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what is that spy ninja so Daniel what’s
going on I gotta go to the bathroom oh
geez oh man that cello trouillefou
really did a number on his stomach then
– it’s gross
senchan I want the Food Channel we’re
gonna give this ionizer to Joseph bird
this is a special to finding the secrets
below the hutch be careful okay don’t
fall like Regina did no what’s the
matter I forgot something you must
obtain deoxyribonucleic acid from my
current easy member watch case so you
want DNA feeling someone’s DNA you know
what that means that means we gotta get
a sample of their spit gross and dirty
speaking of dirt you know who I’m
thinking about PZ 409 I thought you were
gonna say Daniel
yeah p09 loves Chad oh geez oh gosh what
about you take PZ 409 on a date H I am a
married man u-hall people should know
that okay well maybe not a date maybe go
to a restaurant with her okay
order some food order a drink once take
a sip of that drink uh-huh get some DNA
off of that class I still have 409s
number from when I was a PZ member so
why don’t you FaceTime her and uh set a
date it’s raining
I know we’ve had our differences in the
past I want to just put that all behind
us so what do you say how about some
lunch meet me at that Italian place with
the nice outdoor seating only the best
for you what if something bad happens or
4/9 brings a friend
oh you thing a little double date huh
come with me Melvin you hide out make
sure nothing goes wrong are you wearing
that to go to a nice fancy restaurant
you’re saying I dress up fancy and nice
I got just the thing
all right let’s go mission but after
seeing this outfit I’m not quite sure
are you gonna be able to get 409s DNA
maybe me and Regina the girls should
have our own plans Oh what was the name
of that restaurant again I gotta write
it down here bar tortellini bar turtle
eeny got it you guys go find your own
hacker and get your own DNA we’ll see
who gets the DNA first your own good now
let’s go we gotta beat the girls okay
I’m Batman you got your gloves in there
I got them okay put your camera down oh
I got my camera here
okay I’m sorry about that that was what
a long bowel movement guy oh this has
got to be where they went
all right Melvin we are here at the
outdoor restaurant here’s the table I’m
a little jealous I know I’ll get to eat
this is great for are you gonna hide out
I’m probably behind this wall right here
oh four oh nine well welcome so glad you
could make it there’s a table right over
here so well yeah you know it’s a
friendly lunch Wow I love the festive
felines my friends thought it looked
really nice in it so and they wanted me
to dress up for this date I mean lunch
this came from wertha sorry
that looks great the skirt was wonderful
the shoes the gloves I hope you’re
hungry because it’s lunch time I mean
I’ve heard that this restaurant has
really good spaghetti you don’t get a
figure like this by eating all those
cards okay okay well what are you gonna
order I’m gonna keep it key though and
give a cell
okay not just any Fallot silly gotta be
monster sir oh boy this is gonna be
expensive I better order something she
oh you know I love your eyelashes I’m
just noticing them now look I have that
I’m only the most hideous Hawker of
projects ergo yeah I would have to agree
with that definitely those other hackers
got nothing on you maybe I should open
up the channel QB four or nine the most
fabulous yeah you know your own beauty
channel that could do really well so
velvety Chad would see okay what
happened between you and V that you’re
out here on a date with me v and I we’re
doing great all thank you sir I’m so
glad you showed up
we’re both quite thirsty but anyway yeah
so saying V actually encouraged me to go
on this lunch she saw I should get out
make some friends
why don’t we cheers to that huh cheers
to new friends right yeah not gonna have
a drink no I’m gonna ruin up my lipstick
oh yeah don’t do that man I can’t
believe this happen again they forgot
about me left me in the bathroom went
somewhere I might be going in the wrong
direction I gotta figure out where Chad
beer gina novel into it’s got me this
place right here
hey siri give me directions to fart or
tell Lainey it’s a weird name fart or
tell leaning why do I gotta fart and
what do I gotta tell Leaney who’s lady
what no results Oh far tortellini oh
okay alright looks like it is this way
let’s go let’s go let’s go you should
show me a music video I want my old
parodies yeah the ones back before
projects Oracle started deleting them I
think you’ll really like this one can I
see it I don’t know maybe I should hold
my phone okay no you know you don’t need
this eyelash you’re beautiful without it
cool oh actually I should probably
reattach this okay it’s gonna hit the
little hackers room oh okay okay let me
get my phone I’m gonna take my phone you
go hit that little hackers room and I’ll
be waiting right here okay bye bye and
Melvin she said she didn’t want to take
a drink from her glass because she’s got
a mess up her lipstick what do I do
um I don’t know maybe you can get her
something should be easy hey welcome
back loving those shoes looking great
cheers again I’m glad you’re back I
thought you might have just ran off
without me oh you know I’ve never seen
your hair I bet your hair is amazing cuz
you’re so good at beauty and all that
can we take a peek at your hair you
already want to see what’s behind this
mask yeah come on okay it’s fine you
know I don’t want to pressure you and
anything you don’t want to do she’s one
of those type of girls figure something
waiter excuse me sir the lady here would
really care for a straw can I have a
romaine salad with the side of a
langoustine Lobster all of the instant
ramen please that’s just one of my
favorites it’s very classy hey there
how’s that taste delicious right super
sugary wait what’s that
hand sanitizer a job and DNA – yeah you
don’t need that right were you doing
cleaning off my straw Oh doh can you
imagine all the contaminants that just
fly around your straw no I think straws
are totally fine and clean I don’t need
to clean your straw for every drink come
on now do you sure why not
thank you so much I really appreciate
that you should leave your phone on the
table Oh bad could happen you’re right
I’ll just go ahead and put it back in my
pocket I guess gosh have you seen that
waiter at all hey you see I’m about to
leave him like a one-star review yeah
Melvin she’s just coming off this drive
with hand sanitizer you’re wasting all
sources of DNA why do I doubt maybe if
you can get a bite of her food we can
analyze that bite oh my gosh I’m back by
the way I didn’t even notice the waiter
brought my food Wow look at the ramen
what do you think of this oh that’s my
so new school oh thank you sir this
actually looks quite tasty Wow
washing your knife up with some hand
sanitizer you can’t ever trust public
restaurant I’m sure they do a really
good job of cleaning this silverware
here I’m sure it’s fine
delicious noodles here Wow tell me about
Daniel he’s a great friend of mine
really good guy I have more muscles than
he does Wow I mean you know you were
asking me about Daniel but the leader is
quite an interesting man what does he
want with the hatch in our safe house
anyway well if you really want to know
so much about the leader in his hat why
don’t you just take me to your safe
sorry that’s against the spy ninjas
rules I can’t bring any hackers to the
safe house you understand right typical
guy I mean this is just our first date
right but maybe on a future date you got
to keep your options open you know I
guess it’s not all the question you
could see the safe house one day
I mean first thing I would just give it
a complete mop down that place is so
filthy everything you take from projects
or go is just scattered all over the
house don’t get me started on all the
merch you guys wear talk about collar
fade Melvin pz9 does our laundry but he
always got explained he washes it on a
really high temperature and fades all
the colors what I know how to do the
laundry you don’t believe in my laundry
it’s dig in all this talk about food my
I gotta let one go
Oh was that you Fraulein no it’s totally
fine if you had a fart you gotta fart
everyone farts that’s the thing you know
well not me oh that’s a bad one
dad dad I definitely heard a noise maybe
it doesn’t sound like Chad I’m coming
from over here
it’s just definitely something in this
glue dumpster over here
Regina is that you are you in here no
but I haven’t gotten any DNA yet so
maybe you can grab the fork that 4:09 is
using this definitely gotta have some
DNA on it okay okay for when I want you
to put that fork down let’s just have a
nice talk about some really fun stuff
what do you say this way we’re gonna
gossip tell me about her data what do
you want to know about Regina Tina and V
were the reasons why I failed my first
field mission what I was sent to clean a
Tesla and they stole it
wait a second did you slap V first no
are you sure she started it I was just
doing my duty okay that’s close excuse
me sorry I had a cough there I musta
elbows my fork or something a little bit
there sorry about that
let’s try again I don’t ask for the
salad to be extra rare it’s still alive
oh yeah you know those silly lobsters
sometimes they don’t listen to the
customer I did it I dropped it I’m gonna
have compromised
Chad’s mission that’s oh yeah I don’t
think I touched anything just now I’m
sure the waiter will bring in new for
you don’t need that for okay I have my
cleaner no no you don’t need that for
how about 409 oh just leave the fork
down there
oh you’re in the sanitizer for it okay
hand sanitizer if it kills 99.9% of
germs then why wouldn’t kill 9mm percent
of germs aber I never thought of that
before oh I dropped my napkin Melvin you
drop it default what are you doing man
now she just sanitized it
I’ll removing all sources of DNA I’m
surprised you didn’t take an Instagram
photos of your food before you ate it
that’s just not my thing you know why do
you think one right now sure okay yeah
even make sure to plug these yeah I’m
sure she’ll love to see this there we go
I took a picture all posted on Instagram
now post about pink filter filters what
do you what do you mean uh-oh
you’re gonna apply some filters to my
phone okay yeah we’ll post that to at
Chad wild clay on Instagram so if any of
you spy ninjas are not following me on
Instagram please do so those aren’t
filters you’re not look at that filter
that’s my youtube channel that you’re on
right there what were you looking at my
youtube channel it’s just because a
little birdie told me it was your
birthday yesterday
wow you remember that it was my birthday
yesterday I’ll thank you so much yes
March 10th is my birthday you said you
got me something I did because I’m such
a sweetie I wanted to give you something
sweet so you can remember me by oh
thanks Paul and this is one of the
greatest birthday gifts I got all day oh
yeah I love it
can’t wait to eat it I want you to have
the first bite why don’t you feed it
here we go
open up you know what I can’t have that
much sugar what it’s not Kido who’s Kido
ah you know I thought you were a
gentleman gentleman always get things
for the first day they do yeah if you
don’t have anything for me and I got you
then I’m oh no no no no no don’t leave
don’t leave don’t stay right here she
wants a present what do I do she says
she’s gonna leave if I don’t give her a
gift so just give me something man Oh
one of these there you go
you like it not really I don’t play for
it night I’m kind of Oh ground I really
know what you’re actually more into hold
on one second that was just the warm-up
gift why it’s for tonight what else you
guys LC Oh from the spider-man challenge
you’re such a silly goose I thought I’d
get you some silly string it’s clean
don’t leave yet I got more a brand new
pair of red ninja oh yeah oh man what
about this phone I look what I got is
boring you know I don’t know how B can
tolerate you what you must give the
worst gift ever
you know after dinner maybe we should
hit a movie like lady in the Tramp you
know that movie um
no how old do you think I am it’s a
classic movie everyone’s seen it there’s
a great scene with some spaghetti one of
the dogs has the noodle in their mouth
like this and the other has a noodle in
their mouth and then they eat they keep
eating the noodle Oh think about me let
me see this Oh Daniel it’s not what it
looks like what is happening Chad you
got some explaining to do dude yeah
we’re just enjoying some noodles here
this is a date for the sponges huh what
you just needed me for something
Chad you’re on a date with PZ 409 Daniel
I you were in the bathroom what V told
me I should go make some new friends
here hey there’s no way he told you to
go on a date with another girl chat
you’re a married man while I told B
that’s why I said I’m a married man she
said you should go on a lunch with
Daniel what are you doing here I anyways
I guess wouldn’t find out
did you steal Chad’s phone yet still my
phone I know it you didn’t want to go in
at lunch with me just once till my phone
that’s why you were looking at my phone
all the time
you’re officially the worst you guys
just wanted to take my phone this whole
time smell again well now that was
underneath there the whole time
oh my gosh would be warding off my skirt
nothing get out of there backup seven
one five backup what’s he doing here he
was here the whole time that’s right
yeah making sure things went smoothly oh
how can I deal with these noodles seven
one five I hope you’re hungry go get it
what the heck I never seen anybody run
like that before yeah you’re gonna have
to work for these car you’ve been
tricking me this whole time for an hour
so we’re trying to get my phone right
here and you’re just trying to get this
fork if this is a spoon without spoon
you but this is a fork so you know that
means you get away from me whoa Wow
how’d you block that kick oh those heels
are dangerous weapon Beca po9 I’ve got
your port here don’t be poking with me
bread my camera poor or not I just need
your DNA Joseph banks told me I need
your DNA into the hats with the ionizer
Oh we’ll see about that for you well
Mary get my DNA the porks been
contaminated by the garbage you know
what Daniel I got a few tricks up my
sleeve quite literally the noodle we
gotta get this Joseph banks right now
and then we just learned that we need PC
folks DNA as well so we gotta go do that
huge shout to all your notifications
ninjas who get here in the first 60
I’m sure to budget your comment right
down here tomorrow we’re gonna be over
on V coins channel getting the DNA app
easy food no let’s do a kickball