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(relaxing music) – Hey loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann. Welcome back to my channel. We are going to do some
packing and organizing. I just realized that looking
through of my playlist of stuff that I really enjoy making travel videos. I love travel videos. I think it just makes me look
forward to going somewhere and also organizing. I feel like every time I go on a trip, my packing has gotten better so you guys are definitely going
to find this video helpful. And if you want to share anything with me or anybody else watching, make sure to leave a comment
or leave your suggestions on the bottom of this video. So let’s get started. First, I want to show
you the organizers I use that help me hold all my essentials. I will make sure to add links of where I bought all these
items from below this video. To hold all my clothing, I found these cubes in
three different sizes. The set also comes with a shoe bag, an all-purpose bag to
hold your essentials, a laundry bag for your
clothing and undergarments, and lastly, a little accessory bag. I bought two extra waterproof shoe bags, a new toiletry bag, and
lastly, a makeup pouch. You’ll be so surprised
how much this can hold. Alright, so it’s time to pack. I like to start with the bottoms because they’re typically more bulky. So I often like to also
mix and match a lot and when I select my pieces, I make sure that they’re
versatile in design. For casual outfits, I’m packing
a pair of relaxed jeans, a flowy skirt for when
I’m feeling whimsical, a tailored pants for
those put-together days, leggings for comfort,
and shorts on hot days. Having a hoodie is a must for me just in case I feel chilly,
indoors or outdoors. It’s always good to pack
something cozy just in case. When it comes to packing, I like to start with the heavier pieces and then I go in with the lighter pieces that are easy to squeeze
between small spaces. For this second clothing bag, we’re going to pack a dress, a romper, two tank tops, and four T-shirts. If you want to maximize
your outfit options without over packing, choose
lighter weight clothing that can easily roll up. Also, select versatile colors and prints that you can coordinate with your bottoms. It’s amazing how many
outfit options I can pack into these two cubes. After I roll everything, I’m
now going to put it into my bag and I’m putting the
romper in as the last item because it’s a weird shape. A feature that I really
love about these bags is that they come with buckles to prevent your clothes from unraveling. Moving on to bag number three, this is where I store my sleeping clothes, underwear, socks, and swimsuit. All the items then I’m showing you are just the basic general items
that you can bring with you but of course, you can
improvise and pack other things depending on your trip. For instance, if you’re
traveling during the winter time, you can pack an extra sweater
instead of a swimsuit. Step four for packing
essentials are shoes. Depending on where you will be going and what you will be doing,
think about the shoes that you want to bring with you. Do you want to bring hiking boots? Flats for you to switch into if your sneakers feel uncomfortable or high heels when you feel like you want to dress up for a night out? I like to bring a couple
of different shoes with me just in case my feet
swells up while walking. I can always switch into another pair. Aside from that, having more variety can give you more options when it comes to mixing
and matching your outfits. I needed to upgrade to a smaller and more compact toiletry bag. The last one I had was
double the size of this one. I ended up packing things
that I didn’t really need and it just made my bag heavier. This bag actually holds a lot
more than I thought it could. Now I don’t have to
scramble looking for things. Everything I need, all my
essentials are in here. Number six on my list of things to pack, hair tools and an emergency kit. Over on your right, I am
packing my curling iron, a brush, and also a body brush. A couple of other hair
products that I am not packing with my hair bag is my gel
and heat protecting spray which I usually store with
my other beauty products. Over on the left, I’m
packing other necessities that I will probably need on the trip. You should definitely set a bag aside for your emergency first aid kit or any other necessities
you probably will need. It drives me crazy whenever I go on a trip and I forgot something,
then I would have to go to different stores and
look for these items. So this definitely saves money and time. Number seven is a combination of fashion and power accessories. This can be your electronics
or whatever it is, I like to just keep them
together in one compartment. The headphones will most likely
move into my carry on bag but for now, I’m just
putting this in here. Other items that I’m
going to fit into here is my hard drive and extension cord. I’m really excited about
using this new makeup bag. It can also be used as a toiletry bag. It comes with a smaller zip bag inside where you can store small items. The way I use this is that
I just flip the top down and then I place all the
bigger, bulkier items in the middle. After that, I would
place my makeup brushes, my lip gloss in the inside pocket. The reason why I like this bag so much is that all your makeup
is in one compartment and you can place this on top of the table where you can see everything
you need in front of you. To close this up, all you have to do is flip the bag up and pull the string. Okay, we’re all done. Now let’s pack everything together. This is a medium sized
luggage I am using here. I’m going to start with
the large and medium cube followed by the toiletry bag on the side. The smaller cube bag is
going on top of the medium, and then the laundry bag is
going on top of the large cube. Over on your left, I’m
placing the shoe bags, accessory bag, hair bag, makeup bag, and then I’m going to buckle and zip everything together
inside the luggage. Alright, so we have about
two weeks worth of clothing that you can mix and match
style into different outfits. I’m really happy with this
whole new method of packing. I feel like it’s going to
make my travel so much easier. Sometimes, when you have
things all over the place, it just feels overwhelming. So by simplifying your life and just packing the
essentials you need for a trip can really make a huge difference to your overall experience. Alright everyone, thank you
all so much for watching. Give this video a thumbs up and also if you have any
suggestions or any tips, make sure to leave it
in the comment section below this video. Comment below, let me know where you went for vacation
or where you will be going. I love to hear where
people are traveling to or where they came from and I love to hear about your trip so make sure to leave it
in the comment section below this video. Other than that, thank you
all so much for watching. I make weekly videos, and I
will see you next weekend. (kissing sound) Ciao!