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we’ve really got to work on your solo
gliding there buddy
toothless you’re pouting big baby boo
well try this on oh you’re feeling it
yet yeah yeah you wouldn’t hurt off one
this is Berk life here is amazing
dragons used to be a bit of a problem
but now they’ve all moved it
let’s tell you that you look amazing
snake as you do yeah and with Vikings on
the backs of dragons
the world just got a whole lot bigger
what happened here what could have done
I bet you think you know a lot about
dragons let me show you some of what you
don’t know can I know you know you are
only a babe
but a mother never forgets I don’t
believe you’ve been rescuing them
something is coming something you’ve
never faced before
the dragons are mom
protect our people it’s your destiny
what you’re searching for in here
very dangerous you’re kidding me
dragons and Vikings enemies again you
know that doesn’t wash out