
francs but you can always change that
later even after investing we then
answer a few simple questions which
helps us determine your risk profile and
just like that we can create your
strategy in real time and immediately
you can see all the companies that
yahwah suggests you to invest in you can
add companies you can remove companies
and with every change you make our
algorithm makes sure your portfolio is
financially sound this way you can
control where your money goes without
compromising returns and just like that
you become an impact investor so try it
out now on the way of our website it’s
free and non-binding