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a lot of friends this is your friend we
make Bajaj co-founder stock I didn’t
markets friends I hope you all are doing
good so am I very very excited always to
record video for all of you and give my
bit of knowledge sharing with all of you
as you know that we have been running a
series in elearn markets YouTube channel
called face to face series in this
series I have been trying to connect
with Lord of ordinary guys so I am doing
some incredible work in stock market and
I am really blessed to have some really
good guys coming and talking to me and
sharing their market wisdom with me so
in this process I am learning a lot
hopefully you are also connected with us
and if you are not connected yet you
please subscribe to the YouTube channel
and press the bell icon because we are
going to create more such videos and you
have been given the benefit of watching
these and deriving the benefit out of it
now in this video I have a very special
person a person with whom I share my
alma mater now not from an academic
perspective but literally the company
with whom we started our first career I
used to work with JM financially the
commodity analyst that’s how I started
my career and I have one of the rock
stars of JM financials who is now
incidentally an entrepreneur by himself
I have with me mr. Wortham shop thanks
Ali thanks for having me Gautham guys
know that he has been the backbone of JM
Financial Research and he has given some
incredible ideas to all of us and he has
been quite active in media so all of us
know him rodham thank you so much for
giving your time
thanks thanks giving wonderful to be
here I think this was long-pending we’ve
known each other for almost a decade now
and when I met you a decade back you
were pretty much a small cap you were
discussing ideas as to how to take this
initiative forward and now as I do this
with you you are very much a large cap
so it’s wonderful to see such an
inspiring you know journey that you’ve
done and congratulations for that Thank
You Gotham you was really means a lot to
us you have financial education and
empowering retail audience is something
which we truly believe we have been
working on this for almost 10 years now
so I am really excited
that you you people like you have
recognized their effort and yes
now you also are kind of getting
attached to us and we keep taking the
glory of Indian financial market to
every retail investor in our country now
we know about Gotham and his mind in
terms of his outlook towards market we
have seen him talking macro about the
market a lot but in this video I am
going to get deep inside his intellect
and find out his specialities and that’s
what all written investors want to know
about so Gotham before we actually go to
specifics about market I think everyone
wants to know more about you so give us
a very good background about you how you
started what tempted you to think about
getting into market as a career there
are a lot of people in our audience who
are actually just sitting on the fence
right who are thinking of taking the
next step here as an employee or as a
trader was an investor right so give us
a full background about you
yeah so we make I did not get into this
by choice I was a very average student
throughout so my parents were unsure as
to what of which carrier would I would
be getting into and after doing my
schooling and college from Chennai you
know I came to Calcutta because my
father’s business was here and since I
was a very average student my dad
actually exposed me to multiple things
so I did a course with NIIT I did a
financial analysis course I applied for
CFA and then my father took me to a
place called Billa
Institute of futuristic studies in
Calcutta yes was way back in 2000 2001
you know we’re in the first batch of
technical language from the country you
know taught technical analysis and I was
I think the second batch of that so you
had people like mr. Rajat Bose mr. Vivek
Mahajan and whom I consider my mentor
you know the late mr. Matthew Esau so
these were stalwarts in this field and I
was very lucky to actually learn
technical analysis from them and once I
got a hang of that I realized that
instead of getting into too many things
this is an area you know which I can
grasp very fast and then I participated
in our contest which was conducted by
wallet watch comm wherein you were given
mock money and you just had to invest so
the entire country was participating and
I stood number one in the country you
know this this contest was held over a
period of three months so given these
developments I thought that maybe this
is an area where I showed you know
specialise in and then you know I got
into JM Financial I did a couple of
qualifications so I hold a CMP I hold a
CFP and I also hold a MST a with
distinction from London and I think at
that point of time 2005-2006 I was
probably the only analyst to hold all
you know three under my belt so this
qualification gave me a lot of
experience and then you know at gem
financial I got a lot of idea speaking
to clients if you speaking to some of my
peers and mentors as to how markets work
and that experience of 2003 to 2008
you know the entire cycle where the
Sensex move from 3,000 to 21,000 I think
that was a textbook in itself so I tell
a lot of
people that I am very happy that I saw
2008 a lot of people tell me that oh I
was not in the market in 2008 so I
escaped I say for me it’s a learning for
a lifetime
and I can go back to 2008 at any point
of time so this this this really brought
me into the markets
I stayed with JM for almost 15 years as
you are aware and couple of months back
I quit because I thought that you know
let me take my career to the next stage
and I think that there was a lot of
space for that so I call it to that
right so you have actually literally
seen the whole eeveelution of financial
market the modern financial market of
India right
I think the derivatives were launched in
2002 yes and they are on today options
mean the biggest instrument oh yes in
terms of participation in the market and
you have actually seen the evolution or
technique minuses as a subject also
because I heard that you are one of the
initial batch yes mates of CMP
qualification which is now gaining
prominence in India now I absolutely
absolutely so tell us very briefly that
what is the evolution which you have
seen and where do you see market is
right now in terms of market
microstructure not in terms of where do
you see market we see firstly from a
qualification perspective let me give
you a very interesting inside so I was
visiting I you know we whenever we visit
a doctor and then when the doctor
prescribes or something you know we see
that next to his name there are four or
five degrees so when there are a lot of
degrees you feel that oh this man is
learning it you know he’s giving me the
right advice right so when me and my dad
we had a discussion I always had the
passion to have these degrees in my
field under my belt so then I took up
you know the three degrees and my
degrees were longer than my name at one
point of time still is actually so that
gave me the perspective that is
important to tell people that you are
firstly qualified after you have the
qualification it’s important to have the
experience to have seen the full cycle
in the basic and you know I being a very
simple guy my approach is very simple to
the markets obviously I have seen the
you know nifty when it was 2000 and now
the nifty is thousand but timing has
always been important what was important
in 2003 2002 is still important in 2019
that dynamics has not changed it’s just
that the
advent of social media and the fact that
there is an information overload these
that is making trends woke out much
faster than what used to happen a decade
back you know you didn’t have whatsapp a
decade back you didn’t have Facebook you
didn’t have you know LinkedIn and some
of these things so I think that has
really evolved the financial markets and
I think therefore price becomes more and
more important in today’s team of things
because every time we speak to people
they say this is the news but why is
month the market doing this I think I
being a pure price guy I have given a
lot of importance and I think technical
analysis even though it has evolved in
the last 15 years I think the tools are
still the same it’s just that you have
to filter it a lot more you have to
understand the psychology behind
everything that you are you know
watching on the charts so as you said
that you know the information arbitrage
if I can use this term which used to be
there earlier because there was a lack
from the event which has happened to the
action which will come in to the price
literally the lag has been taken over
because of information asymmetry
dissemination becoming very very fast
yes in this situation how does a trader
react to any event and that’s a typical
problem which people have these days
that the results we would buy the stock
price went down yes or are they was
expected to cut interest rate and it
happened but market didn’t behave
according to that macro event right so
how do a trader I just is the style
depending upon this removal of the
information on the track Vivek sadly
enough this information overload thing
is only going to get created in crater
you know as you have more and more
mediums you know to access information
one interesting point here while I was a
GM you know I used to have a TV in front
of me all the time obviously for best
reasons and I was part of the dealing
room chatter so I used to know as to
what people feel about the markets after
I got out of JM you know in the month of
October when I was setting up my new
office my dad asked me do you want a TV
where do you want the TV to be fixed I
said dad let’s just leave it for the tie
hahaha let’s just go without the TV for
15 days let’s see how it goes so I have
a very quiet environment in which I’m
working right now I don’t have a TV in
front of me I don’t watch markets you
know minute by minute in terms of news
flow and believe me for anybody who’s
following technical analysis you don’t
need to look at information on news I
think the more locked you are you know
the better I think what happened a
couple of days back if you see you know
the Carvey episode when it came out and
the way the markets reacted to that you
know people thought that it could lead
to a big move down you know but the
markets actually opened in the flat to
positive so this will keep happening
this will keep confusing market
participants and what I have realized in
my last 15 years is that the news flow
and the price action only match at the
right at the top and right at the bottom
okay you know in between the entire
period there will always be a disconnect
between the news flow and the price
action so please do not try and justify
the markets based on what you are
actually seeing in terms of news so I
for one you know I I like to just go by
the price action go by the studies that
I am looking at and I think that’s what
I will recommend a lot of retail
investors because when they speak to
hundreds of people they watch you know
many many channels and on the internet
that is an information overload anyway
you tend to date a little confused so
friends what probably Gotham’s trying to
say is that maybe till two years ago or
a year ago we are the hungry follower of
information but now the phase in the
world has come where now we need to be
selective to be eliminating yes I don’t
want this source I don’t want this
source and you should probably stick to
only one source yeah
which for you price is the biggest
source yeah and let me add here we wake
I think you have a wonderful app in the
form of stock hedge and I am a user for
you know quite some time so when I do my
filtering based on fundamental analysis
on the stock edge after my my filters
are set and I have a say a select list
of 5 to 10 stocks then I look at the
charts and then I try and understand
what happens so you actually need one
technical analysis software and one
fundamental analysis
Fred just use both of them you know and
go about doing your analysis and I’m
sure you you know come out as a winner
right I’m glad Gotham that you are using
stockage even though we have not
discussed yet there are using stalkers
or not I’m very glad you’re using it and
actually that was meant predominantly
for that purpose yes to remove noise
from everyone’s minds mind and just
focus on some limited information which
you need and then obviously you practice
technicals if you are actively trading
or can can I do
investing using technical that’s
actually one of the question which I
wanted to ask you
absolutely you know the sad part is
today everybody is becoming more and
more short-term in nature you know I
keep saying this to to a lot of people
you know who follow me on Twitter that
that long-term investing is losing its
value you know either you have people
who are in the Warren Buffett camp buy
and forget all you have people who are
only looking at day to day moves the
fact that the weekly options in today’s
market is gardening more open interests
than the monthly options is a dangerous
place to be because everybody is trying
to play t20 nobody wants to play the
test anymore you know so I personally
feel the reason why Goldilocks premium
research came into play is because I
want to capture big trends and if you
actually speak to market participants
you know who’ve made serious money or
who’ve made a fortune you will realize
that it’s only in certain phases say
2003 to 2007 and then 2013 to 2017 it
was these phases you know where they
actually made their entire wealth not
trading the market every day not looking
at the market every day I am sure there
are many people doing it you know I’m
happy for them but my school of thought
is if you have to make a fortune in the
markets you have to look at the bigger
trend and by when I say bigger trends
you can look at the weekly chart you can
look at the monthly chart you know you
know I don’t want to take any stock
names but many of the top stocks which
have done well in the last 18 months
they would not have broken their moving
average for 18 months you could have
simply you know helped some of these
stocks and you know you would have done
extremely well so I feel that technical
analysis definitely can be used for the
long term it should be used
for the long-term and if you are looking
at it short-term more than the analysis
it’s the discipline and the disk this
management you know that will take you
to your financial goals
absolutely absolutely in fact Gotham I
do follow you or DV and your social
media twitter and I see that you are a
very macro person you develop a very
macro view or the market and then you
dig down into the sector specific and
then probably you get into the stocks
right that is actually a very unique way
of looking at the market but whenever I
need technical analysts they typically
focus more on stock stop stop yes yeah
and they don’t look at what the market
is trying to do at a macro level yes
give us some insight about that theory
yeah so you know in my initial year look
the years of learning so I have been in
touch with my mentors and they’ve always
told me that in markets you have to have
a top-down approach so firstly you have
to be positive you know on the index if
you are positive on the index then you
look at some of the sectors within the
index which are outperforming and I look
at a lot of relative strength charts a
lot of people for example would be
looking at a nifty and our Infosys
separately I look at a relative strength
chart which is Infosys over a nifty and
if that very chart is trending upwards
not only does it mean that Infosys is
doing well it also means that enforces
is beating the Nifty okay and given what
has happened in the last many years it’s
as you might be aware it’s so difficult
to be the Nifty DJ’s you know so if you
can beat the Nifty you’ve done extremely
extremely well you know so I think this
this approach of top-down has worked
very well for me and within the sector
after I see some relative strengths I
look at handful of three or four stocks
you know which have outperformed the
current situation in the banking space
there are few stocks you know Bank nifty
is today near lifetime highs there are
some which are trading at lifetime lows
and people still want to buy them
because they feel they’re cheap correct
you know and the expensive ones price
wise and valuation wise continue to run
up right you know so this I think is not
going to change this mantra of having a
top-down approach is not going to change
and I think I would recommend your
viewers to actually
go look study the markets in this way
I’m sure they will come out a winner
right also Gotham because we have worked
in financial which I guess is one of
those firms who has a right mix of
retail investor base as well as the
institution’s yes and you were the key
part of that management so obviously you
have an experience of anding both the
category yes do you think any difference
between both the category in terms of
their understanding the market or the
way they participate in the market well
honestly if you ask me there is not so
much of a difference
it’s just that between retail and
institution the numbers might be bigger
you know an institution might have
better English accent but apart from
that I think the psychology for most you
know are pretty much the same if you
actually look at the F&O data you know
which comes out from – you on a daily
basis and people used to it some part of
time follow the FI eyes as to what they
did in the market and if you see in the
last many years you know that has
reduced quite a bit people don’t think
that fi is other other ones what taking
this markets higher on a regular basis
you know and I would say there was a
revolution which happened a couple of
years back the fact that domestic money
in India today through s IP is is nine
thousand crores
I think this advent has is a revolution
you know and I would definitely you know
want to believe that this is only going
to get better right and this makes me
believe that in today’s market there is
no single person who’s a bigger market
participant in that sense when I speak
to retail or an institution it’s the
mindset which is slightly slightly
different otherwise I don’t see much of
a difference and but but but the good
thing is that the retail has got a
little more you know it has some more
risk management in place which was not
the case earlier okay okay so in that
sense things have evolved so the quality
of retail investors or traders now in
market you think I’ve improved over with
a voice last probably a decade or so I
think so I think a lot of portfolios
have gone into passive equity as I said
right and the ones who have a quitted
active equity you know have now
understood that if you do not have risk
management if you do not play stop-loss
you know stocks can
go down 2-0 never stops in good it can
be a penny stock and you’ve had so many
examples in the last 12-18 so yeah
that’s there oh one more thing
Gotham that it is widely said that in
market 30% is actually a technique and
70% is temperament is not more maybe you
can have a different issue yeah or more
or less the same how to bring their
temperament your technique is so easy to
learn you have so many videos in YouTube
channel and you have so many people
talking about different courses teaching
technicals and I think technicals has
become quite a wildly taught subject
these days in India yes but how to
develop temperament which for us mean
traders or owner of the trading desk we
have big temperament over a period of
time by training by losing money in the
market would you advise something to
retail investors that how do they built
a prevent temperament can be built with
discipline okay you know I think the
moment you get into a trade and you know
that if a certain level breaks you’re
going to be out of it automatically your
mind is going to be at peace
unfortunately there is this notion in
the market that if you place a stop loss
it will get triggered yeah that is
incorrect and if the stop-loss gets
triggered let it be triggered a lot of
market participants today I would have
saved on you know their capital had they
placed and stop-loss in the mid cap
space in the small cap space and we know
what has happened in the last 18 months
so technique is important and when it
comes to technique you can use the
simple stuff see I firmly believe that
markets have evolved you need to have a
holistic approach when it comes to
technique I know so many people who
follow one particular study so somebody
who’s a elliot person somebody who looks
at market profile somebody looks at
traditional technical analysis I feel
that every study is a finger of yours
you need to use all ten to have a handle
on the market right
don’t make any study favorite when they
come collectively is when you’ll be able
to understand and play the markets
better and that’s the way I have dealt
with it so this is about the technique
aspect when it comes to temperament as I
said you need to be disciplined just be
very clear have
risk/reward in mind I will not enter a
trade unless I have a 1 is to 1.5 or a 1
is to 2 kind of a risk/reward I see a
lot of people doing option writing not
having any risk management and given the
markets have behaved in the last many
months you know you can lose your
capital overnight if you have a major
gap up or a gap down please do not enter
a trade unless you have an exit strategy
unless you have a risk reward and unless
you understand how that particular
option or a future or that particular
stock behaves over a period of time look
at mix you know so these things will
help you understand a stock and
therefore your temperament will get
better right Gotham there are around to
corrode investors in India investors or
you can say passive traders and there
are around 15 lakhs or so 15 to 20 lakh
active traders in India probably who
trade once in a month or so yeah so the
rest one corrode 80 lakh investors or
trader who are part-time they are
actually standing on the fence and
looking at the market looking at those
activities and thinking should I should
I know what should I should I know how
if one advice I have to take from you
for those one corrode 80 right people
that have how should they deal with the
market should they come into the market
full time or if they want to do it
part-time how should they approach it
how many trades if at all they have to
do they they should do in a month or
should they only focus on investment and
in investment should the only focus on
active investment or passive investment
I know I’ve asked a lot of questions in
this single question but this will
really help those one core 80 lakh
people who are standing on the fence so
you know we wake markets are never easy
and if they are very easy it means that
difficult period is coming right and let
me give you a great example
2017 the Nifty did not even see a 7%
fall entirely not even once the entire
year it was the best year for the in the
history of the Indian markets in terms
of the downside it saw so everybody
thought that oh this is here to stay you
know this is going to continue forever
and then comes 2018 where and I think if
I’m not wrong 55% of the mid caps and
the small caps
lost more than 50% in value
so after a good time there will be a
difficult time you know you need to
really you know realize that and the
other part of your question was on what
if I may ask again if you have to advise
them that what kind of market
participation yeah so I think you need
to have a passive side to your portfolio
and an active side I’m very clear about
even though I’m the kind of person who
has 100% of our money in active equities
but because I’m watching the markets
every day and I have some experience and
I have some risk management but I would
recommend that you should deploy save
60% of your portfolio in passive equity
choose the right fine stay in the right
‘stryed stocks – NSIP do direct mutual
funds – maybe even a pms to a certain
extent but the other 40% I would
strongly recommend people to stay in the
top hundred okay I think that clearly
goes a long way because you know that
you are you don’t have to do fundamental
research of them they are in quality
stocks so that that that criteria has
been checked right and then look for
relative strengths you know on a
particular day or in a particular week
if a certain stock has not fallen while
the Nifty has gone through a phase of
correction those are the stocks you need
to have on your list to trade in case
you wish to trade all right again this
is not rocket science this is the
simplest approach that you can have in
the markets people want that Holy Grail
setup there is no Holy Grail setup
otherwise algos would have done very
well over the last 10-15 years but the
market does not allow anybody to latch
on to it when the market knows that
somebody is looking at certain things
and have has caught the market trend it
goes on to do something very different
so if you if there is one takeaway which
I can give to your viewers it’s relative
strength right and look look for stocks
that are doing much better or much worse
on the nifty right friends just to
inform you and Gotham as well that in
stock ASAP there is a scan which may
build it well in the latest release in
price kind there is a scan core relative
strengths can lovely it is not RSI scan
it is a relative price – its kind which
is exactly what what I was saying yes
where we identify stocks which are
outperforming the index over a period of
one week and one and three month one of
hundred that gives a very strong
indication of a powerful stock and a
stock as well yes so if you want you can
have a look at that feature that will
definitely help you guys yeah
Gotham we you just talked about al
Ghul’s yes yeah I know you are not a big
fan of algo trading yeah but the fact of
the matter is almost 60% of exchange
volume is done by a goose yes and I am
also one of the owner of an algo – so I
know how much difference it is now
making between my manual trading desk
and my algo trading ha algo is really
great yeah so what is your advice to
people who want to fight with angles you
know you go back to the same question
its technical analysis or science or
anything if it is science then it is
alcohol right if it is the human eye
then it’s an art right I have always
believed that technical analysis is
about the human eye so everybody has the
paintbrush how you actually paint it is
up to you right so and I am very happy
algos are here because what happens is
some of the chart patterns that we track
you know they actually capture weather
algos are so what algos has done is it
has only made trends play out much
faster so as you rightly said right now
60% of the volumes is through algos
which was not the case earlier right so
if you see 2018-19
the price destruction that happened you
know in say eight months nine months in
those previous times could have taken
two years three years to happen so algos
are making trends play out really really
fast right you need to identify that and
therefore the risk is substantial
because if you’re against the algo you
know you and you don’t have risk
management you can end up losing a lot
of money in a very short span of time
all right
and the reverse is also true so I am
very happy algo Sahir and I’m a I’m a
guy who looks at price action from a
overview perspective like a bird’s eye
view and I think that the human eye can
never get will always beat the elbows
will always be with the excel sheet and
I always say this to a lot of my Twitter
followers train the I don’t create the
excel sheet so much absolutely now if I
have to take one setup from you not
exactly a strategy but you know if you
have to give one setup to our users that
this is how you can design your
yes yes you can advice something yeah so
again I am a very simple guy I use
simple tools and people who’ve seen me
on the media in the last 15 years you
know calling tops and bottoms to a
certain degree I have always believed
that when a certain trend has to play
out everything comes together okay so if
you are looking at an indicator maybe
you look at an RSI but please understand
the RSI correctly you know the Welles
mr. Welles Wilder who founded the RSI he
wrote an entire book and people just
look at divergence people look at
overbought oversold and they say that
okay this is you know this should be
shorted or this should be bought no
patterns people just draw a trendline
and they say that oh this is the head
and shoulder Edwards and Maggie the book
technical analysis for the stock trends
I would highly recommend you know all
your viewers to read that book the
author used six pages to explain one
pattern and what do most people do these
days they draw one line and they say
that this is a head and shoulder but
this is a double talk understand the
psychology behind a certain move in the
markets once you get that psychology it
will be much easier for you you know to
to play that entire pattern and I have
always believed that at any point of
time there is one pattern on the chart
of the market if you can just capture
that one pattern correctly you’ve done
well so look for patterns at all point
of times filter it with some of the
moving averages a good stock will never
break the averages and I’m not talking
about five minute charts or 15-minute
charts because obviously there is a lot
of noise there but if you are looking at
a daily chart or a weekly chart and if
you see all the best performance of the
last 18 months they have not broken
their moving average so look at RSI look
at some of the patterns in detail
understand the psychology look at the
volumes look at the moving averages draw
some you know nice trend lines study
fill iterate with Fibonacci numbers is
it coinciding look at the track record
of certain months every month in a year
for the Indian markets has a track
record you know I have presented this
while I was at JM so months like January
May and October have a certain track
record to it
so when you filter in all of this and
this is not rocket science this is very
simple stuff you can you can couldn’t do
it on your software or you can do it
anywhere on the Internet
once you get that you will get an idea
as to you know how the markets are plays
so I’m not a big fan of looking at open
interest or the put/call ratio or things
like that it can help you but please
remember these are these are metrics you
can read the way you want if you want to
present the bullish view you can read it
both positively and negatively so have a
holistic approach you know and I think
that will really take you the long way
right so thought of how much time you
spend on research on a daily basis see
technical analysis is like a religion
for me right so it’s it’s a hobby it’s a
religion and that’s the reason I have
been very clear about what I say my
mentor always taught me that always give
a clear view on the markets and you
would have never heard me saying bye
above this or sell below this even if
you go wrong you go wrong but at least
have clarity and that is why Goldilocks
has been build on the pillars of honesty
sincerity and clarity you know so I
think it’s it’s important that we look
at the markets from this perspective and
the second question of yours was on like
how typically how much time do you spend
on a daily basis or doing well what do I
say yeah so every day every single day
for the last 15 17 years once the market
closes I do a rundown I look at every
single chart in the CNX 500 Oh every
single chart every single global market
chart every single you know top currency
five six currencies I do a rundown and
my eyes are trained in such a way that I
mean just at two seconds I understand
what is really happening if you like
four or five stocks don’t just look at
them look look at a set of stocks on a
daily basis your eyes will get trained
and that will help you understand as to
how the markets are evolving and which
stocks and sectors are actually more
right so I don’t do so much work post
market obviously is the time where I
actually do a lot of work in
of this this analysis and I have certain
filters in place so you can have a price
volume breakout you can have stocks that
are trading above the moving averages
stocks which are in the overboard zone I
love stocks which are in RSI bulbar zone
I like to trade those stocks I like to
invest those stocks so have these
filters they make your job easier and
with the app that you have it it’s very
easy to actually filter them out and
after you filter those stocks then you
can you know get into the detailing
whether I want to buy this based on the
other criterias which I mentioned right
column is the last question yeah for our
users which is the majority of the users
are people who are into job and who are
thinking of leaving their job and
getting into trading as a full-time
business yeah whether I see overall
wherever I travel all over the country I
see there is a macro unrest among Indian
youth in terms of they’ve been employed
in any industry huh and they are they
are thinking of taking training as a
full-time career your words of wisdom
your advice for them no it’s not easy
let me play the devil’s advocate it’s
not easy in the financial markets
partial knowledge is a dangerous I do
know a lot of people you know who just
read a book and they feel that they have
understood how the markets operate even
today after you know spending two
decades in the markets I’m still
learning and I’m actually still using
the same old stuff trying to filter it
as much as possible so I don’t think
it’s a good move to get into full-time
trading as a carrier you know but you
can deploy a certain amount of your
capital and actively manage it while you
do something ok so I think that’s the
better and that I think can happen by
not doing intraday trading if you do
swing trading for position based like
for a five-day position ten-day position
yeah then obviously you can manage it
with your existing occupation yeah the
idea is to catch the swings because
markets are volatile this volatility is
not going to go away given the kind of
dynamic world we are living in something
happens in Dubai is something happens in
the u.s. in China and you know you see a
lot of volatility so look for these
swing moves of ten to fifteen percent
which keep happening you know from time
to time so instead of looking at two
percent every day for 20 days I would
recommend look for 50 plus
and twice every month right that will
make your job much much easier and I
think the whipsaw will also be much
lesser right and how do well start like
you have already commented a book Edward
yes apart from that what are the other
would you recommend well I think the
kind of resource that you have I think
that’s good enough to do a lot of
detailing on fundamentals and technicals
and books you’ll the badge are
prescribed in the CMT curriculum ok
level 1 level 2 level 3 I think are
absolutely phenomenal would you
recommend people doing CMT also oh yes I
think it’s it’s it’s an amazing course
to take up but it’s more important and
it’s wonderful from a knowledge
perspective right and I have always you
know spoken to youngsters when they come
to me as to what career path they should
take you need to have a combo of say a
CFA or a CMT right so when you have a
combo you know it’ll really help you in
the job market
so don’t go just for a CFA you know or
or just from the fundamental side keep a
combo I think that will take you a long
way and the you know employers do only
love that qualifications right right so
great Gotha it was amazing talking to
you this video was pretty much good
summary of you about you and what you do
and we were able to get inside your mind
and read more about you I hope I’ll be
able to create more such videos with you
yes with more detailed strategies yes
friends I hope you enjoyed this video I
really thoroughly enjoyed and I said to
you in the starting of the video I am
truly blessed to interact with these
guys and I you should be jealous of me
for sure
but do watch this videos it will help
you to go to the next level of market
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