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[Music] we are thrilled to have Gillian James with her new book it’s called how to pick your second husband are you suggesting that we pick a husband the same way we might write out a grocery list well when you go out to buy a car you know what options you want [Music] look great where’s your suit no one’s looking at me I don’t look at here wearing your boots always looking at my feet I hope it’s that trip we always talk about we’ll be in Paris for anniversary talk about that trip how can I go when I have so much going on just cuz you can’t go doesn’t mean I can’t go right you want to go on our trip without me put up some sad music to go with those sad eyes you are in a great mood well you wouldn’t believe a Justin – I would kill for some alone time hey you and daddy split up I mean I know that it was another woman but I found your father’s girlfriend to be a problem I’m not the problem it’s him everything is gonna be just fine and you found the right guy come to the park with us I’m working on my new book now that does sound fun it’s called how to unlock the secret to a happy marriage I need to say this but people do not buy weight-loss clips from overweight riders I need to know the secrets if you breathe a word of this to anyone I will deny it you is adorable and a handful so we decided to go to a class she taught me everything about training a dog oh so you accidentally trained your husband silly nice it’s ridiculous do you think you look smart two are perfect for each other [Music] wandering out showers similarities between training your husband and your puppy come on we’ve been trained you keep them on a short leash so that he stayed close by yourself [Music]