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rule 1 never dig straight down digging into a cabin or in saliva is one of the surest and quickest ways to die also unexpectedly dropping into a bunch of mobs can be fatal as well man we can dig straight down just dig a 2 by 1 hold and stand in the middle of it can’t fall into lava if you got an extra block beneath you to support you when you can see the lava it’s not that hard man rule to never dig straight up suffocation damage can unexpectedly ruin your day when gravel or sand fall on your face plus dying inside a block to spread your things out over a large area as your items make their way up words making finding your things challenging in and of itself man you can dig straight up just put a torch underneath you that’ll break the sand or gravel on the way down can’t suffocate on the wall if there’s no sand or gravel to suffocate in rule 3 always carry a bucket of water the utility of a water bucket can’t be understated it can help you both up and down ravines save your life and lava slow down mobs and negate creeper explosions water buckets are definitely a lifesaver man what’s a water bucket gonna do for me in the nether it’s a liability in the nether and besides water blocks can get deleted well can’t get the lead potions potions pop a potion you good to go rule 4 never enter the nether without a flint and steel if your portal goes out for any reason for instance a gas shoots it or another player breaks the portal you’ll be trapped in the nether unable to make it back to your base forever that is unless you bring a flint and steel to relight your portal and also perhaps bring some obsidian blocks to rebuild it as well man you don’t need to bring a flint and steel to the nether you can find those in the nether fortress chess man there’s obsidian in there too besides even if you didn’t find a flint and steel you can take what I call the hardest road hardest road here we go wither skeleton dropping whole mixed up we got blazed take down the blaze get that blaze rod turn it into blaze powder and finally gas take down gas get that gunpowder combine your gunpowder your blaze powder and your coal and your personal crafting inventory and what do you know you can have not one not two but three fire charges take those fire charges relight your portal and welcome yourself back to the other side of the underworld bonus when you get back to the old world you can start a small brush fire this has been the hardest bro rule 5 crouching is key crouching will prevent you from running off the edge of very tall structures to your inevitable demise same goes for pillar in vertically and horizontally crouching allows you to place blocks more easily while also avoiding falling off those blocks plus it’s a very good workout for your pinky man my pinky finger ain’t strong enough to Crouch all the time I ain’t gonna be moving slow like that I ain’t got time for that besides if I fall I’ll just fly away with the Elektra man easy is that rule 6 always light up your base mobs can’t spawn in areas with high light levels mobs can’t kill you if they don’t exist therefore you should always light up your area with torches glowstone sea lanterns or jack-o’-lanterns all of which provide more than adequate lighting to prevent spawning and thus mobs existing dancing to the light man I don’t like to dance I also like to live dangerously but that’s actually a pretty good tip dude light up your base rule 7 always make a bed moms will only spawn outside at night beds allow you to skip the night plus with the Phantom I’m coming for your soul in 1 9 13 you’ll need to sleep eventually lest you be haunted by your dreams beds can also stop rain and thunder as well as set your spawn point so you can respawn at your base in case you die man why am I worried about mobs spawning outside at night or respawning back at my base when I don’t leave my base in the first place yo 10 steps ahead of you rule 8 always mine around ores before mining there’s nothing more frustrating than losing your hard-earned diamonds to a hidden lava source burning those beautiful blues into oblivion mine under and around your diamonds or other ores before mining to make sure that they aren’t destroyed before you celebrate man I’m not gonna waste time in durability on my pick by digging out extra blocks I’m just gonna put down a water bucket which I sometimes take with me and definitely have not said in the past was a waste of time rule 9 a wedding doubt run a player is faster than every mob in the game if you get into trouble and can’t take what the moms are putting down simply run away from them they can’t hit what they can’t catch man I’m not gonna run away from some mobs I’m not afraid of danger I am the day okay maybe I’m not rule ten food is your friend eating is the most powerful mechanic in Minecraft it regenerates your health and allows you to sprint faster if you’re full enough be sure to take adequate food on long mining expeditions and make sure your food is high enough saturation value so you don’t need to eat all the time man food ain’t my friend fool is my enemy yo check it out this is what you need to get one single piece of bread first you got to go and punch grass punch grass once you get some seeds you got to go and craft up a hull once you got your hoe you got to go and kill some dirt once you’ve tilled the dirt you got a plant to see then wait longer than the age of the known universe for the wheat to grow once the wheat does grow take your wheat and get to a crafting table oh by the way you have to make a crafting table once you have your crafting table go ahead and put the wheat in the crafting table to finally craft your one piece of bread are you serious right now this is an enemy but wait there’s more not only are some foods not as good as others but some foods actually harm the player what about poisonous potatoes what about spider eyes what about puffer fish all foods all enemy’s food is the enemy ladies and gentlemen there they are the 10 rules of Minecraft unwavering unchanging always true in every possible scenario nothing could ever tap these but if you think it could let me know in the comment section below what changes would you make what rules would you see differently anyways thank you so much for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed make sure to subscribe this has been KO goodbye man what sort of new came up with these rules man there are no rules of Minecraft that could account but the burner list in my sleep I’m telling you I’m gonna go and dislike every one of this guy’s videos and then I’m gonna go and thumbs up it just two thumbs down it again again – I did