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what’s up guys is Aubrey Marcus CEO of on it here with my good friend Roger Huerta and we’re going to talk about self defense that you can use in the street now we’re not all heroes like mr. Roger Huerta here and a street fight is a dangerous affair so the first thing we want to think about is do we have to do this and most of the time the answer is going to be no swallow your pride get out of the way stay safe keep the people around you safe but occasionally what happens rod actually most of the times something does occur so sometimes something happens and you got to take action either perhaps a girl got punched in the back of the head and someone needs to step up to defender have you ever heard of a situation like that no have you no I haven’t it’s hypothetically possible so in that kind of situation someone has to take action or let’s say you’re with your girlfriend someone’s getting aggressive I know I’ve seen that happen before or you’re just cornered and there’s no other alternative but to take matters into your life we would have back a thousand years ago or maybe fifty thousand when we were cavemen scraping our knuckles on the ground and using clubs you know what I mean yeah sort of sort of so in that situation in that situation where it’s go time what are the first things that’s going through your mind first thing is is I know that I have an altercation at hand right and I know that there’s somebody in front of me but the thing is is that I cannot just be focusing on just my opponent here I have to be focused epp AK look behind me look elsewhere and really why in my peripheral vision to know if there any if he has any friends around or is it or there’s any other other need danger and so once like I know that that’s cleared up then I can go back focusing on him but still you know focusing on everything so if you have an alternative do you put like a wall to your back or do you put a bar to your back you put something solid to your back or do you just try and stay aware I well I like to give behind a wall but if I can’t do that definitely stay aware basically have your spider senses on yeah sure god okay so in that situation let’s say it’s a close-quarters situation you know this gotten you grabbing you whatever stuff like this in really close right because that’s sometimes how it starts sometimes you even start seeing closer uncomfortably close right face-to-face right what’s your go-to move at that point well at that point my go-to move I like to end it really quick and sometimes even the punches ain’t going to do it so what would I what I’ve talked before in the past and I think yes I have another education besides that that incident I like to have item and so if I’m if I’m Chloe so if I’m really close in but there’s a different way of head-butting you don’t have really hit button at the top of your forehead you don’t come in and then go here that’s not how you headbutt you have what seems like I would take too long it would take to lunch I recall you’re exposing your chin seems like a bad horrible idea so what you do is I kind of like come in and I kind of it’s like almost like if you have a spear and then you go up with it but you’re going up with the crown of your head so you’re here and then I go up by the nose area but actually I don’t grab here I grab a late shoulders and then go up boom that usually doesn’t job they’re done on the ground and as soon as you as soon as you do that initial hit you got step back you can just now at that point don’t be greedy don’t jump on and it started from hammering down no no he goes down you step back and then again you got to be aware of your surroundings right so always staying aware is key and where are you aiming again you’re aiming for like the point of the nose the bridge of the nose right at the nose right at the nose yeah it doesn’t really matter just that that hole Center if you can get that right there it pretty much gets the eyes watered out you end up having two black eyes and yes it’s arrest so using you know ducting down they probably won’t know what the hell is happening no because yeah I’d be like oh I know I wouldn’t know what to do but then boom blam oh yeah definitely and for it for example you know I’m a little guy look at our grief he’s a bigger dude so it’s actually an easier target for me you know great I’m here it’s company there I go and I just have to get down and spring up and then he goes down okay so that’s one alternative for close-quarter situation seems dangerously effective and something that can stop it quick now there’s an alternate situation where let’s say you know the fight is going to go down and it’s on and there’s a kind of group now usually in those situations you might be able to get away but I understand and sometimes you know you still have to you still have to take it take it to the streets basically so what winds up happening at that point let’s say let’s say there’s a guy and I who are having an altercation you take your shirt off immediately yes all right we’re getting realistic now here you go we’re talking it’s on the trick came off it’s on it’s it’s like not holding no turning why does the shirt comes off it’s like no these are crossing the Rubicon it’s all over at that point we’re going for this okay so I mean we’re going for this right you understand you don’t know or so there’s a headbutt option again obviously but no didn’t I have us there but I think the thing about this now like once you’re once your backup just you’re back home by the way what’s once uh the same thing goes there’s there’s gonna be a lot of talk there’s going to be a lot of shuffling and there’s going to be a crowd coming together right at that point again he’s going to try to maybe there’s like the pushing around the pushes you probably don’t even want to get in that game no I don’t you don’t want to get in that game I don’t what I mean is I push each other let’s say it I had to take a precaution work if he’s going he’s reaching out to do the push I’m popping up simple is that like is that oh my wait so you’re going you’re going with the straight right not fucking around the jab not messing around with anything else you’re going to go straight into the straight right that’s right all right so is there any situation where you’re going to use you know your legs use a knee or anything like that or the thing about fighting in the streets is that you don’t want to take it to the ground I don’t really want to I don’t want to go for a double leg shot take him to the ground and wrestling on the ground someone could kick you somebody cares about you it’s again you’re losing awareness you got to be quick and efficient in the right choice you want to go in maybe two three hit get back out to three hits get back out yeah so what would be a situation where you would use something besides the overhand right aimed presumably at the chin or the nose what would be a situation where you want to go for the knee or do you ever try and close the distance or in a certain type of situation when I definitely like to close the distance and I definitely like to start pulling on the shirt you know I start really bam bam I start grabbing the shirt I start pulling and basically I start like hockey style basically yes I start grab him around but what I like to do I once I have a good hold of the shirt and I bring them over just then you start bringing them around and then you can come back so kind of like getting the plumb you know we’re all controlled by the neck a little bit so you have this shirt exactly scruff for sure exactly well I like their shirtless in which case you have what I like to do obviously you come in now now I got this you know now you can keep from here I can start shoveling up pulling yanking because I can’t this is not going to tear off easily you know so this here start pulling it’s almost like in jujitsu right you grab the lapel right and I can do it basically like an arm drag but except I’m grabbing the shirt and I’m pulling on it popping popping in a few times and so on sorry for your messing up your shirt that’s right it looks looks legit out there you know we’re doing legit video so guys remember street fighting is not always your best option but sometimes it’s your only option and when it is get in get out quick and you know come out looking like Roger we’re time TMZ why do I say that thanks thanks guys thanks